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One of the most prominent themes in Mr Green’s extensive game library is Ancient Egypt.

Ever since the first brick and mortar casinos sprung up, players have been fascinated by this period of history. This is unsurprising, considering how much mystery and intrigue shrouds Ancient Egypt. From its myriad of intriguing deities, such as Isis, Osiris and Horus, to the physics defying pyramids and sphinxes, there is plenty of scope for the theme to inspire a brilliant slot game.

One of the very best Ancient Egpytian slots available at Mr Green is Jewel Scarabs. This game has been developed by Red Tiger and it is based on the scarab. These beetles appeared on many amulets in Ancient Egypt and were symbolic of the sun god, Ra.

How to begin playing Jewel Scarabs

The first thing to note is the ‘STAKE’ button, located in the bottom left of the screen. Here you can adjust how much you wish to wager with each spin. Adjusting your bet on this popular online casino slot could not be easier, thanks to the up/down arrows that offer precise changes.

Selecting paylines is not necessary for this slot. Jewel Scarabs is a 5x3 reel game that features nine fixed paylines.

Next, let’s explain the ‘AUTO’ icon, located to the right of ‘STAKE’. This button is a powerful one, offering players several great features. Pressing it will give you the option to set a certain amount of automatic spins, from 10 to 100. In addition, you can toggle options to set a ‘loss limit’ which halts the auto spin process after you spend over a certain amount. With ‘AUTO’ you can also ‘Stop on win above’ which prevents you from spinning once you have won a set prize pot. The ‘Stop on Bonus’ feature is also handy.

Once you have set your stake and chosen your auto options, simply click the large yellow button - located in the bottom right of your screen - to start playing Jewel Scarabs.

How to get started with Jewel Scarabs slot

Symbols to Watch Out For

Red Tiger has spared no expense in fully immersing its players in the slot’s Ancient Egyptian theme. The backdrop features a stunning landscape, with pyramids and sand dunes glistening as the sun goes down.

The symbols used in the game are in keeping with the theme. All of them are based on classic Ancient Egyptian iconography, with four denoting high value and five making up a royal flush combination.
Some of the symbols include Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife; Bastet, the goddess of home, domesticity and fertility, who is depicted as a cat; and Horus, the falcon-headed god of the heavens.

The payouts for various combinations can be located in the paylines section of the slot. Make sure you keep a lookout for the scarab symbol as well, which is high paying and offers a string of other advantages.

Jewel Scarabs slot features

Jewel Scarabs - Wild symbols

Whenever one of your spins returns a scarab symbol, it is time to get excited. Don’t worry, they are easy to recognise with their jet black bodies and sheen.

Not only do they look great, they also give players a chance to win again, as they are capable of flying into another reel on the slot. This can then happen again and again, as long as the scarab ensures that the players win when they otherwise would have lost.

That is not the only advantage of the scarab either. They also act as scatters, triggering various bonuses and other special features in the slot.

Wild symbols in Jewel Scarabs

Bonus Features

Jewel Scarabs has two brilliant features that will likely have you coming back for more. The first is Golden Spins and the second is the Gamble Wheel. Find out more about both of these great additions below.

Gamble Wheel

After every winning spin with Jewel Scarabs, you will have the choice to try your luck on the Gamble Wheel. This is a prize ladder that increases in cash value with every step. The higher you go, the bigger the prize. However, as you progress, your chances of winning decrease. Your probability of scooping your chosen prize pot is denoted by the green area of the Gamble Wheel. Once you have selected your prize, simply press on the ‘Gamble’ icon.

Golden Spins

If your spin returns three scarab beetles, you will be rewarded with seven free Golden Spins. While you are using these free bets, the scarabs are locked into place on the reels. As you use these spins, you can also collect more scarabs.

The winning multiplier for each that participates in a winning payline will increase by one each time a new scarab is added. There is no restriction on how high your multiplier can go! For instance, two wilds with a value of x2 and x3 would increase your winning payline by x6. This can lead to massive payouts.

Jewel Scarabs slot bonus features

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Jewel Scarabs slot game - Final conclusion


Here at Mr Green, we have games to suit everyone’s needs, but Jewel Scarabs is a particularly popular title.

Featuring a unique, Ancient Egyptian theme and packed full of interesting features, it is easy for less experienced players to pick up and play.

What’s more, Jewel Scarabs gives Mr Green’s users a chance to win a payout of over 5,000x. This makes it one of the most entertaining, yet simple to understand, games in our entire library.

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