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Big wheel games just got better; Evolution Gaming brings you Crazy Time and it could very well be your next game of choice in the Live Casino at Mr Green.

Following the successes of two other big wheel games, Dream Catcher and Monopoly™ Live, Evolution Gaming brings you quite possibly the most fun anyone has had with a wheel.

So, what’s new? Well, multiple bonuses rounds, to begin with. You may have heard people say that three is the magic number, but in this game, you have the chance to go one better with a total of four bonus rounds. The action doesn’t end there: you can also hit some marvellous multipliers in the Top Slot that each round brings.

Cutting edge technology and dynamite graphics greet you as you’re welcomed into the Crazy Time virtual studio. With the classic feel of a TV game show combined with interactive gameplay, the atmosphere is electric. The icing on the cake is a huge potential win of 25,000x.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. What exactly is Crazy Time? Similar to that ‘90s classic Wheel of Fortune game show but without the wobbly studio sets, Crazy Time is a monetised Big Wheel game, and it’s completely live. The concept is simple: the live dealer spins the wheel and you try and predict where it will land, the choices being 1,2,5 and 10. Add to this the four bonus features and you have yourself some exhilarating live casino big wheel action.

The hosts are dressed vibrantly and are supported by an immaculately lit studio plus jaunty video game-style music with added sound effects. We’ll tell you more about what to expect.

Crazy Time: The Lowdown

If you’re looking for a high volatility live casino game, Crazy Time will happily deliver this for you. For instance, you wouldn’t find a maximum win potential of 25,000x with a low volatility game. If Lady Luck is pouting instead of smiling, you could still be lucky enough to land the Crazy Time bonus round and be greeted with a maximum win of up to 20,000x.

Should you have missed the Crazy Time bonus round, you could hit the Japanese classic Pachinko bonus with a sushi smashing max win of up to 10,000x. Cash Hunt is a slightly different beast with a grand total of 108 varying multipliers, yet no less tame.

With 54 segments, the wheel layout and payout are as follows:

Wheel segment Segment Quantity Payout
1x wager
2x wager
5x wager
10x wager
Max = €500,000
Cash Hunt
Coin Flip
Crazy Time

How Do You Play Crazy Time?

It is actually a simple game to play. Similar to Monopoly™ Live or the old favourite Dream Catcher, instinctive gameplay and not too many potentially confusing rules are at the beating heart of this game at Mr Green Live Casino.

Even if you don’t feel like booting up your laptop, Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time has your back. Fully optimised for both Android and iOS, you can always enjoy some pocket-sized fun and you can even play it on your tablet. Just make sure you have a solid WiFi signal.

Play Crazy Time

Main Game

Much like the cross-section of a massive symmetrical orange, Crazy Time has 54 identically-sized segments, with 46 of these juicy sections marked up with a 1, 2, 5 and 10. Always remember that there will be fewer segments the higher the payout. The number indicates the multiplier that will be applied to your payout. As an example, if you land a 10; you’ll receive 10x your wager, plus your stake back.

You could think of Crazy Time as a roulette-inspired candy cane adventure. The graphics from Evolution Gaming are truly astounding and are one of the many features that make it stand apart from other Big Wheel games. And you can leave your strategy books at home – this is a game of perfect pure chance.

Crazy Time Big Wheel

Bonus Rounds

The remaining eight segments are where the fun really starts as these will trigger one of four bonus rounds: Crazy Time, Coin Flip, Pachinko or Cash Hunt.

Cash Hunt Bonus

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with a video wall of 9 columns and 12 rows, hauling in a grand total of 108 random multipliers to pursue.

Should a Cash Hunt multiplier be awarded on the Top Slot, this is multiplied by the position. Once the countdown begins, take aim and click the symbol you think contains the biggest multiplier. It really is as simple as that.


Originally hailing from the land of the golden sun, Japan, Pachinko is a game of chance brought to you in the form of 16 columns divided by Pachinko pegs, each with its own unique multiplier values.

The host simply drops the Pachinko disc from the top of the board and lets gravity do the rest. Sit back, relax and watch the puck drop down the board and land in one of the bottom sections, resulting in a multiplier of up to 10,000x.

crazy time bonus

Coin Flip

Needing little introduction, this mainstay of the football ref is exactly as the name suggests. Instead of the pedestrian heads vs tails, we’re looking at blue vs red, with a multiplier brought to you by random. As well as these colourful multipliers, you could also encounter an extra multiplier, as long as one was present in the Top Slot. If the multiplier is too low, The Rescue Flip can fix that quicker than you can say “Crazy Time”.

Crazy Time Round

The bonus of bonuses: the Crazy Time round. A bonus bonanza, Crazy Time gives you the chance to step inside a portal to another world. If you enjoy your live games with some serious visual flair, you will love this crazy bonus round. Behold flying saucers, octopuses, dreamy goldfish and trains chugging away down a winding track.

The headliner in this bonus round comes to you in the form of the mega wheel: 64 segments with three flappers in red, yellow and green. Simply pick a colour and you will be awarded the multiplier where it rests.

Crazy time Bonus Rounds

Statistics for the game Crazy Time

Here’s the numbers part (you might want to pop on your specs):

  • Min bet (€): 0.10
  • Max bet: (€): 5,000
  • Max win (€): 500,000
  • RTP: 94.33% – 96.08%
  • Demo available: No


Evolution Gaming never fails to surprise and delight players with the inventiveness of their games or the skill and charm of their live dealers. Crazy Time was a revelation even to us with this joyful title which will sit snugly in the Evolution Gaming catalogue. Not just a game but more of a journey, the Mr Green Online Casino experience has been magnified by its presence.

In turns both adorable and engaging, here’s a Live Casino gem that could leave you delirious with delight.

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