Hollandish Roulette Strategy

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The one thing you’ll start to notice about roulette strategies once you started trawling through them all (and there are a lot online) is that most of them are variations of each other. There’s almost a sense of competition involved, as each seeks to return the largest profits to players while minimising losses. Most new players will begin with the Martingale strategy and its offshoot, the D’Alembert, but there are plenty of other systems available to learn regardless of your experience level.

Hollandish is one of these strategies.

At Mr Green, we like to ensure that our players have all the tools at their disposal to make their experience at the casino as pleasant as possible. We’ve put together a range of guides on roulette strategy so that each community member can come to their own decision about what type of roulette they’d like to play, such as American or European, and how they’d like to play it. Choose an established strategy if you wish or stick to the birthdates and other numbers that have brought you luck in the past.
In any case, let’s examine the Hollandish system, a negative progression strategy that works in even-money areas of the roulette board.

How does the Hollandish Strategy Work?

Unlike the D’Alembert strategy, which has a storied history involving professional mathematicians and physicists, the Hollandish system is just something that popped into existence one day. Have a look for yourself. The history of the Hollandish has been moth-eaten and dog-eared by time. Of course, all the details of how to implement it into a roulette game remain so there’s still plenty to talk about.

Let’s answer the questions we’ve probably already placed in your head, namely, ‘what is a negative progression?’ In this case, a negative progression means that you increase your state on a loss and lower it on a win. While this might sound a little counter-intuitive, the objective is to win back losses with increasingly higher bets. Of course, there are disadvantages to this approach that we’ll cover later.

For the Hollandish system to work, the player needs to place all their bets in areas that return one whole bet unit on a win, such as €1 for a €1 stake. As mentioned, these are even-money parts of the board:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • 1-18 or 19-36
The Hollandish strategy

The defining difference of Hollandish compared to other negative progression strategies is that bets are made in threes and that two out of three successful wagers return your bet amount to its lowest sum. If the bet loses, two whole bet units should be added to the stake. To give you an example of how the Hollandish strategy works, let’s pretend to make three €2 bets on red slots:

  • Bet €2 x 3 (= €6). Lose. Increase bet by two units.
  • Bet €4 x 3 (= €12). Lose. Increase bet by two units.
  • Bet €6 x 3 (= €18). Lose. Increase bet by two units.
  • Bet €8 x 3 (= €24). Win. Return stake to the base unit.
  • Bet €2 x 3 (= €6) …


Remember, wins are defined by two or more successful bets out of the three you place each round. In general, the player increases their stake until a victory to preserve their bankroll. It’s a simple progression system that’s designed to balance spending with overall returns but the suitability of the Hollandish depends on how any given person likes to play.


Pros and Cons of Hollandish

It’s best to think of the Hollandish strategy as a bit of a problem solver, as it can help stem the flow of losses. Overall, the Hollandish is a low-betting, low-risk, low-aggression strategy that’s ideal for newer players looking for a system that’s a little more engaging than the single-unit betting models that tend to get recommended to less experienced users.

Of course, as it is structured around increasing your bet on losses, much like the Martingale and D’Alembert systems, it sneaks a little too close to something called the gamblers’ fallacy, the idea that subsequent losses increase the likelihood of a win. While this is false, as the probabilities in roulette never change, you will get a fair distribution of numbers over hundreds or thousands of spins of the wheel.

The disadvantage of the Hollandish is that it has a high reliance on luck, especially as you’ll be playing with three bets at a time. Much like any casino experience, roulette isn’t a game that can be ‘beat’. This is why strategies are solely based on protecting, reclaiming, or distributing a player’s bankroll. Losing streaks can and will crop up and these can eat into your chips total.
At Mr Green, we recommend taking care with any strategy that throws an increasingly large amount of money at losses.

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In Summary

Compared to the D’Alembert, the Martingale and the Hollandish strategies are difficult to recommend to a newcomer due to their knack for burning through small bankrolls quickly. The Hollandish does have a peculiar way of producing a profit even if the player records more losses than wins but, again, this is dependent on being able to cover the temporary slump with a large bankroll.

If you would like to give this system a go, try roulette on the Mr Green casino site. Keeping the stakes low is a great way to test out new strategies you’ve found online or even ones that you’ve created yourself. There are a lot of different ways to bet and play in roulette, after all. Players can also choose from our European and American roulette options, as well as our first-person options, which come in two different varieties.

Overall, we hope you enjoy your time at Mr Green. Sign-up today to take advantage of ourwelcome bonus. It’ll help you on your journey towards mastering the casino games of your choice, whether that’s slots, blackjack, roulette or craps.