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In any live roulette game, you’ll find each spin full of anticipation and excitement. Let’s face it: a single spin landing in just the right place can change your entire life. Here, we’re going to explore a game that fits that description perhaps more than any other. In Auto Roulette, Evolution Gaming has created the perfect game to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

While Evolution Gaming is known for developing some of the most popular roulette variants on the market, what makes Auto Roulette stand out among the rest is that there’s no live dealer being broadcast from a studio to operate the tables. In their place is a roulette wheel so advanced that it literally powers the game. On the surface, this might sound counter-intuitive to a live casino game. But there are actually multiple benefits, which we’ll explore.

For those who have never played live dealer casino before, it can be intimidating when playing with real croupiers. This makes Auto Roulette a nice bridge between virtual gaming and live dealer gaming. So if you enjoy fast-action games and a live casino experience that’s less personal, this might be the game for you.

How to Play

The rules are in accordance with classic online roulette. You’re also trying to achieve the same thing: to bet on the winning colour or number. The first thing you need to do is to place your chips on your chosen betting options. The two most popular betting options are number and colour. However, you can also bet on odd or even, high or low, and more. The chip value ranges from 0.1 to 500, although you can always double up.

Once you’ve placed your bets, you’ll see the ball being thrown by a slingshot before it lands in a particular pocket. So if you’ve bet on Red and the ball falls into the 18 pocket, you’ve won. If you’ve placed a wager on Orphelins and the ball falls into the 20 pocket, once again, you’ve won. When all bets have been settled by the house, the game is over, and a new betting round begins.

mechanics auto roulette


You’ll immediately see that Auto Roulette offers a contemporary look. The roulette table displays the wheel and a wide betting board. While there’s no live dealer to engage with, you needn’t worry about being bored, as a narrator is there to help you out. They’ll help you with game instructions, and tell you when you should start and stop placing your bets. You’ll see the live chat option and game controls are also shown on the screen. Each time the wheel spins, the camera zooms right in to reveal the action. You have the choice of playing between 3D View and Classic View. You won’t see any multiplayer-angle camera shots, as the game focuses on a faster and simple gameplay, as opposed to a more immersive experience.

The game includes multiple features that each play a part in creating a fast and fun experience. The first of these is a fully automated, advanced roulette wheel. This wheel can handle up to 60 to 80 games per hour. And as it’s available to play every waking hour, that translates to a possible 1,000 games per day. Not only that, as the gameplay is faster, you’ll get a maximum number of betting opportunities in a session.

auto roulette features

Auto Roulette Vs Live Dealer Roulette

The award-winning air-power technology ejects the balls in a game where not a single live dealer is required. There are a number of advantages to Auto Roulette when compared with online versions and live dealer games. The main one is the speed of the rounds. In live dealer roulette, the rounds are typically two minutes each. In Auto Roulette, that time is reduced by close to 50%, which doubles the available betting sessions. And while live dealer games are fun, and are great for interactions and chatting, live dealers can make mistakes. This can result in the gameplay being slowed down, which impact the results. With the wheel’s precision technology, however, there are close to zero errors.

The most important benefit to Auto Roulette is that it’s an actual game wheel. And for those who enjoy solitary games such as virtual roulette, this can make all the difference. Rather than a computer algorithm judging your results, Lady Luck can take over, which, for some, has always been an essential part of roulette.

Different gamers have different tastes, and not everyone is going to enjoy live dealer games. Those who enjoy speed, for example, will likely prefer games with quicker rounds. Auto Roulette isn’t as social as live dealer roulette, and some gamers enjoy the presence of other players and live dealers to keep them company. In terms of betting opportunities, however, Auto Roulette has a definite advantage. So if you’re the type of gamer who loves thrills in a fast-paced and mistake-free environment, Auto Roulette has a lot to offer.

auto roulette vs live dealer roulette

Speed Auto Roulette

Also available at Mr Green is another Evolution Gaming product, Speed Auto Roulette. As the name implies, this one combines the gameplay of two live roulette games: Auto Roulette and Speed Roulette. Just like the former, it was designed to meet the needs of players who enjoy playing roulette with a real wheel, but who don’t need a live dealer present.

You can play the game in one of two modes: normal playing view or mixed playing view. In normal playing mode, you can choose to auto-show the wheel in close-up while the ball is in play. You can also easily place your bets through either the racetrack or the betting grid. Finally, there’s Auto Betting, which enables you to place the same bet up to 100 times.

In mixed mode, you’re getting a largely computer-generated interface rather than live stream, as it was designed for poor streaming connections. You’ll find that the playing interface is user-friendly and functional, which can make it more convenient for a longer session. You can also view a history of the chat throughout the game. So if you get in touch with support or you’re playing with others, you can see everything that’s been said on one screen.

speed auto roulette

Auto Roulette from Authentic Gaming

While Evolution Gaming is a powerhouse when it comes to live casino games, Authentic Gaming has also produced a highly-impressive version of Auto Roulette. In fact, Authentic Gaming has developed multiple variants of the game. Two of the most popular of these variants are Classic Auto Roulette 1 and Classic Auto Roulette 2, both of which are available to play right here at Mr Green.

The one difference between the two variants is game round time betting time limits. In Classic Auto Roulette 1, there’s a 25-second betting time and a 63-second game time, while in Classic Auto Roulette 2, there’s a 30-second betting time and a 68-second game round time. Aside from that, you’ll find that each game offers identical features. You’ll have an opportunity to wager on a full range of Call bets, you can Save your Favourite bets, turn on Auto Spin, view a normal grid, and view statistics from the previous 250 spins.

Demo Mode or Real Money

While the game is available to play in demo mode, playing for real money allows you to maximize the thrills. The variety in betting options gives both beginners and experienced players a challenge, and a chance to show what they can do. The limits indicate that the game is suitable for both low and high rollers. And with a 97.3% RTP, there’s a lot of fun to be had.


  • Min Bet (€): 10
  • Max Bet (€): 5,000
  • Return to player: 97.3%
  • Volatility: Low
  • Free Play available: Yes


You can play Evolution Gaming’s Auto Roulette with us at Mr Green, alongside other live variants from providers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Authentic Gaming. With the diversity of developers comes an array of games. There are classic variants available, such as standard American and European Roulette, along with more niche games to spice things up. Each game is high quality, with customizable features and smooth visuals.

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