Mega Moolah Slot

Ever since he was just a young lad, Mr Green had always been fascinated with the African continent and its mysterious wonders. From the fantastic scenery and nature’s wildest animals, to millions in slot jackpots just waiting to be won!

How to Play Mega Moolah

Before taking to the reels, it's time to choose your stake. There are two things that you will need to take into account here. The first is the number of active paylines you want (1-24). The greater the number you choose, the more chances you give yourself to win. Of course, that also means the more you have to pay.
Secondly, you'll be asked to choose the number of coins you wish to stake per line. You can choose anything from 0.01 to 0.05, so those of you who don't want to play with high stakes can start small. Those who long for high Jackpots, however, should know that the higher the stake, you have a greater opportunity of winning one. It isn't rocket science!
Once you've made those two choices, a calculation is made (one is multiplied by the other) that tells you your stake before each spin.
There is another option, however. You could simply click on 'Bet Max', which means that you stake the highest possible amount. If you choose this option, you can stop it at any time.

Playing Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah features

Among the best and most notable features of Mega Moolah is the continually revolving four Jackpot levels: Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini (in descending order). They revolve due to the fact that they're Progressive Jackpots. In other words, as they continue to be played all over the globe, the amounts increase until a winner is confirmed.
Once they've been won, the winning amount will be reset at the original prize, from which point the progression begins again. The amount for each one begins for each Jackpot level as follows: Mega (£1,000,000), Major (£10,000), Minor (£100), and Mini (£10).
The online slot game is based around a Safari theme featuring wild animals you would likely spot on a jeep safari. Think giraffes, water buffalos, elephants, zebras, monkeys, antelopes, and lions. There are also the less adventurous yet safer playing cards to comprise the remaining symbols on the 5x3 reels.
Two animals mentioned above are key to your journey to great wealth. Let's discuss those here.

Features of Mega Moolah slot

Mega Moolah Wild

The Lion isn't called 'The King of the Jungle' for nothing. So, it's appropriate the Wild Symbol is none other than that very animal. If you find two lions on your winning paylines, that's 15 coins in our pocket. Find two and you've pocketed 125 coins, three gets you 1500, and you can let out your loudest roar if you find five, as that will give you 15,000 coins. This is called the Wild Jackpot.

The Wild does more than help you win. If you use it to act as another symbol to give a winning combination, it rewards you with 2x your winnings simply because the big, roaring Lion helped you along the way. So, unlike in real life, any time you see a Lion, your bank will thank you for it later.

Mega Moolah Wild Symbol

Mega Moolah in-game bonus features

Free Spins

Before we move onto the Jackpots, let's go over how else you can win big. There's a whole round of free spins, as tends to be the case with the majority of slots. With regards to how much you can win in this round, well let's just say the other rounds don't come close.
It's time to get that monkey off your back and onto the reels as you need the monkey symbol to trigger the Free Spins round. It's the game's Scatter and if you find three of them on your active paylines, you're rewarded with 15 free spins.

The Jackpots
We've talked about them earlier but just to recap: There are four Jackpots and they can give some really nice prizes. With regards to how you activate them, however, well it's just random.
You can find that you've activated them suddenly and once you have, you're prompted to spin a wheel that looks like something you'd find on a certain TV show.
The wheel features a number of segments, each with a different colour and each acting as one of the four Jackpots. The White segment represents the Mega Jackpot so that's the one you're rooting for. Of course, it's cash in the bank whichever one you get.

Mega Moolah Bonus Round

Mechanics of Mega Moolah

You can play Mega Moolah or all of Mr Green’s Online Slot Games on all mobile devices. You never know, you could be on a train home from work or enjoying a cup of coffee on your lunch break and suddenly you’re a millionaire. Of course, if you do win big, you might not even return from your lunch break unless you want to tell your boss what he or she can do with their job.

As Progressive Jackpots are so central to Mega Moolah, and the fact that they’re changing all the time and need actual stakes to be placed. As has already been mentioned, however, you can play with tiny stakes to get your feet wet.

You really can win big with Mega Moolah through Jackpots, the Wild Jackpots, and large payouts in the Free Spins round. It’s also true, however, that you can have a run of spins where you don’t win much at all. But that’s no different than any other high-volatile slot

Max Win (£): Unlimited thanks to the Mega Progressive Jackpot

Max Win (coins): Unlimited

Volatility: Medium


New slots are being developed all of the time. The fact is that some will last while others will disappear into oblivion. Mega Moolah has already proved its staying power and we can expect it to remain among the more popular slots for years to come. After all, who wouldn’t find appeal in a slot that provides enormous wins in one of three ways: Free Spins, Wild Jackpot, and Progressive Jackpot? That isn’t the only thing that attracts players, though- its user-friendly nature and eye-catching design go some way to justifying its incredible popularity around the world.

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