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While Live Casino Poker shares similarities with other poker variants, it’s a relatively new addition to the online casino circuit. The two most popular variants of live poker are Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em. Both games approximate the action that takes place at a brick-and-mortar casino, even recreating the environment.

While other live poker games are available, such as Live Three Card Poker and Live Caribbean Stud, we’ll be focusing on Ultimate Hold’em and Casino Hold’em throughout this strategy guide. The two games are very similar, with the main difference being how you bet, i.e. in Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you’re involved in the betting right until the end. You can play both games at Mr Green’s live casino.

How to play Live Poker?

Live poker ranks among poker’s most exciting variants, boosting the level of excitement available at an online casino. Just like in classic Texas Hold’em, the main aim is to create the best five-card hand possible from a combination of hole and community cards.

To begin the game, you place the initial bet. This is called an “ante” bet and is similar to a blind in Texas Hold’em. You also have the option to place a side bet (more on those shortly).

The dealer then deals you and himself two cards each, along with three “community” cards (the flop) on the table. You and the dealer share these cards, leaving you to form the best five-hand hand available. Next, you have to decide on whether you like your current hand or not. If you don’t, you need to consider its potential to improve once the dealer has placed two additional community cards on the table. To continue playing, you simply make a further bet, known as a “call” Alternatively, you can “fold”, in which case, you lose your ante.

If you decide to call, the bet will be double the value of the ante. Once the dealer has placed down the final two community cards (the “turn” and the “river”) on the table, you both reveal your cards. The final step sees you and the dealer comparing your best hands. The player with the best hand wins the game.

Table: Hand rankings

Rank Description
A Royal Flush Straight flush from 10-Ace
A Straight Flush Straight, but with each card from one suit
4 of a Kind Hand includes 4 of the same value cards
A Full House Hand combines 3 of a kind and a pair
A Flush/td> Hand includes 5 cards from the same suit
A Straight Hand with 5 cards in sequence, but not from the same suit
3 of a Kind Hand includes 3 of the same value cards
Two pairs Hand includes 2 sets of 2 cards of the same value
One pair Hand includes 2 of the same value cards
A High card A high-value card without forming any of the above hands

Side bets

The most common side bet is the Pair Plus bet. This is where you place an additional bet that your hand will be a pair or better. We’ll talk more about whether it’s a good idea or not to make these bets shortly. Depending on which variant you play, this side bet might be an AA bet, which means you need a pair of Aces.

There are side bets exclusive to Ultimate Texas Hold’em, including the Trips Bonus Bet. This side bet pays regardless of whether you have a winning hand or not. In other words, if the board makes your hand, you still win the bet, which explains why it’s one of the variant’s most popular features. Here are the payouts for the Trips Bonus Bet. The house edge is typically around 1.9%.

Hand Payout
Royal Flush 50-1
Straight Flush 40-1
Four of a Kind 30-1
Three of a Kind 8-1
Full House 8-1
Flush/td> 6-1
Straight 5-1

Another side bet exclusive to Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the progressive jackpot.

The possibility of hitting a progressive jackpot adds to the excitement of the game. Generally, there are two progressive jackpot types available: one small progressive and one big progressive.

Small progressive

To make a small progressive, you need to make a qualifying hand with at least one hole card. As would be expected, the highest payout results from a Royal Flush, in which case you would be paid out the entire jackpot. Other hands qualifying for small progressives include a straight flush and four of a kind.

Big progressive

To make a big progressive, you need to form one of the same hands as you would for a small jackpot, but without using any of your hole cards. Instead, you need a qualifying hand to appear on the flop. While the odds are far lower on making the jackpot than with a small progressive, the payout is generally much higher.

Live Casino Poker odds

In live poker, the odds are slightly over 2%, which is higher than the majority of casino table games. This doesn’t assure you of winning, of course. Understanding the odds, however, provides you with an improved perspective when playing.

While you need to know what Plus Bets are and, ultimately, it’s up to you whether to play them or not, the basic strategy suggests they should be avoided. As mentioned, the house edge for the main bet in live poker isn’t much higher than 2%. With a Pair Plus bet, it’s either 6.26% or 6.40%. Which odds apply depends on the paytable.

