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The Book of Dead is a slot game that sees players jumping aboard the Rich Wilde express and raiding ancient tombs in the search for priceless treasure.

How to play Book of Dead

With Book of Dead, Play N’ Go have created a fun and exciting slot game. Rich Wilde the game's protagonist is a fearless explorer in this exciting slot that features a free-spins round containing Expanding Scatter symbols that allow you to multiply your stake up to an enormous 5000x.

So, what is the titular Book of Dead? It’s a collection of manuscripts that were put together by several priests in Ancient Egypt created with the purpose of helping the dead with their journey through the Underworld.

It’s all rather dark, but thankfully the slot game based on the Book of Dead is a whole lot more fun. The game's protagonist, Rich Wilde – an adventurer in the mould of Indiana Jones – fears nothing, and is at his happiest when he is on the search for treasure. Regardless of the dangers that he may encounter, he powers through in search of a potential treasure haul.

Rich Wilde may look familiar to you if you’ve played slot games with Mr Green before – that’s because he is also the main character in the slot games Pearls of India and Aztec Idols.

When it comes to playing the game, you’re going to need a budget for your adventure – or rather, a stake. In Book of Dead On the far left of the bottom of your playing screen, you will see an option that allows you to choose how much each coin you’re playing with is worth by going up/down on the “Coin Value” button.

Next to that button, there is the option of choosing how many coins you would like to play (between 1-5) and just to the right of that button you are able to decide how many lines (1-10) you want to have active.

The more lines you choose to play, the greater your chances of having winning combinations on the reels but the downside is that extra lines cost more to play. Playing around with these three options and determining a strategy that you’re comfortable with is the way to get ahead in this game. You will be told how much you’re staking before you play.

If you want to bet big you can play in the “high roller” mode which allows you to bet at the house limit by pressing the Bet max button.

To finish summarizing what the different buttons do: the Pay Table shows you what different symbols are worth once acquired, showing you what profits you will receive for your winning combination.

There’s also an Autoplay feature that lets the game continue playing for a number of spins specified by you. With this feature, you can tell the game to stop spinning if you win/lose a certain amount of money. Finally, there’s the Spin button – the function is fairly self-explanatory, press it and the slot will spin!

How to play Book of Dead slot

Book of Dead Symbols

This casino game is a 5x3 reel slot.
The most valuable symbol in the game is that of the hero and face of the game, adventurer Rich Wilde. Get 3 of his symbols in a line, vertically, horizontally or diagonally and you’re onto a big winner!

Another really valuable slot is the eponymous Book of Dead – if this symbol appears then it will act as a Wild symbol, meaning it can take the place of any other symbol. The game itself will take the hassle out of choosing and selecting the most profitable symbol to substitute, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The Book of Dead also serves as the Scatter Symbol, meaning it is your path to the game’s bonus feature.

The game’s other symbols are inspired by the Ancient Egyptian setting and include impressive valuable artefacts such as a blue and gold bird, the mask of Tutankhamun and a cross between a man and a dog.

Making up the numbers are regular cards that are often seen in slot games. These are the lower-base cards.

Book of Dead Slot Symbols

Book of Dead Free Spins Feature

If you manage to get 3 Book of Dead symbols together then you will activate free spins – the games bonus feature. This feature can prove to be very profitable.

You will know when there’s a chance of this event occurring – once you’ve managed to match two Book of Dead symbols the game will highlight the final reel so that you can wait in anticipation for the potential final symbol.

Before the free spins begin, you’ll randomly be assigned an Expanding Scatter symbol. The values of the symbols still apply, meaning you’ll ideally get Rich Wilde as he is the most valuable. If not Rich Wilde, then it is good to get one of the Egyptian artefacts as they are also valuable.

If you get two or more Expanding Scatter Symbols, they will expand and take over all 10 pay lines. If it happens to be Rich, this is the chance to get the biggest possible prize the game has to offer – he will take over the whole screen and if you hit jackpot then you will receive 5000 times your bet.

It’s certainly not easy to get this prize, but if you manage to activate free spins then there is a good chance that you will get a decent pay-out. If you match the Expanding Scatter symbols then you are in line for a massive pay-out.

Book of Dead Slot Freespins bonus symbol

Book of Dead Gamble Feature

Anytime you get a winning combination and earn some profits you will be given the option to attempt to double or quadruple your winnings through the Gamble feature.

You will be offered the option to Collect – to take your winnings – or to gamble again.

The Gamble feature differs from the main game but it’s very simple – choose whether the next card drawn will be Red or Black. Getting this right will double the winning; choose which suit the next card will be as well and you will quadruple your winnings.

Book of Dead Gamble Feature

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