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Like a Tokyo subway, this feature packed manga inspired slot is jam-packed with bonus entertainment. From Wild Reels, Bonus Wheels and Sure Win Free Spins to the most honourable epic bonus wheel mini-game and its x1000 jackpot multiplier. BANZAI!

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How to play Koi Princess

Koi Princess is the wackiest game release from Netent yet and is their big slot game release for November. The complete opposite of their last game release, King of Slots, which just so happens to have been released in the exact same month as this game; Koi Princess is inspired by Japanese manga and Chinese symbolism.

Once in game, the slot transports you to a tranquil valley, home of the Koi Princess. The 5 reels, 3 row and 20 fixed payline slot layout is recreated on Asian hanging banners, with each of the 5 reels an individual banner. Each symbol is beautifully recreated and individually gilt in gold with the higher paying symbols represented by colourful Asian cameos.

But what about the Koi Princess herself? Fortunately, she’s not a fish. The princess is animated in true Japanese style with oversized eyes, an itty-bitty nose, colourful flamboyant hair and wearing a school girls dress… nothing new there then.

What really makes this slot game stand out is the sheer number of features – 4 random features and 4 bonus features to be exact!

Koi Princess features

With so much features, let's start with what you can find in the base game.

She’s not called the Koi Princess for nothing, because while spinning away, 3 koi fish can randomly pop up to offer you a mystery feature. Pick whichever koi takes your fancy and these amazing fish will reward you with either random wilds, wild reels, a shot at the mini-game bonus wheel or 5-hit feature in which the player is rewarded with a single spin with a guaranteed 5-hit win on a random symbol.

Next up are the bonus features.

The Chinese dragon symbol, the ultimate symbol of cosmic energy and good fortune is what you’re after to activate these bonus features.

A wheel of fortune-esque bonus wheel rises up from the water displaying multiples of the 4 bonus symbols. The wheel is already spinning and all you need to do is press the stop button to see what bonus feature you’ve won.

These include Sure Win Free Spins, Wild Reels Free Spins, a Coin Win of up to x30 your stake or a chance to play the Bonus Wheel mini-game.

Worry not, if it sounds like we’re speaking Japanese without the subtitles, and none of these features make a single lick of sense; you will find the breakdown of each of these features below in the Koi Princess in-game bonus feature section.

Koi Princess Bonus Wheel

Like an Asian version of snakes and ladders, Koi Princess’ Bonus Wheel is a mini-game board divided into 3 tiers and 12 locations.

Players roll the dice to move around the game board and collect in-game rewards like multipliers, double ups, wild reels and free spins or, the jackpot coin win of up to x1000 to your stake.

Land on any of the ‘collect’ squares and the bonus game is over!

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Koi Princess in-game bonus features

During every spin in the main game, one of 4 Random Features can be activated. After the Random Feature is activated, the player can click on one of the 3 kois to see which Random Feature will be activated. A Random Feature cannot be chosen automatically, even during Autoplay.

4 Random Features:

The 5-Hit Random Feature awards the player 1 spin with a guaranteed 5-Hit win with a random symbol and bet-line.

Random Wild
The Random Wild Random Feature awards the player 1 spin with between 4 and 9 overlay Wilds placed randomly on the reels.

Wild Reels
The Wild Reels Random Feature awards a player 1 spin where between 2 and 5 reels become whole Wild Reels meaning an overlay Wild symbol covers the selected reels.

Bonus Game
The Bonus Activation Random Feature awards a player 1 spin where 3 Bonuses, but no line wins, are presented with 1 Bonus Feature awarded. Only one Random Feature can be activated per spin.

3 Bonus symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 award a random Bonus Feature. If 2 Bonus symbols are on the reels after a spin ends and any bet line wins are awarded, a 3rd Bonus symbol can be nudged onto the reels from outside the visible reel set, awarding a Bonus Feature. To activate a Bonus Feature, click the designated area on the Bonus Feature Wheel that appears under the reels.

