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The Story of the Man in Green

Once upon a time on a dark and chilly night, baby Green was found abandoned at the steps of an old orphanage by a young couple who fell in love with the two-year-old boy straight away.

Green’s adopted parents were the adventurous kind… they believed in filling their lives with stories and memories, not just material possessions.

The significance of this we should not overlook, for it changed Green’s life, this chance they took.

When Green grew up, he became the class clown, in his company of many, there was never a frown.

With a passion for fun, excitement and play, he’d chosen to live life without a dull day.

Recognising Green’s grand potential, he was taken under the wing of his gentlemanly maths tutor. The professor’s fatherly-like figure has continued to influence Green to this day – most evidently in his bowler hat and classic umbrella.

As soon as Green was old enough to travel the world on his own… his love of entertainment and adventure grew.

On the way he discovered his future awaiting, met an unknown artist and without hesitating, he bet big, took a chance and opened the virtual doors of his Online Casino.

The rest… as they say, is history!


mr greenThe gentleman in Green – our vision and mission

Wearing a suit doesn’t necessarily make you a gentleman. Appearance is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being a gentleman – it is manners, grace and good values that define and distinguish a gentleman from his contemporaries. Mr Green values integrity, respect and taking responsibility – and lending a helping hand to those when they need it.

He’s open to learning and listening, and always looks to inspire and innovate in his actions.

The company Mr Green lives by these same values, where we contribute with innovation and creativity in our roles as the shapers of the present and future of iGaming.

How do we go about doing this? The mission is clear – to offer incredible gaming experiences where the customer comes above all else. We care deeply about you and your integrity  and your safety is our priority in a system we like to call “Green Gaming”.


Green Gaming – We protect your game

Since Mr Green launched in 2007/2008, we have ran our business with the safety of customers a priority. It is thanks to our customers that we have the ability to offer our services at all, and so due to this, to not consider the safety of them is unthinkable. We take care of our big, green family.

Here are the main facets of Green Gaming:

  • Our customers should always feel that they are in full control of their own gaming experience
  • No one should gamble more than they can afford
  • It should always feel safe to gamble with Mr Green



Green Gaming tools

We are constantly striving to find the best ways of ensuring our customers safety when it comes to gambling. Ever since our inception, this has been of the highest priority to us.

To encourage caution to our customers, we put limitations on the amount of money you are able to transfer into your account have an innovative budgeting system that controls how much you are allowed to gamble before you are cut off. Our investment into gambling responsibility has been around as long as we have, and it’s only improved since then, which has been appreciated by customers and staff.

In the autumn of 2017, Mr Green introduced a new high-tech system – the aforementioned Green Gaming. By analysing your gambling behaviour in tandem with your own perception of gambling, the tool’s algorithms give you specifically tailored information about when your gaming habits may be becoming unsafe or unhealthy. Mr Green is the first company to allow customers access to this information that may inform them about their potential gambling addiction.

Mr Green and our environmental work with Clean the Sea

It’s not just in relation to gambling safety that Mr Green shows social awareness as a company. Another project, “Clean the Sea” started during the Summer of 2017, with the focus being to work towards cleaning the Mediterranean Sea.

In an effort to spread knowledge and create commitment to the cause, Mr Green is cooperating with the University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute.

Environmental issues are of the utmost importance and it time to start doing something concrete about the issues affecting our society. Mr Green is doing its part to create a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment is the ocean around Malta.


championsleague mr green

Company information and MRG Group

The Brand Mr Green is owned 100% by Mr Green Ltd. That in turn is owned by the Swedish company Mr Green & Co AB (publ). Since May 2018 the collective group goes by the name MRG Group and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm as of November 30th, 2016.

Mr Green Ltd has its operational offices, doing the important work such as customer support, CRM, payments and all forms of marketing, located on the island of Malta. The company is run by CEO Patrick Jonker.


Group technical developments in Stockholm

Since late 2017, Mr Green’s technical development team Mr Green Technology AB – MRG Gametek – is located in Stockholm. The office building, which is known as Stockholm’s first digital innovation house, is located on Mäster Samuelsgatan 36.

The technical department consists of over 110 developers, who are under the guidance of Mattias Wader. The main focus of these developers is to implement and develop a business plan for Mr Green going forward, as well as to develop the Mr Green sports and casino platforms currently available – all while maintaining the focus of customer safety and responsibility.

