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Playing Blackjack Live by Evolution Gaming with Mr Green offers you a very polished, quick and authentic blackjack experience.

The game is packed with a range of optional features such as ‘Multi-Game’ and ‘Bet Behind’ and is available to play on various platforms including all smartphones and tablets as well as any desktop computer.

One of the key features of this Live Blackjack variant is that, even if no seat is available when you log in, you can still be very much part of the action when you choose to bet on another player’s hand. Meanwhile, your overall playing involvement can be magnified by playing in full-screen mode, by conversing with a live dealer or by making a number of available side bets.

Play Live Blackjack at Mr Green Live Casino

Blackjack Live Rules

Whenever you decide to play one of the brilliant Live Blackjack games at Mr Green, the basic premise is always to manage a bigger hand than the dealer – without going ‘bust’ by getting over 21 of course! The best hand you can manage is exactly 21, known as ‘Blackjack’ and this is our holy grail.

While other variants are always made available at Mr Green, Live Blackjack is the most exciting as it is played in real-time and against real dealers. The lower house edge is a bonus and you can even increase your chances of a win further by using a good game strategy.

To play Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live you’ll need to understand some basic rules, starting with the number of players allowed on a table which is seven.

Each numbered card in the pack is to be taken at face value, with all picture or ‘face’ cards worth 10 and the ace worth 1 or 11, depending upon where you stand in the game. For example, if you currently have 15 and you drawn an ace, you want this to be worth 1, but if you have ten and you draw an ace then you want this to be 11 taking you to the magic total of 21.

In Live Blackjack at Mr Green games are played with 8 standard decks. If the dealer reaches 17, they will always ‘stand’ and you can choose to ‘double down’ on your first two drawn cards. You won’t be able to double down after you’ve split, though you are able to split your opening cards as long as they come to an equal value.

Should you happen to split on two aces then you can get just one card per ace. Should the dealer draw an ace, you will be offered some insurance. The hand becomes tied if your cards and those of the dealer happen to have the same value.

Side Bets Available in Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live

As well as playing the standard live blackjack hand you can place a number of side bets, including:

Pairs – if your opening two cards are a pair, you automatically get a payout. There are three pairs offered for wins with varying payout values attached, namely:

  • Coloured Pair: two cards of the same colour.
  • Mixed Pair: a pair of different colours and from different suits.
  • Perfect Pair: a pair from the same suit.

21 + 3 -Should your opening cards plus the dealer’s card create a three-card poker hand then you can win, the amount being determined by the variety of the hand that’s been created, such as:

  • Flush – non-sequential cards from the same suit.
  • Straight – three cards in numerical order but from varying suits.
  • Straight Flush – three cards from the same suit and in numerical order.
  • Suited Trips – similar cards.
  • Three of a Kind – three cards of the same face value but from different suits.

Side Bets Available in Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live Top Features

Evolution Gaming takes their Live Blackjack game seriously and as such there are some brilliant special features within this game, including:

  • Bet Behind
    Bet Behind is a feature you can use to make bets on hands being dealt to fellow players. If the hand is favourable then you claim a chunk of the winnings. Bet Behind also means that you don’t have to have a seat to place a bet.
  • Chat
    Making the live blackjack experience even more authentic, using the chat feature means you can talk to other players as well as the live dealer.
  • Customise Your Gaming Experience
    To make your live blackjack experience a little more bespoke, simply click on the settings symbol. From there you can choose to show or hide any side-bets or other players’ interactions, for example. Video settings allow you to change the quality, or you can simply click on Auto Adjust to let the superb Evolution software make the right choice for you.
  • Disconnection Policy
    Live blackjack is a thrill but technology can sometimes let us down. So, this policy means that if your game is interrupted or disconnected then any bets placed before the end of the betting time are nullified.
  • Game History
    Look for the clock; this is your history button and clicking on it means you can review your full history. Featured are games played, their dates, bets placed and any winnings accrued.
  • Live Support
    As well as being able to chat with the croupier, you can contact Mr Green’s live support whenever you like, including in the midst of a game.
  • The Lobby
    By clicking on the Lobby button, situated towards the bottom of the screen, you can swap your table or choose a different live game.
  • Multi-Game
    You are able to play anything up to four live games at one time. To join numerous games, simply use the ‘+Table’ button.
  • Return to Player
    The RTP remains important and in this case, the figure is a huge 99.28%. Even the specials are good with Perfect Pairs paying out at 95.9% and 21+3 averaging 96.3%.

Live Blackjack Playing Guide

With a little practice you’ll soon get the hang of playing live blackjack at Mr Green Casino, but here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  • Choose Your Seat
    Areas are marked “Sit Here”, so look for this and take a seat at a table. The ‘X’ button next to your seat allows you to leave the table at any time.
  • Make Your Bets
    Naturally, you will need funds in your Mr Green account before you play for real, but once you have, then to play live blackjack simply choose your amount and place your bet before the betting time is ended. All you are required to do is select a chip by clicking on it.
  • Hit or Stand
    • Live dealers will deal one card to themselves and two to each player at the table. From there, you will need to decide whether to hit or stand.
    • To hit means you receive another card, to stand means to continue the game with the cards you’ve been dealt. You may choose to split your cards and play two hands at the same time or ‘double down’ meaning you double the bet you have placed on the hand.
    • As soon as everyone at the table has made their choices the dealer will make a decision too. When the round is over, the dealer will clear the table, settle all bets and if you’ve won then your payout is credited to your account.

Live Blackjack Payouts

So how much could you win with live blackjack at Mr Green Casino? Well, firstly if the value of your hand goes over 21 then you lose the game. Also, if the dealer’s hand value is greater than yours once you stand then again, you lose the game.

But, if your hand is of a greater value to the dealer’s then you win. If you get a blackjack (total of 21) then your payout is 3/2.

If you’d decided to take out insurance having noticed that the dealer has an ace then you will be paid at 2/1 should the dealer get a blackjack.

It gets better though. Payouts for a Pairs side bet is 25/1 for a Perfect Pair, 12/1 for a Coloured Pair and finally 6/1 for a Mixed Pair.

A winning 21+3 side bet could be as big as 100/1, that being for Suited Trips, or 40/1 for a Straight Flush and even 30/1 for Three of a Kind. A Straight pays out at 10/1 and it’s even 5/1 for a Flush.

Live Blackjack Payouts

Why Should I Play Live Blackjack with Mr Green?

Live games at Mr Green Casino, especially Evolution Gaming Blackjack Live, are dynamic and exciting. Mr Green is an award-winning casino and it shows. As well as taking part in a fantastic range of games featuring live dealers, you can be sure you’re playing within a safe and secure casino environment.

Lavish bonuses and rewarding promotions, allied with 24-hour customer support, of course, are on offer regularly and if you are a particular supporter of live games then you can rest easy in knowing that Mr Green has you covered there with new live dealer games introduced regularly.