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Monopoly was first published in 1935 and has since become one of the world’s most popular board games. Enjoyed by families everywhere and famously associating itself with popular culture, Monopoly is a well-loved classic that has seen decades of success. Considering the popularity and versatility of the game, it’s perhaps no surprise that it was subject to a live casino makeover by Evolution Gaming. The famous live casino developers paired up with Hasbro, the owners of Monopoly to make this game a reality.

With live Monopoly, players can spin the giant wheel and play for big money prizes as they make their way around the game board. Just as the Monopoly board game is regarded as one of the world’s best board game’s Monopoly Live has quickly become one of the tops Live Casino games here at Mr Green Live Casino.

Even if you’ve never played Monopoly Live before, the chances are high that you’re already familiar with the way the game works and the board, as all of the features are based on the classic board game. This makes it an excellent choice for new players and a big hit with anyone who’s a fan of Monopoly.

If you already know your way around the live casino, you may also notice some similarities with Evolution Gaming’s Dreamcatcher. Monopoly Live takes the best features from both standard Monopoly and Dreamcatcher, combining them to create an exciting and unique live gaming experience.

Wheel Overview in Monopoly Live

The main feature in Monopoly Live is the giant wheel which is modelled on the wheel from the Dreamcatcher live game. This wheel is split into 54 equally sized segments. 48 of these segments are numbered with one of the numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10. The remaining six segments contain special outcomes which add some extra excitement to the game. There are two Chance segments, three 2 Rolls segments and one 4 Rolls segment.

To make calculating your wins easier, we’ve broken the wheel down into the following table:

Wheel segment Segment Quantity Payout
1x stake
2x stake
5x stake
10x stake
Instant cash win or multiplier
2 Rolls
Up to $500 000
4 Rolls

Monopoly Live: How to Play

Monopoly Live gives players the opportunity to bet on where they think the wheel will land. Depending on their choice and where the wheel lands, the game can payout up to 10x their stake, add a bonus multiplier or unlock the bonus game.

monopoly live

The Main Game

In Monopoly Live, the main goal is to guess which number the wheel will stop on. There are 54 different segments and players will place their bet on any of the four numbers or the two bonus segments, 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Players can place as many bets as they like but will have 12 seconds before bets are off and the host spins the wheel.

The wheel spins round and after a few short moments comes to a rest. If the flipper points to a number that you placed a bet on, you’ll win.

Your stake is multiplied by the number that you bet on, so if you placed a bet on 10, you’d win 10x your stake if the wheel stops on that number. On top of that, your stake is also returned to you if you win your bet.

Aside from the numbered segments, the wheel also contains the Chance, 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments. If the wheel lands on chance, a random chance card is drawn, and every player that staked that round will receive an instant cash bonus or a random multiplier bonus. If the wheel stops on one of the 2 Roll or 4 Roll segments, it unlocks the bonus game.

monopoly live

Bonus Round: Monopoly Live

The bonus game is triggered whenever the wheel lands on the 2 Roll or 4 Roll segment. If you placed a bet on the bonus that lands, you’ll get to participate. If not, you’ll watch as a spectator. If the wheel lands on 2 Roll, a pair of dice will be rolled twice, whereas for 4 Roll the dice will be rolled four times.

Here, the game takes you to a virtual Monopoly board which contains all the familiar locations including Go, Railways, Free Parking, Utilities, Properties, the Chance Chest and more. The host will roll the dice, and Mr Monopoly himself will then move around the board based on the roll. If the host rolls a duplicate number, they’ll add an extra roll of the dice.

Wherever Mr Monopoly stops on the board, he’ll unlock prizes. Just like the classic board game, each space has its own unique value and squares with houses or hotels provide even greater rewards. Some spaces can also apply taxes that reduce the prize money but overall, there are many ways to win. There’s no limit on how many additional rolls can be gained through doubles and bypassing Go, all multipliers on the board are doubled.

monopoly live

Statistics of Monopoly Live

The maximum return to player rate (RTP) of Monopoly Live is 96.23%. The game has a betting range between the minimum of €0.10 and a big maximum bet of €5,000. The maximum payout of €500,000 can be achieved in the bonus game.

  • Minimum Bet: €0.10
  • Maximum Bet: €5,000
  • Maximum Win: €500,000
  • RTP: 91.30% – 96.23%
  • Demo Available: No


If you’ve ever enjoyed a classic game of Monopoly, then Monopoly Live is sure to make you feel a little nostalgic. The game is simple enough to play and offers some fantastic moments, particularly in the bonus game where a 3D animation of Mr Monopoly strolls across the board. As the famous character passes around the board, he’ll collect multipliers and prizes, potentially unlocking some big wins.

The game is based on the hit live game Dream Catcher and mixes the simplicity of that game with the fun of Monopoly. Even if you’ve never played this classic board game before, it’s worth checking out due to the big prizes and exciting gameplay. You can find Monopoly Live and lots of other great games here at Mr Green online casino.

monopoly live