4 Bonus Features:

Sure Win Free Spins
Sure Wins Free Spins award 10 Free Spins.
During the Free Spins Feature, the win for each spin will be at least the same as the largest amount won during the Free Spins session, except for the first spin of the session. For this first spin the guaranteed win is the amount wagered by the player (20 coins multiplied by the bet level for the standard mode, 40 coins multiplied by the bet level for Bonus Bet mode).
For spins 1 to 5 during Free Spins, 1 overlay Wild is placed randomly on either reels 1, 2 or 3. After spin 5, an additional Wild is placed randomly on reels 3, 4 or 5. The positions of the random Wilds are re-drawn for each spin.
After each spin during Sure Win Free Spins the win is evaluated to see if it is higher than the guaranteed win.
If the win from a single spin during Sure Win Free Spins is less than or equal to the guaranteed amount, the guaranteed amount is awarded to the player instead.
If the win from a single spin is greater than the guaranteed amount, the greater amount is awarded to the player instead of the guaranteed win amount. An additional Free Spin is also awarded.
Additional Sure Win Free Spins won are automatically added to the current Sure Win Free Spins.

Wild Reels Free Spins
In Wild Reels Free Spins, a player is awarded 10 Free Spins.
Additional Free Spins cannot be won during this Bonus Feature.
During the Wild Reels Free Spins feature, for each spin, between 1 and 5 random reels will be covered with overlay Wild symbols.
The number of Wild Reels and their positions on the reels are redrawn after each spin.

Coin Win
The Coin Win Bonus Feature awards the player an instant coin win.
The instant coin win amount is the current bet multiplied by a random multiplier (x15 – x30).

Bonus Wheel
The Bonus Wheel is a Bonus Game in which the player can win coins and activate the 2 Bonus Feature Free Spins game modes (Wild Reels Free Spins and Sure Win Free Spins).
The Bonus Wheel is a 3-tiered wheel with each tier divided into 12 locations. The player clicks the dice to move around the wheel.
The starting point for the player on the Bonus Wheel is on the outer tier at the 9 o’clock position. The player clicks the dice and the wheel rotates counter-clockwise corresponding to the number indicated on the dice.
When the wheel stops on a symbol, an action is taken depending on the symbol landed on.
The different symbols on the Bonus Wheel are: Start, x1 (when Bonus Bet is activated), x2, x3, x5, Double Up, Collect, Arrow, Wild Reels Free Spins/Sure Win Free Spins and Jackpot Coin Win.
The Start symbol is the starting point for the player. After the first roll of the dice, this symbol transforms into an arrow.
The x1, x2, x3 and x5 symbols award coin wins that are 2, 3 or 5 times the total bet.
The Double-up symbol doubles all coin win multiplier amounts (except for coins already won) shown on the wheel, including jackpot figures. This will be shown graphically on the wheel.
Landing on more than 1 Double-up symbol during the Bonus Game doubles the amounts again. After a Double-up symbol has been activated, it transforms into an arrow symbol.
The Collect symbol ends the Bonus Game.
The Arrow symbol moves the Bonus Game 1 tier inwards on the wheel. If the arrow is located on Tier 3, the Jackpot Coin Win is awarded.
The Wild Reels Free Spins/Sure Win Free Spins symbol ends the Bonus Game and additionally awards either the Wild Reels Free Spins or Sure Win Free Spins.
The Jackpot Coin Win symbol is located in the centre of the Bonus Wheel, and is displayed as a multiplier (the multiplied bet is the bet that activated the Bonus game). The multiplier value is chosen randomly for each Bonus Wheel round.
The minimum and maximum Jackpot multiplier values are x25 and x1000 (with two double ups) respectively.
The Jackpot Coin Win symbol awards the player the Jackpot Coin Win and ends the Bonus Game.
At the end of Bonus Game, the total win from the Bonus Game is added to any wins from the round that activated the Bonus Game.

Mechanics of Koi Princess

Koi Princess was released November, 2015

Max Win (€): 200,000

Max Win (coins): 200,000

Max Bet (€): 200

Min Bet (€): 0.20

Return to player: 96.23%

Volatility: Medium

Free Play available: Yes

Final Conclusions

Koi Princess is the most feature packed slot release from Netent for a long time. With a strong Asian theme that appears to have been designed to give the online slot an almost 3D look and feel, Koi Princess and its plethora of features has been to give an exceptional casino experience.

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