You should also be aggressive when playing live casino poker. Approach it as you would when playing heads-up in Texas Hold’em when you play more hands than you would with numerous opponents. In live casino poker, you should raise your bet in 80% of your hands.

Always raise with the following hole cards:

  • Any hand with an Ace
  • Unsuited King and a five or higher
  • Unsuited Queen and an eight or higher
  • Suited King with any other card
  • Suited Queen with a six or higher
  • Suited Jack with an eight or higher
  • A pair of threes or higher

Live Casino Poker odds

Basic Live Poker tips

Strategy in live poker is similar to the strategy used in Texas Hold’em. In live poker, however, reading other players or bluffing isn’t part of the game, which means that you need to emphasise other strategies. Let’s begin with some basic tips.

Understand basic poker
Before you being playing live casino poker, you’ll want to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of poker itself and know the basic strategy as it applies to the standard game. Live poker is easy to play and offers less pressure than other poker variants, as there’s no need to be concerned with bluffing, etc. But winning in any poker variant is hard if you don’t even know how to play the basic game.

Know when to fold ‘em
You shouldn’t fold too often in live poker. At the same time, however, one of the most important things you need to remember is knowing when to fold. If you have poor hole cards, cut your losses and wait until you have a better hand.

Know when to stay in the game
Once the flop has been dealt and you have a hand that is at least semi-decent, continue betting and play out your hand. You definitely don’t want to fold in this situation. When only playing against the dealer, your chances of winning are higher than they are in standard poker, especially when you have decent hole cards and a favourable flop.

Always call if you can pair with the flop
If either of your hole cards forms a pair with a card from the flop, you should call. That’s also the case if your cards form an inside straight draw or a flush draw.

Understand the dealer’s position
In live casino poker, the dealer plays according to a predetermined pattern. He or she is told how to play the best combination with the cards they have. So, as there’s no bluffing involved, just focus on playing your very best game.

Set your limit
Avoid getting carried away and leaving the game with zero funds in your account simply because you were unable to stop. While live poker is easier to play than the standard game, and you might feel that it’s easy money, you won’t think that if you lose your entire bankroll. So, set yourself a limit on what you can afford to lose. If you have made a profit, keep it separate from your bankroll.

Play a flush draw
Even with low-card singles, you should raise the bet with a flush draw. There’s also the possibility of hitting the flush, and even if the cards don’t go your way, the dealer could fail to qualify.

Play a straight draw
The same applies here. If you have low ranked cards, but with a chance for a straight, call the bet. Again, the dealer could bust if you don’t hit the straight.

Play with Jack High
You shouldn’t fold Jack high, except rarely. You should even more rarely fold Queen-high, and never ever fold King-high or better.

Play slow
When playing live poker through a video simulation, you should play slower than you would in a brick-and-mortar casino. This allows you to savour the game while also making you less susceptible to the house edge.

Get plenty of practice
Practice makes perfect. That might be a cliché, but that doesn’t make its inclusion here any less important. As Mr Green lets you play in free mode, you have a good opportunity to practice and improve your ability to play the game without risking any of your own money.

Accept bonuses
If you’re new to Mr Green, we offer welcome bonuses to new players. Take advantage of the offer because it’s money that effectively lowers the house edge. Think of our bonuses as the online equivalent of comps in a brick-and-mortar casino. We also offer promotions to existing customers, so you should keep your eye out for those, too.

Basic Live Poker tips

Live poker optimal strategy

The strategy used in live casino poker is similar to Texas Hold’em. Unlike its big brother, however, there is no place in live casino poker for reading an opponent or bluffing.

By applying strategy to live casino poker, however- including the tips in this guide- you can reduce the house edge. The first goal of any live poker player is to achieve the optimal strategy.

There are no simple rules for when you should play and fold, as optimal strategy depends on all five cards. However, there are a few rules of thumb you should adhere to. Make sure you adhere to the following in basic situations.