MRG Group’s decision-making body is also located on Mäster Samuelsgatan and is led by CEO Per Norman.

MRG Group has established itself in 13 markets so far. Besides the main Mr Green site, MRG operates seven different brands within the iGaming,
casino, bingo, poker and sports betting spheres.


MRG Group’s brands

 mr green

Mr Green is the jewel in MRG Group’s crown – it is the group’s biggest gambling site and since its launch in Sweden in 2008 it has been recognized by several awards, which have led to it having a presence in 13 different markets.

The Swedish-based Mr Green was one of the original operators offering a sleepless gaming site that allowed to customers to gamble on casino games from manufactures based the world-over.

To date, Mr Green has over 1000 online casino and live casino games, and since 2016, the bookmaker has also offered sports betting. In some markets, Mr Green offers bingo and Keno and the number of additional products that are offered is steadily increasing due to exceptional innovation.


Redbet offers a variety of casino, poker and sports betting for the past 14 years on the Nordic market. Evoke Gaming AB previously ran the site, but when it was acquired in 2018, Redbet became a part of the MRG group. In the last couple of years, Redbet has become a big presence in the Great British gambling scene due to its knowledge of what the typical gambler is looking for.



Bertil is a casino and bingo brand from the MRG group, that is mainly geared towards the Nordic and Swedish markets. It began as an online bingo site and since shifted more towards additional casino games. Bertil became part of the MRG group in 2018 when they acquired Evoke Gaming AB.


Danish bingo site Bingosjov has been up and running since 2008 and became part of the MRG group in 2017. In recent years, the site has added additional casino games, and presently offers an immense 500 slot games from 15 different suppliers.


Another Danish online gaming slot company that MRG acquired in 2017 was Bingoslottet. It’s long been a favourite among online bingo players in the Danish market.



In 2018 MamaMia Bingo became part of MRG Group after the purchase of Evoke Gaming AB. It’ s an accessibly interfaced site that’s popular among Swedish and Nordic people who adore online bingo. There are options available on the site as to whether the customer wants to play bingo or online casino games. Manufacturers such as NetEnt, NYX, Microgaming and Evolution make a significant amount of the range of games available.



Another site previously own by Evoke Gaming AB, Vinnarum became part of MRG Group in 2018. It is one of the most recognizable casino groups in all of Sweden and offers a large range of casino games to its customers. It’s not just Sweden that Vinnarum operates in, though – it also of recognized in countries such as England and Germany (WinningRoom), Norway (Vinnarum) and Finland (Vinneri).

11 lv

MRG Group’s latest acquisition operates in the Latvian gambling market: 11.lv. The May 2018 acquired site has an office in the capital city of Riga and it is one of the three largest gaming operators in the country. It mainly focuses on sports betting and casino games.


Mr Green’s awards

Mr Green has always worked under the pretenses that as long as the customers are having fun in a safe environment, that’s all that matters. By installing this mindset, Mr Green has managed to acquire some recognition over the years, which, while fun, are not what Mr Green is all about, but it is nice to win them all the same!

GA awards

Below you can see all of the international awards we have received from different branch institutions and magazines:

  • IGA 2018 Socially Responsible Online of the Year
  • IGA 2017 Online Gaming operator of the Year
  • IGA 2016 Mobile Operator of the Year
  • IGA 2015 Online Casino operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Highly commended Slots Operator
  • IGA 2014 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Casino Brand of the Year
  • IGA 2013 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2012 Socially Responsible Operator of the Year
  • INTERNETWORLD TOPP 100 Award 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • EGR “Power 50” Influential Gaming Company


Our gaming licenses

In respect of sportsbook services offered to residents of the Republic of Ireland, Mr. Green is licensed by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, under remote bookmakers’ License number 1011600.

In respect of other gambling services, Mr. Green is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) under License numbers MGA/CRP/121/2006 issued on the 1st of November 2018 and valid until the 19th of March 2028; the Game Type approved are types 1, 2 and 3 (collectively the “Gaming License”).


Mr Green Ltd.

MRG, which was formally known as Mr. Green & Co. Ab (publ.) until May 2018, owns the brand known as Mr. Green. Since January 2019, roughly 92% of the parent company is owned by William Hill PLC. For this reason, MRG is no longer included on Nasdaq Stockholm but can instead be found on the London Stock Exchange.


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