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Hold on to your hat and strap on your satchel as you delve deep into the uncharted rainforest on your search for the long lost shrine of BIG WINS in Temple Quest. Unearth the ‘Chest of Fortune’ and claim the untold riches up to 20,000 times your stake. A treasure temple of Free Spins awaits…

How to play Temple Quest

Temple Quest video slot takes you on a journey through verdant rainforest with 40 paylines laid out over 4 reels and 3 rows. A colourful and vibrant game with colossal symbols that give you huge wins along with some profound bonus features.

Just like the rainforest itself, there is much to what this slot has to offer. Temple Quest features the three classic symbols - Q, K and A - it also throws in glittering green emeralds, Honduran birds, ancient relics, and an all-substituting Wild for good measure. As if the base game wasn’t lush enough, there's gigantic symbols that further add to the excitement. These mega icons can cover up to four icon positions, equal in height and width.

Now, let’s journey deeper into the game and focus on the captivating bonus features. First off, you have the three different mega scatter symbols: Free Spin, Treasure Temple, and Chest of Fortune. Each with its own individual bonus feature. If you get any of the mega scatter symbols, you will active the appropriate bonus feature.

How to play Temple Quest slot

Temple Quest features

Temple Quest offers up some massive scatter symbols that reveal the path to tremendous wins. The symphonic sounds of the jungle play in the background as the reels rattle when the mega scatter appears. While all winnings from normal symbols pays from the left to the right, the mega scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the slot to activate. However, you will only activate the amount of symbols of the mega scatter symbols that are on the reels.

There are three mega scatter symbols to look out for; Free Spin scatter, Treasure Temple scatter and Chest of Fortune. The Free Spin is something you might be familiar with in other games. For each icon position the Free Spin symbol appears in, will grant you a Free Spin token. Getting the whole 4x4 symbol visible on the reels gives you 16 Free Spins. You can re-trigger the Free Spins at any time.

The ancient temple in this game holds a tantalising Chest of Fortune feature which reveals hidden chests holding winnings between x80 and x20,000 your coin value. You get a treasure chest for each of the icon positions the Chest of Fortune appear on.

You initiate the Treasure Temple feature when any of the mega scatter princess symbols appear on the reels. The princess of the Amazon awards you with a key for every icon position the symbol appears on up to 16 keys. Every key unlocks hidden gems valued between x40 and x4,000 the stake per line.

Temple Quest slot features

Treasure Temple

The Treasure Temple is undoubtedly the most intriguing bonus feature in the game. There are 4 different sizes of the Amazonian princess scatter - from 1x1 position to the gigantic size of 4x4, giving you up to 16 keys to free vast treasures. Once you get one of these symbols, it takes you to the bonus feature. Here you will have to spin the wheel of treasure to unlock prizes between x40 and x4,000 the stake.

Temple Quest slot wild symbols

Temple Quest in-game bonus features

Temple Quest has a lot to offer in terms of in-game features and the base game is very entertaining in itself, but we all know that getting the bonus features really give you the big wins.

Free Spins feature

The Free Spin mega scatter symbol awards you instant Free Spins, the amount depends on how many positions on the reels the symbol covers. During the Free Spins, reel 1 has normal symbols while 4×4 mega symbols populate reel 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Chest of Fortune

Activate the bonus feature by hitting the Chest of Fortune mega symbol. The mega symbol turns into smaller treasure chests for you to choose from. If you’re lucky, you might end up with a satchel full of gold and take home £20,000.

Treasure Temple

Just can’t get enough of this astonishing in-game feature? And rightly so; when the potential is getting £64,000, then this feature is truly worth unearthing. Initiate this thrilling bonus feature by obtaining one of the four mega scatter symbols of the Amazonian princess.

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Temple Quest- Conclusions

Temple Quest lets you discover the secret treasures of the Amazon temple. A rainforesty theme with mega scatter symbols that will surely leave you astounded with winnings.

An enviromental friendly game full of <a href=”“>Mr Greens</a> favourite colour set in a 40 payline world of exotic animals, Amazonian princesses and treasure chests. This megalithic game really sets the bar high, and with big symbols, come big wins.

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