Kavouras' Roulette Strategy

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Kavoura’s roulette strategy might not be as well-known as the big names like the Martingale system, but it’s still one of the most loved by those players in the know. Usable at standard and live tables, this system presents some strong possibilities, but be warned, it can take a little getting used to. That said, those who use Kavoura’s strategy are big fans of it for a reason. Often thought of as a more aggressive roulette strategy, players here must be on their A game, but once they are, maintaining the consistent system can be a cakewalk. Here we go over how players can manage this strategy, where it comes from, and its pros and cons. If you’re after something different, Kavoura’s could be well worth a look when gambling at Mr Green.

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The History of Kavoura's Strategy

Though the game of roulette has been around for centuries, more advanced systems of play like Kavoura’s are a more recent phenomenon. In this instance, the gambler simply known as ‘Kavoura’, devised this strategy in 2010. Already an avid roulette fan, Kavoura wanted a system that set itself apart, building on these three main pillars:

  • Players should bet on enough numbers to make profit more likely, and through this, keep variance low.
  • The pattern of gambling should seem chaotic and random, to match the chaotic and random nature of roulette.
  • Wagering amounts should vary between different types of bets, to maximise the odds of profit if a correct bet is made.
Kavouras Bet Strategy

How to Use Kavoura's Strategy

Most roulette strategies rely on simple bets on one or two outcomes, but this is where Kavoura’s stands out. Kavoura’s strategy revolves around covering 20 different numbers each round, making it one of the broadest reaches in the game. Once you know this, adopt the following steps:

  • Place a unit on the 0, 1, 2, 3 square (corner).
  • Two units are then placed on the Six Line, which ranges from 31 to 36.
  • One unit is then placed on each of the 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, and 27/30 Splits.

Exactly how much money constitutes a single unit is up to the player. Just keep in mind that this one unit will be multiplied by eight by the end of betting, and you’ll know exactly how much a round will cost. A £1 unit would end up costing £8, a £2 bet unit would cost £16, and so on. Also, since this unit is spread over three types of bets, a hit can pay out a profit of 1, 4, or 10 units, depending on where it lands.

How Kavouras Bet works

Kavoura’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Taking an unusual approach, Kavoura’s advantages and disadvantages are also different from what players might expect from more traditional roulette strategies. Like most strategies, the biggest advantage of Kavoura’s is when its low variance it pays off, but there are lesser advantages too. If you know Kavoura’s, for example, the table knows you’re here to play. Depending on how much you run a mental aspect of your game, this could be a big thing.

Otherwise, once the learning process is over, this system is remarkably easy to implement. You don’t need to run difficult calculations, you don’t need to adapt on the fly, and you don’t need to be distracted by others at the table.

In terms of coverage, few other strategies incorporate as much of the table as Kavoura’s does. With 20 out of 37 digits working for you, you’re statistically more likely to win more games than you lose. Just keep in mind that as with any system, just because you’ll win more games doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily come out ahead.

If you lose a round with Kavoura’s, then you’ll be out eight units. In the next round, in the best-case scenario, these units can be reclaimed, but this is unlikely. Losing two rounds in a row means that recovery becomes much more difficult, and given the odds of the game, this is bound to happen eventually.

Should You Use Kavoura’s Strategy?

Like any roulette strategy, this is a question where the answer is ultimately up to you, your mood, and your bankroll. If you want to try something different, as long as you’re keeping your units low, then Kavoura’s can be a great new approach to test the waters. Many of us like to learn as many strategies as we can, so we can adopt the right one at the right time, and if that sounds like you, then Kavoura’s is a great tool in your arsenal.

If, however, you go in expecting to overcome the house odds, then you’re in for a bad time. Kavoura’s is fun, it’s easy to internalise, and it can pay off well, but it’s still a battle against chance. Whether or not the system will end up being your best friend, like everything else in a casino, that’s up to lady luck.

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Since Kavoura’s is designed to keep variance down, it can be a reliable strategy in some instances. It’s easy to learn, despite initially seeming complicated, and can ensure more won games than most other systems. It’s also an easy game to calculate your bankroll for, provided you know your multiples of eight. As with any system, how much it can let you take home depends on the day. On a good day with a low variance strategy like this, wins are unlikely to be enormous. On the other hand, consecutive losses, depending on the units bet, could be a lot.

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