Immortal Romance slot with Mr Green

Many casino players know that Microgaming’s Immortal Romance ranks in the TOP5 list of the most famous slots on the Internet. What is the secret of its enduring popularity? Perhaps the reason for the popularity is the twists and turns in the love relationships of the four main characters, or the fact that the game was released at the same time as the movie series Twilight. It was an outright obsession for many, and anything related to vampires soon became popular. The fact that it simply offers a unique gaming experience with all its tickling functions has certainly contributed to the success of this wonderful game.

Playing Immortal Romance

Of course, before immersing yourself in this tragic love story, you have to open an online casino and choose a bet. The bet consists of the number of coins that the player wants to spend per spin, and it varies between 1 and 10. The bet scale ranges from 30 cents to 6 euros.

The central characters of the story, Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah, are in a central position on the reels, and the other symbols are playing cards, as usual from many other slots. What about the special symbols? We will delve into them next.

Play Immortal Romance slot

Functions of Immortal Romance

In Immortal Romance, wins are made from left to right, but they don’t have to be in a straight line. In this case, the right to a win is, for example, a pattern where the leftmost symbol is at the bottom, the second symbol from the left is one notch higher and the rightmost symbol is on the top row. In other words, the winning combinations are formed quite freely, and there are 243 ways to win. symbols win as long as there are enough of them from the left edge.

As always, the winnings in this game are of varying sizes. The biggest win in the base game is made with the help of five scatter symbols. The second-biggest win requires five Immortal Romance symbols, and the following wins come from five Sarahs, five Michaels, five Troys, and finally five Ambers. In addition, five cursed mansions, five books and candles and five of each of the same playing cards entitle to winnings.

The Scatter symbol is a large golden lion with the word scatter. You will notice in the blink of an eye what at least three scatters entitle you to, but in fact, with just two scatters you will be on the winning side.

Immortal Romance slot features

Immortal Romance's wild symbol

The wild symbol of the game is the Immortal Romance picture. In other words, the game logo is a joker that replaces all other symbols and helps in the formation of winning combinations.

The symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, and several of them can be visible at once. The formations can also appear diagonally, different from the traditional straight line, so one wild is usually enough to win. More wilds are guaranteed to get the brass in the mouth!

Immortal Romance slot wild

Immortal Romance - bonus round

We already told you what you get with two scatters, so now it’s worth paying attention to the situation if there are at least three scatters.

Scatters practically mean free spins. In order for the free spins to fully follow the most special quality line that Microgaming has chosen for this game, you do not know in advance the number of spins you will receive. It’s because you have to make a choice. Each character has its own free spins, and the player’s task is to choose the option with which he believes he can access the best winnings.

  • Amber free spins function: The smallest number of free spins, i.e. only 10 spins. However, a fivefold multiplier is applied to each win, so the amount swells in the eyes.
  • Troy free spins: Choose Troy and get 15 free spins. You won’t know the multiplier right away, but there will be one after each win. The multiplier is revealed by bats appearing on the reels and one of the symbols turning around to show the multiplier.
  • Michael free spins: Michael entitles you to 20 free spins. After each win, there are falling reels. This practically means that the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones. If these form a new winning combination, you win more. The function continues until there are no more profits.
  • Sarah free spins: Sarah gives the highest number of free spins, i.e. 25 spins. These spins are accompanied by wild wines cruising across the reels, which fly towards additional winnings.

There will be an extra bonus round.

  • Wild lust: Lust plays such a central role in this game that the name of the bonus round is no surprise.

The round starts unexpectedly, and when it does, the player gets a free round. But it first requires you to have brought out at least one random wild roll. Sometimes there are two wild reels, and at the time of the full moon – which, admittedly, happens extremely rarely – up to five. This function is quite rare, but it is very welcome when it hits.

Immortal Romance slot bonus

Immortal Romances mechanics

The free play option included in the slot means that you can enjoy the romance without having to invest money. Playing for free is nice, but I have to admit that it doesn't match the real money gaming experience.

Game Manufacturer: Microgaming
Maximum bet (€): 6
Minimum bet (€): 0.60
Free play option: Yes
Immortal Romance on mobile

Although Immortal Romance has been available at online casinos for a long time, it only became available to mobile players in January 2017. Previously, it was only available as an Android version at certain casinos, and the mobile game required a download at the time. Nowadays, playing is easy on any device.

It's a medium volatility game, so wins are hit relatively often. The Chamber of Spins round is what can increase the account balance significantly.


Little did Microgaming know when they named this game that it would indeed become immortal. Gambling games come and go, but Immortal Romance has most obviously claimed its place in the hearts of countless players forever.

The engrossing story makes the slot interesting, but in the end, the fun of the game is everything. The eternal romance will certainly continue into the future with Mr Green as well.
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