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While new game providers are entering the entertaining world of casino, already established ones are regularly releasing new slots. The variety of slots is huge, to say the least and is just continuing to grow. Even though game providers are competing with each other to make the most amusing, exciting and innovative slots, there’s one little thing they all seem to have in common. May it be famous musicians, popular movies or historic events, some themes are frequently reused by game providers – for good reasons! In the following article we will take a look at some of the most commonly used themes and why they are so popular and frequently used.

TV-shows and slots

There’s a huge selection of slots based on famous TV-shows and the game provider IGT is the creator of several ones. In their fun packed library of slots you’ll for instance find the animated and funny show Family guy. These are all very famous shows that most of us have heard of or seen and the slots are very much alike them in their design. In the slot Family Guy, you’ll for instance find the same ridiculous and entertaining atmosphere, with Peter, Stewie and the rest of the lovely crew telling funny jokes throughout the game. You’ll also play through three amusing bonus games based on the show and spin to the same music we love and recognize from the TV-nights.

Why the theme is a winning concept

For many of us TV-shows are a big part of our lives, which we associate with high entertainment. While some of us like to relax and laugh to a comedy show after a hard day’s work. We all have our personal favorites and when we find slots based on these, we of course would like to try them out and experience the same entertainment.

tv shows slots

Slots with movie themes

Another popular theme among game providers are famous movies, which NetEnt, Yggdrasil, IGT, Nyx and Scientific Games among others have released slots within. You’re for instance able to visit the fascinating dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.  No matter what slot with movie theme you decide to play, the music, background and symbols in the game will instantly provide you with the same atmosphere as the movies. In Jurassic Park you’ll find the same adventurous feeling.

Why the theme is a winning concept

Just like TV-shows, most of us regularly watch movies. We snuggle up in the couch, visit movie theaters and then talk with friends and family about what we’ve seen. Movies are simply an entertaining way to spend our time and is everywhere around us. Therefore it’s no wonder that slots are being based on these. If we like the movie, we probably like the slots as well!

movie slots

Music as a theme

Another theme that is very common to come across among slots is music, which NetEnt among others have released several famous slots within. You’ve maybe heard of or played the slots Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses or Jimi Hendrix? These are all slots created by NetEnt that have become a huge success among casino players. Not only do these games have numerous of exciting and entertaining features, but you’re also able to enjoy the lovely tones from songs created by these musicians. In Guns N’ Roses there is even a playlist which you can browse yourself and choose your favorite hit to listen to.

Why the theme is a winning concept

Even though TV-show and movies play a big role in our lives, it’s nothing compared to what music does. Wherever we turn and whatever we do there is music around us, which many times have a huge positive impact on our feelings. What could then possibly top enjoying the casino with slots that have the music we recognize and love listening to?

music slots

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Cartoon themed slots

How many times have we not seen a new release of a cartoon movie becoming a great success? The same way several game providers are using this formula of taking famous classics and turning them into new, entertaining slots. In this last mentioned slot you’ll find the same magical and fabulous atmosphere as in the movie, along with several entertaining and exciting features. On top of that you’ll enjoy visually stunning graphics and a world class music.

Why the theme is a winning concept

We have all been children glued to the TV whenever a cartoon movie was being shown. Considering the numerous classics many of us have been growing up with, it’s no wonder at all that game providers copy the entertainment that we have long been familiar with and given us hours and hours of pleasure.

cartoon slots

Historical themes

Even though historical themes are very commonly used among game providers, we probably don’t pay attention to this as much as we do with the previously mentioned themes. More or less all game providers have created one or several slots with a historical theme. A mythology which NetEnt also has created a game based on, which is the jackpot slot Divine Fortune. There are also numerous slots based on the history of Egypt, where Play’n Go’s Book of Dead has become a great success. The selection of slots based on the history of Central- and South America is huge as well. Scientific Games masterpiece Montezuma for instance belong to this category as it’s based on the Aztecs.

Why the theme is a winning concept

In school we have all learnt about several historical events, which make these historical themes familiar to us. Even though familiar, most of these events happened very long ago which also give  the slots a mysterious and exciting feel about them. This combination of familiarity and mystical thrill is very appealing to many of us, making this a winning theme.

historical slots

Find more themes at Mr Green

In addition to the mentioned themes, there are several others to be found with plenty of games within each category. In Mr Green’s huge selection of games you’ll for instance be able to find slots with a sports theme, wild western themed slots, space and science fiction based ones, slots with an Asian theme and slots centered around gold and riches. This is just a few of the themes you’ll find and no matter what you’re looking for, you can be sure that there are several games that will suit you perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin and go check our slots out!

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