Table: When to fold

Never Fold Almost Never Fold Rarely Fold
Any pair Queen high* J high (on a monotone board, even with 2 overs)
A King high or Ace high Gutshot draw
A flush draw or open-end straight draw

*The only time to consider folding Q high is on a monotone board, i.e. with no suit

You should raise about 80% of the time, which obviously means you would be folding around 20% of the time. The majority of cases in which you would fold are when you have two hole cards of different rankings that have little potential when the first three community cards have been dealt.

Having an optimal strategy ensures that the house edge remains favourable to you when compared to other table games.

While there are differences between live poker and Texas Hold ’em, the method of working out the number of cards you can hit, along with your chances of hitting them, remain the same.

Live Poker mistakes to avoid

Here, we’ll go over some of the worst mistakes made in live poker. After all, you can’t avoid them if you don’t know what they are. Dealers rarely make mistakes in live poker, so you’ll want to keep pace by avoiding making any yourself where possible. While you can’t beat the house edge, you can achieve optimal play.

Immediately playing for real money

As mentioned, when you first play, it’s a good idea to play in practice mode so you can iron out any mistakes you might be prone to as a beginner. You don’t want to learn the game while playing for real money. So make sure you know the rules before you play. That also goes for understanding basic tips and strategies, and even then, spend some time playing in demo mode.

When you do play for real money, you should follow the strategies mentioned on this page, such as avoiding the Pair Plus Bet and playing aggressively. Stick to the basics.

Applying a progressive betting strategy

When a player starts out with any new online casino game, one of the first things they often do is search for strategies on the Internet. Some of the more common betting strategies involve progressive betting. However, a mathematical edge doesn’t change just because you’ve varied your betting. So make sure to avoid playing with progressive betting systems, as they can only lead to ruin.

Not raising frequently enough

Another mistake that beginners make when playing live casino poker is folding too often. Optimal strategy expects that you raise 80% of your bets. So if you’re folding even 30% of the time, you’re folding too often.

Not engaging with the live dealers

You don’t want to get into the habit of seeing the dealer as your enemy, as an opponent would be in Texas Hold’em. Dealers in our live casino represent Mr Green and play according to our strict rules. So if you need any help, don’t be shy about asking them. They’ll even offer tips if you ask.

Being tempted by the side bets

We’ve already talked about avoiding the Pair Plus bet and how it can reduce the house edge by 4%. However, it’s worth mentioning again, as it’s proven to be tempting among beginner players. Again, it’s optional, so you’re free to ignore it. The temptation can be strong when you take into account the 100:1 payout, but that occurs only once in every 40,000 hands. If you’re really considering making a high-risk bet on a royal flush, you have better odds playing the video poker slots.

Applying Live Poker strategy

Let’s talk about putting all of your newfound strategies to the test.

Follow these basics to start playing with us today.

Step 1: Create your account. To play live casino poker, register with Mr Green. Once your account is set up, log in and play whenever, wherever, and on whatever device is convenient for you.

Step 2: Deposit funds: When you’re ready to start playing with real money, deposit funds into your account using one of the many payment methods we have available.

Step 3: Make your first bet. Live poker stipulates an ante bet and a call bet. The ante bet is made at the beginning of the hand, and the call bet is made once the flop has been dealt.

Step 4: Apply optimal strategy: This is where you get to use all of your newfound strategy knowledge. Strategy affects results in live poker, so make sure you use all of the tips we’ve given you here to improve your odds of winning. Again, you can play in practice mode until you feel ready to play for real money.

Step 5: Withdraw your winnings: Once you’ve built up some winnings and you wish to withdraw your profits, go to your account page and make a withdrawal request. We have multiple withdrawal methods for you to choose from.

Live casino poker can be a lot of fun, but remember to refer back to this page whenever you need a strategy refresher. Hopefully, our recommendations will help you to achieve positive results. Just make sure that you begin by practising before you start playing for real money. You should master the advice in this guide without pressure so that you can learn to make the right decision no matter what stage of the game you’re in.