Gonzo’s Quest: The Search for Eldorado

One of the most important online slot games of recent years has been Gonzo’s Quest. This is because of the incredible graphics of the game – something which has redefined the slot experience and made it more akin to a top-quality video game – as well as the industry-first game features it revealed. The game was released in 2010 and was the first “platinum” game produced by NetEnt – a nod to the games outstanding graphics and gameplay, which included the now famous ‘Avalanche’ feature.

How to Play Gonzo’s Quest

Playing the adventure themed Gonzo’s Quest is very simple. The game is played over five reels with three rows and features 20 fixed paylines.

Prior to spinning, players need to select what Level they want to play at (1 to 5), plus the coin value. These two numbers will be multiplied together and then multiplied again by 20 (the number of fixed paylines) to produce your bet per spin. When you are happy with this amount, just press the big green spin icon found centrally at the bottom of the game screen.

The icons will then drop from your screen (rather than the classic “spin”) and will show any winning lines. If you do have a winning line, these winning icons will then drop off the reels and allow other icons to fall in their place – which effectively acts as a free spin. What’s more, for every consecutive winning payline you get, the game’s famous Avalanche Multiplier comes into play. Once you’ve pressed spin, the first winning line is at the normal x1 multiplier level, but the first lot of replacement icons will have a x2 multiplier. If these are then replaced by more winners, this will increase to a x3 multiplier, while a x5 multiplier comes into effect if you again win.

The minimum bet per spin on Gonzo’s Quest is £0.20 (coin value 0.01 x Level 1 x 20 lines), while the game’s maximum bet per spin is £50 (coin value 0.50 x Level 5 x 20 lines).

How to Play Gonzo’s Quest slot

Gonzo’s Quest Features

The stunning success of Gonzo’s Quest can be attributed primarily to two main game features: the game’s graphics and, secondly, the Avalanche Multiplier.

The computer-generated animation featured in Gonzo’s Quest really is something to behold, with the Gonzo character constantly moving and entertaining in the corner of your screen as you play. This game really did redefine the standards and expectations for future online slot games.

Likewise, the Avalanche Multiplier was a massive innovation from NetEnt in this game and has since been adopted by main other titles. In essence, the Avalanche Multiplier gives players the feeling of a lot more value for money for each spin they make and it provides the feeling of getting regular free spins.

Of course, the game also has some other special features and symbols, such as the game’s Wild symbol and Free Falls symbol, which we’ll discuss in the following sections.

Gonzo’s Quest Features

Wild Symbols on Gonzo’s Quest

No slot is complete without Wild symbols and Gonzo’s Quest is no different. Wild symbols on this game come in the form of a silver icon with a gold question mark at the centre of it.

These symbols can replace any other symbols on the reels to create winning lines, although they won’t replace Free Fall symbols. Like many other online slots out there, finding Wild symbols are key to successful play.

Wild Symbols on Gonzo’s Quest

Bonus Features on Gonzo’s Quest

The two main bonus features of the Gonzo’s Quest are the Free Falls bonus round and the ongoing Avalanche Multiplier which runs throughout the game.

Free Falls Bonus Round:
If three Free Falls symbols appear on your reels at once, you’ll trigger 10 Free Falls (AKA Free Spins), giving you 10 chances to win without spending a penny.

What’s more, you can actually trigger further Free Falls during the bonus round itself – which can lead to some seriously big wins, while the Avalanche Multiplier also remains active during the Free Falls round.

Avalanche Multiplier:
Undoubtedly one of the game’s biggest attractions is the Avalanche Multiplier. This feature runs throughout the normal base game and gives players the chance to win multiple times from single spins, with prizes being multiplied the longer they go.

The biggest win line from each spin will see those icons drop off the screen and be replaced by new symbols – giving players the chance to win again, with the multiplier increasing for every consecutive win.

Bonus Features on Gonzo’s Quest slot game

Game Mechanics: Gonzo’s Quest

In terms of the Game Mechanics, you can take a look at some of Gonzos Quests statistics and numbers below.

Max Win (coins): 2500 

Max Win (£): 125,000

Min Bet(£): 0.20

Max Bet (£): 50

Return-to-Player Rate: 95.97%

Volatility: Medium-to-High

Free Play Option: Yes



It goes without saying that Gonzos Quest is a modern classic in the world of online slots. It has redefined the standards and expectations of slots and has inspired a new range of more innovative features, better storytelling and vastly improved graphics.

The games Avalanche Multiplier feature is extremely satisfying and equates to the feeling of frequent free spins. Likewise, free spins (or as the game calls them Free Falls) can be triggered at any point by finding three Free Falls symbols across the reels.

Simply put, Gonzos Quest is one of the most enjoyable and best online slot games around.

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