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How to Play Online Roulette

Roulette has been a casino favourite of gamblers for centuries, and you can find the Devil’s Wheel occupying gaming floors across Ireland.

Online roulette has made it easier than ever to bet on red, black, or single numbers. Whether you’re in Galway, Dublin or Cork, you can enjoy exciting variants like European Roulette, American Roulette or exclusive Mr Green Roulette.

Online roulette is easy to understand, and you can even try out games for free right here at Mr Green online casino. For serious players, however, roulette still has a level of complexity. You can even try out a few betting strategies.

Popular legend has it that roulette was invented some time in the 17th century. The first wheels appeared when mathematician Blaise Pascal was performing experiments with perpetual motion. He developed the “roulette”, or “small wheel” which was later adapted into the modern wheels used in casinos across Europe.

Inside bets

Roulette Straight-up

Straight up

Pays 35/1
Covers 1 number. Place a chip on one individual number.

Roulette Split


Pays 17/1
Covers 2 numbers. Place a chip on the line between two numbers.

Roulette Street


Pays 11/1
Covers 3 numbers. Place a chip on the line at the end of a row of 3 numbers.

Roulette Corner


Pays 8/1
Covers 4 numbers. Place chips on the intersection between 4 numbers.

You can also bet on ‘zero corner’, which covers 0, 1, 2, and 3. Alternatively, go for special corner bets like 0, 1 & 2 or 0, 2 & 3, both of which pay out 11/1.

Roulette Six Line

Six Line

Pays 5/1
Covers 6 numbers. Place chips on the intersection between two streets.

Outside bets

Outside bets in roulette cover large groups of numbers. As a result, the payouts are often lower but the risk to the player is also less.

Roulette Dozens


Pays 2/1
Covers 12 numbers. The online roulette table has three Dozens to bet on: 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. Simply place your chips in one of the three boxes on the table.

Roulette Columns


Pays 2/1
Covers 12 numbers. There are three columns on the roulette table, each paying 2/1. To bet on a column, place your chips in one of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the foot of the table. The first column covers 1-34, the second column covers 2-35, and the third column 3-36.

Roulette Red Black


Pays 1/1
This is a bet on all red numbers, or all black numbers. Place your chips in the box marked with a black or red diamond. Your Red/Black bet loses if a zero appears.

Roulette Odd Even


Pays 1/1
This bet covers all even or odd numbers on the roulette table. Place your chips in the box marked ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’. As with Red/Black, your Odd/Even bet loses if a zero appears

Roulette Dozens High low numbers

Hohe/Tiefe Zahlen

The High/Low bet covers a set of 18 numbers: Low (1-18) or High (19-36). Place your bet in the box marked 1-18 or 19-36 on the table. Again, if a zero comes up, you will lose your High/Low bet.

Roulette online Strategies

How to Win at Roulette with the Best Strategies

Like all casino games, roulette is mainly a game of chance. But over the centuries, gamblers have tried to get an edge by developing a range of roulette strategies.

The Martingale betting system is perhaps the most famous roulette strategy. It’s a ‘negative progression’ plan where you keep doubling your even-money bets after every losing spin. Once you hit a winner, you reset your stakes to their original level.

While it sounds great, the Martingale plan requires a lot of Euros, especially if you go on a long downswing.

Roulette online Strategies

And you can live our wildest 007 dreams by playing the James Bond system. This staking plan is split into three parts, starting with €100: bet €70 on the High (19-36), €25 on a Six Line below 18 (e.g. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15), and €5 on zero. It’s high-risk, but you have the safety net of winning 1/1 if the High numbers come in.

Finally, try out the ‘3/2’ betting plan, which also uses a cover-table system. It also offers good win potential for gamblers. With this staking plan, you place three betting units on Red and two betting units on a column. The idea is to cover as many numbers as possible without too much outlay.

Advanced Roulette Bets

With some more advanced online roulette strategy, you can make the game a lot more enjoyable. Advanced roulette bets often require placing wagers on whole sections of the table. You must also manage your stake sizes to maximize the chances for a return.

Roulette Section Bets

Section Bets

Section bets, also known as ‘French bets’, utilize the corners and splits to cover more numbers on every spin. You can find the sections on the racetrack, which displays a layout of the numbers as they appear in order on the roulette wheel.

Sections include ‘Voisins du Zero’ (Neighbours of Zero), Tiers du Cylindre (‘Third of the Wheel’), and Orphelins (‘Orphans’, or the eight numbers that don’t belong to Voisins or Tiers du Cylindre.

Roulette Voisins du zero

Voisins du Zero (Neighbours)

Voisins is the biggest section and covers the numbers on either side of zero. There are 17 numbers in total, covered by nine bets in this arrangement:

  • 2 units on 0-2-3 corner
  • 2 units on 25-29 corner
  • 1 unit on 4-7 split
  • 1 unit on 12-15 split
  • 1 unit on 18-21 split
  • 1 unit on 19-22 split
  • 1 unit on 32-35 split
  • So, a ‘Voisins by 10’ bet would cost you €90 in total (€10 x 9).

    Roulette Tiers du cylinder

    Tiers du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel)

    Tiers du Cylindre covers an area on the roulette wheel opposite the zero. It covers 12 numbers in all, and it requires six separate Split bets:

  • 1 unit on 5-8 split
  • 1 unit on 10-11 split
  • 1 unit on 13-16 split
  • 1 unit on 23-24 split
  • 1 unit on 27-30 split
  • 1 unit on 33-36 split
  • So, a ‘Tiers by 10’ bet would cost €60 in total (€10 x 6).

    Orphelins (Orphans)

    Orphans is the smallest section and covers the rest of the numbers between Tiers and Voisins. You bet on eight numbers in total consisting of four split bets and a straight up bet:

  • 1 unit on Number 1 (straight up)
  • 1 unit on 6-9 split
  • 1 unit on 14-17 split
  • 1 unit on 17-20 split
  • 1 unit on 31-34 split
  • So, an ‘Orphelins by 10’ bet would cost €50 in total (€10 x 5).

    Roulette Online vs Live Roulette

    Online Roulette vs Live Roulette

    If you’ve played roulette in your local casino in Ireland, you’ll know how different offline games are to online ones.

    In a land-based casino you have to wait for a space at the table before you can play. You will be assigned special chips to play with, and spins can take a long time if the dealer is busy handling the action. In addition, land-based casinos can be intimidating for novice players.

    With online roulette, you never have to worry about jostling for a seat or getting the dealer’s attention. Simply load up a table, choose your stakes, and spin the wheel when you’re ready. You will also find lots of minimum betting limits online that are lower than the average land-based casino.

    Roulette Online vs Live Roulette

    And online roulette isn’t the only game offered at Mr Green casino. You can also try live roulette games and enjoy playing against a real-life dealer via live stream.

    At Mr Green, we offer a full range of live casino roulette games by popular developers like Evolution Gaming. Enjoy the thrill of the bricks ‘n mortar casino playing against professional, English-speaking dealers. They handle the wheel, ball and direct the action on every spin. All you need to do is sit back and place your bets!

    Live roulette is the perfect game for players who want to enjoy offline casino without leaving their home. You can even talk to the dealer by using the text chatbox.

    We offer a host of interesting live roulette variants. Try Immersive Roulette with a selection of camera angles, or play Blaze Roulette with special bonus payouts. With Mr Green’s extensive games lobby, the choice is yours!