Game of Thrones 243 Ways slot game

Take up your amour, the hit HBO series Game of Thrones has conquered the slot kingdom at Mr Green Online Casino. Here, kings and queens reign, cavaliers fight for their kingdom and honest men turn to lies. Together, they are tangled up in a lethal game with one common goal, to win and claim the iron throne.

How to play Game of Thrones?

The hugely popular and award-winning TV series Game of Thrones has captivated hearts all over the world since the first episode hit TV screens in 2011. In collaboration with HBO, Microgaming has turned the award-winning series into a thrilling 5 reel, 3 row slot game adventure.

Just like the blockbuster TV series, the Game of Throne slot’s in-game bonus features will have you engrossed in the action. Spin through the mystical land of Westeros and fight your way straight to the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones slot game is available in two versions at Mr Green Online Casino, choose between the 243 Ways version or the 15 payline Game of Thrones slot game.

If you’re looking for big wins to bolster your bank balance, the 243 ways Game of Thrones slot is your best bet. The 243 slot game has a higher maximum win amount because when you reel in the highest paying symbol with a 5x multiplier on Free Spins, you score seriously big wins over the 243 ways.

The 15 paylines version of Game of Thrones themed slot, on the other hand, is far more flexible in terms of betting range.

Which version is the perfect slot game for you? We’d recommend you take both versions for a spin. You can try both Game of Thrones versions in play for free mode at Mr Green and test out which version you like better. Once you've fine-tuned your skills, you can sign up for a Mr Green account and play for real money, because now, it’s your turn to claim the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones features

The Game of Thrones slot game explodes with epic, action-packed in-game bonus features

The Game of Thrones symbol represents the wild in the game and is stacked across all reels and triggers most of the big wins in the game.

The Iron Throne represents the scatter and if you reel in two of these, you can watch your wins take flight as you activate the dragon egg bonus round which reveals a fiery Cash Prize.

Hit three Iron Thrones and you've struck gold - you get to choose between one of the four houses of Westeros. Choose your house wisely, each represents a particular set of Free Spins, multipliers and stacked symbols.

Game of Thrones slot gameplay

Game of Thrones – The award-winning TV series

The award-winning HBO TV series Game of Thrones is based on the bestselling book ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, written by George R.R. Martin. The first series of Martin’s fantasy novel is titled Game of Thrones and was adapted for the TV screen by showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The TV series made its debut on HBO in 2011 and turned into the biggest TV series success overnight.

The storyline follows the lives of kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and noblemen as they play a deadly game for control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne.

HBO spent about €6 million for the average Game of Thrones episode, that’s about three times more than the cost of an episode of the Big Bang Theory. Most of the costs can probably be attributed to ‘shipping’ the entire film crew from one country to the next. The Game of Thrones series was filmed in six different countries. Producers have travelled to the United States, Croatia, Morocco, Malta, Iceland and Northern Ireland in the quest for the best movie settings.

The Game of Thrones series has won 26 Emmy Awards and was nominated for numerous other awards. Now it’s your turn to score the big wins in the Game of Thrones slot game.

Game of Thrones slot promo

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Game of Thrones in-game bonus features

Microgaming has done an excellent job of capturing the thrills of the TV series and transformed those ‘can’t stop to watch the series’ moments into fantastic in-game bonus features.

Choose between the different houses of Westeros which represent different sets of Free Spins, multipliers and stacked symbols.

If you are thirsting for an adventure, flip the ancient coin and if it lands in your favour, you will move along the Trail Map featuring a host of creatures that lurk in the streets of Westeros.

Make sure you choose your house wisely, your allegiance could earn up to 75,000 coins in the 15 Paylines version and 121,000 coins in the 243 Ways game.

Scatters & Free Spins

Pledge allegiance to the house of your choice when you reel in three Iron Throne scatter symbols. Three scatters activate the in-game bonus round where you can choose between the four different houses of Westeros.

Each house in the bonus feature represents a set of different Free Spins, multipliers and stacked symbols. Which house will you choose?

  • House Baratheon: 8 Free Spins with 5x Multiplier and Baratheon symbol stacked to 3.
  • House Lannister: 10 Free Spins with 4x multiplier and Lannister symbol stacked to 4.
  • House Stark: 14 Free Spins with 3x multiplier and Stark symbol stacked to 5.
  • House Targaryen: 18 Free Spins with 2x multiplier and Targaryen symbol stacked to 6

Gamble Feature

Risk all or nothing in the Game of Thrones gambling feature and double your wins instantly. Choose between heads or tails by clicking on the gambling button and with every successful gamble, you double your wins and move along the ‘Trail Map’ of Westeros.

Mechanics of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was released in December 2014

  • Max Win Coins: 75,000 on 15 paylines / 121,500 on 243 ways to win
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Free Play: Yes

Final Conclusions

Are you a full-fledged Game of Thrones fan? Then you’ll surely love this slot. You’ve never seen a single episode? You’ll probably still fall in love with this slot.

Microgaming has done an excellent job of capturing the thrills and excitement of the ultra-popular TV series Game of Thrones.

The slot features stunning graphics and utilises real snippets from the TV series and the original Game of Thrones soundtrack, turning your gaming experience into a truly unique experience.

Watch out, big wins are coming!

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