Immortal Romance slot

Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is the kind of slots game that leaves a lasting impression on you. It takes the traditional slot game formula and takes it to the next level with the help of an engaging story. There is a love… “square” between the four core characters in the slot, with these characters also happening to be vampires. The game launched when the “Twilight” film and book series was at its peak, so maybe that did its popularity no harm – but that’s not to take away from the quality of the game, which is excellent. It ticks every box – with the icing on the cake being that you are allowed to choose which one of the four free spin rounds tickles your fancy the most.

Playing Immortal Romance

With this being a vampire-themed game, there is no apology about the “placing a STAKE” pun that greets you when you begin the slot.

Your stake is determined by how many coins you put on the line, and how many you want to be wagered with each spin in this slot.

The plot’s characters – Amber, Michael, Sarah and Troy – are front and centre when it comes to the game's action, as they feature on the reels, along with other more traditional playing symbols, such as cards. Are there special symbols? Of course, there are, we will get to them!

Play Immortal Romance slot

Immortal Romance – Features

The game on this casino slot plays from left-right, but wins don’t necessarily come in a straight line. There could be a symbol on the far left of the screen, for example, joining up with another on the second-to-left position and another from the middle reel at the top. With this opening so many combinations – as many as 243 different ways to win.

As with any slot, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to pay-outs. If you want to win the ultimate jackpot, you’ll need to get 5 scatter symbols, which is no easy task, but if you pull it off, you’re in luck! Following that, the next best prize comes from five Immortal Romance symbols, then five Sarah symbols, then 5 Michaels, then 5 Troys and then 5 Ambers.

After the top prizes and character symbols, the other best prizes come from matching 5 haunted houses, five of the book and candle and 5 of each of the playing card symbols.

The Scatter is easily identifiable, due to the large golden lion that adorns it, as well as the fact that it, eh, says Scatter on it. We will get to how exactly you can pull off a big pay-out with these symbols.

Immortal Romance slot features

Immortal Romance – Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol for Immortal Romance slot is, aptly, the Immortal Romance Symbol. The game’s logo is the “joker” in the pack on this one, so it’s something you’ll be happy to see appear on your reels.

It can show up anywhere on your reels, and it’s of course possible to have more than one in play at any given time. As mentioned, wins don’t necessarily have to come in a straight line – if your Wild symbols show up in a zig-zag partner, you could still be onto a winner. Getting a wild in Immortal Romance basically guarantees you a win in Immortal Romance for this reason, so it’s a good sign when they appear – and if there’s more than one, you’re really in luck!

Immortal Romance slot wild

Immortal Romance – Bonus Round

When you’re lucky enough to get 3 Scatter symbols (or more), you’re in for a treat. What does it mean?

It means free spins are coming your way!

Or, in the world of Immortal Romance, the “Chamber of Spins” is coming your way. While you’ll be getting free spins, how many you’ll be getting is still undecided, and the reason for this is because you have some choice in the matter.

Your choice comes in the form of which of the 4 main characters you pick. Each character has their own free spins round, so it’s up to you to decide which of these rounds you want to play in order to get the best pay-out. The options are as follows:

Amber Free Spins Feature: With Amber, you’re getting less free spins than the others – 10 – but every win is accompanied by a 5X multiplier, so there’s the chance to win big.

Michael Free Spins Feature: Choose Michael, and you’ll have 20 free spins to play with. With each win, you’ll also enjoy cascading reels (rolling reels). What this means is that when you win, the matched reels will disappear and be replaced by other symbols. If these new symbols make a match, then you’ll also win on that, so more chances of winning!

Sarah Free Spins Feature: If you’re in it for the max amount of free spins, then Sarah is the way to go – picking her means you have a huge 25 free spins to play with. In addition to that, there are Wild Vines that may assist you as you play.

Troy Free Spins Feature: Picking Troy gets you 15 free spins – there’s also a multiplier after each time you win, and if bats appear, flip that and you’ll get a multiplier also meaning there’s the chance to win big.

In addition to those character bonuses, there’s a bonus round – Wild Desire.

Wild Desire is a bonus where lust plays a part, in keeping with the slot’s title. It is a randomly triggered bonus game that gives you a re-spin. Before that though, you’ll be awarded at least one Wild reel – although it can be more. This feature is pretty rare, but it can be a nice treat when it shows up.

Immortal Romance slot bonus

Slot Mechanics

Immortal Romance made its way to mobile in January 2017, which changed its accessibility. Prior to that, the game was only available in Casinos that were equipped for Android play, and even with this being the case, the slot still needed to be downloaded, which seemed like an unnecessary hassle, considering the easy availability of other games. Well, no more, now the game can be played on a device of your choice, and with no need for downloading.

The volatility of the game is in the mid-range, meaning wins are relatively frequent, and activating the aforementioned Chamber of Spins will have a very positive effect on your bankroll.

Unlike many other slots, you can test out Immortal Romance without going to your wallet thanks to the free play option. You’ll be able to test the waters and see if it’s the kind of game you can envision putting your money down on.

  • Max Win (coins): 3,645,000
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes


When you think of slot gaming, maybe a game that looks like Immortal Romance isn’t where your mind immediately goes towards, but Microgaming’s vampire-themed slot is wildly popular, and for good reason.

In addition to a storyline and some kooky graphics, this slot happens to be really entertaining – which at the end of the day is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to play a fun slot on Mr Green and have the chance of making some fine winnings, Immortal Romance is a good shout.