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Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the world, and you’ll find this classic casino game at just about any casino. Mr Green is no exception, and you can play loads of fun and exciting variations of Blackjack here at our casino. However, if you want a brand new, thrilling Blackjack experience, we recommend you give Live Blackjack a go.

Live casino games are an innovative and immersive way to play classic table casino games, letting you enjoy a more authentic casino experience from the comfort of your home. Rather than playing against a computer-controlled dealer, Live Blackjack lets you play against a real professional dealer.

Not only do you get a more realistic experience with Live Blackjack, but it’s much more social too. Our Live Blackjack games come with a live chat feature so you can interact with your dealer and other players at the table. On top of that, we have a dedicated live support feature should you need assistance with anything. If you love playing Blackjack at land-based casinos, you’ll definitely enjoy our Live Blackjack collection.

Differences Between Live Blackjack and Regular Blackjack

The main difference between Live Blackjack and regular Blackjack is, of course, that live games feature a real dealer. However, there are many other differences that make this a unique and exciting way to enjoy Blackjack online.

Real Cards

One of the main differences between live dealer games and regular casino games using a random number generator is that live games aren’t controlled by a computer. In our Live Blackjack games, we use real cards, just like at a land-based casino. The cards are dealt from a shoe, and you’ll be able to see your cards clearly on the screen, as live casino games use special cards that are larger than usual.

Live Chat

Online casinos are lots of fun, but for a lot of players, they’re missing the social aspect of a land-based casino. A big advantage of live casino games is that they allow you to interact with the dealer as you play.
With our Live Blackjack games, we offer a live chat feature so you can chat with your dealer and other players at the table. You can interact with other people while you play, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Live Support

When playing live games at Mr Green, players can receive immediate assistance through the live chat if needed. Problems while playing are rare, but if you run into any issues, you can instantly contact the live support team by sending a message through the chat. Our helpful support staff are available at all hours to assist you and help ensure you have the best possible playing experience.

More Tables

We have loads of fun and exciting Blackjack games for you to enjoy with plenty of different variations of this classic game. In our live casino section, however, you can also find lots of variety, and we have more live tables for you to join. Some tables have different minimum stakes, so make sure you check the rules before you play.

Streamed in High Definition

The graphics quality of regular Blackjack is high, but with our live games, you get the game streamed to you in high definition. Several cameras are positioned around the table to give players the best view of the action as it’s live-streamed from the studio to their homes. The quality of the stream’s quality is fantastic, and there’s never been a more realistic way to play casino games online.

How to Play Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is played in the same way as regular Blackjack, so if you already know how to play, you should be able to join a table and start playing straight away. If you’re unfamiliar with how to play Blackjack, don’t worry, the rules are quite simple.

The exact rules will depend on the type of Blackjack you’re playing. Be sure to read the rules in the game information before you play, as we’ve loads of variations including classic, speed, VIP and party.

For classic Live Blackjack, join a table and place your stake. Live casino developer Evolution Gaming provides this game, and there are lots of great features to make the game easier to play and more intuitive.


The aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting the highest card total without going over twenty-one. Once you’ve placed your bet, you wait for other players at the table to bet too before receiving your first two cards. The dealer is also dealt two cards of their own, one face-up, the other face-down. If your cards are an Ace and a ten-value card, you’ve hit a Blackjack and will win at odds of 3:2. If not, you can choose to either stand, split, double down or hit.

Standing passes your turn and is done when you’re happy with the hand they have, or at least that you don’t want to risk going over twenty-one and busting. If you’re not happy with your hand, you can ask for a hit, which gives you one more card. If the hand total is still less than twenty-one, you can take another action. If it’s exactly twenty-one, you’ll automatically stand. If, however, the total is over twenty-one, you bust and the house takes your stake.

Splitting and doubling down are two special actions that are only available at certain times. You can choose to double down after receiving your first two cards to double your stake. After doubling down, you’ll receive one more card and are forced to stand. Splitting can be done if the two cards in your hand are a pair. To split the pair creates two hands and you’ll receive two more cards, one for each hand.

Live Blackjack at Mr Green!

The Most Popular Blackjack Tables at Mr Green

We have loads of great Blackjack games available to play here at Mr Green. Whether you want to play some classic games or something new and exciting, we have a lot to offer. The majority of our Blackjack tables include side betting options such as Perfect Pairs, 21+3 and more. If you’re waiting for a space at the table, we also offer the Bet Behind bet. This allows you to place bets on another player’s hand as you wait for a seat at the table. These side bets provide more betting opportunities and offer more chances to win payouts.

Depending on which table you play at betting limits can change as can the rules on how many cards are used, side bets and more. Be sure to check the rules before you start playing.
Some of our most popular regular Blackjack tables include:

  • Mr Green Exclusive Blackjack – These tables are exclusively found here at Mr Green as we have our own dedicated studio and dealers. The Mr Green casino studio allows us to offer exclusive live tables like the Mr Green Blackjack tables which you won’t find at any other casino. Betting limits at these tables range from €5 to €1000. Tables seat seven players and the game uses eight decks of cards. Side bet options at the Mr Green Blackjack tables include Bet Behind, Insurance, Perfect Pairs and 21+3.
  • Vegas Blackjack – Our Vegas Blackjack tables offer a brand new Blackjack experience that will have you feeling like you’re playing at a real Las Vegas casino. Rules and side bets are the same but you’ll enjoy playing with new dealers and in a completely different casino studio. Just as with our Mr Green live Blackjack tables, you’ll find a selection of side bets available including bet Behind, Insurance, Perfect Pairs and more.

Special Live Blackjack Variants Available at Mr Green

Mr Green features plenty of options available when it comes to Live Blackjack. Choose from a wide collection including the following Live Blackjack games:

  • Free Bet Blackjack – Free bet Blackjack adds some extra excitement to the game by offering players free double down and split bets. The free bet is provided automatically whenever a player has a qualifying hand.
  • Power Blackjack – This game offers extra opportunities for players to win big. You can choose to double, triple or even quadruple your bet after receiving your initial hand. The deck has 9s and 10s removed, creating a different playing experience.
  • Infinite Blackjack – Infinite Blackjack offers unlimited space at the table plus four optional side bets. Available side bets are Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It. These side bets provide more opportunities to win and add some extra excitement to the game.
  • Speed Blackjack – Fancy a few quick hands of Blackjack? Blackjack speed is your answer. Players can each make their actions simultaneously, speeding up play and removing the need to wait for other players at the table.
  • VIP Blackjack Tables – Offering a more luxury casino experience, VIP tables are ideal for those who enjoy high wagering limits. The Salon Privé tables from Evolution Gaming also offer a unique VIP Blackjack experience with high betting limits and the option of choosing your dealer.