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IGT's Cleopatra takes us back to the golden age of slots when you could understand what they're about without having to read paragraph after paragraph of details and losing your will to live. With its beginnings rooted in real-world slots, this is a game for the retro-minded, with its simplicity also providing the perfect option for those who are just starting out with Mr Green slots.

How to play Cleopatra

There's no easy way to explain why slots and ancient worlds continue to make the perfect marriage. In fact, an explanation may not even exist beyond “just because”. There have been plenty of slots inspired by Egypt, Rome, and Ancient Greece over the years so there must be something to it. It could well be the mystique that surrounds these worlds that provokes our intrigue. Or it could be that they tend to have the kind of wealth that we can only imagine.

Anyway, it is what it is. In this one, fitting in with the game's theme, you'll see a well-clothed man to the left of the reels, with Tutankhamun's mask on the other side. You'll be left in doubt in which ancient civilisation you're playing in.
The first thing you'll need to do in this game is determine the per-spin amount you're comfortable staking. To do this, you'll need to state your desired number of active lines (anywhere from 1-20 are available), as well as the amount you wish to pay per line (between one and 1,000 coins). If you put the two together, it tells you that you can play for a minimum of £0.20 per spin, with a maximum of £200.
Once you've done the preliminary work, you're free to start spinning. Those of you who have spent a sufficient amount of time on the slots will recognise the game's old-school quality when you see that you aren't given an opportunity to play a set number of spins via Autoplay. If you're that experienced, however, you'll know that the spin button is all part of the fun.
The slot assumes a 5-x reel format.

Cleopatra slot logo

Cleopatra features

Unless you're Indiana Jones, you're unlikely to know what the various symbols here actually represent. But let's keep things as basic as possible. There's a Lotus, an extremely attractive Cartrouche, a dung beetle, a shepherd's crook, and an 'Eye of Ra', which is used for repelling evil spirits.
There are also used card symbols that seemingly all slots include. Oh, and then there are those special symbols. More on those shortly.
The volatility is low to medium range which means that wins should occur on a regular basis, as opposed to being a game that provides a large but only occasional windfall.

Cleopatra slot features

Cleopatra Wild

Not wanting to sound predictable but the Cleopatra Wild Symbol is Cleopatra herself. No prizes if you managed to guess that one correctly.
As with any respectable slot, you can swap the Wild symbol with any other symbol you want, the Scatter excluded. The game does the hard work for you by figuring out the best way to use the Wild symbol in order to present you with your best combination.
If your winning combination includes a Wild, it's instantly doubled simply because the Wild was present. If you somehow managed to get five consecutive Wilds, you'll win the Jackpot. Of course, the odds of that actually occurring are less than Elvis making his Vegas comeback (or anywhere, for that matter). However, at least one Wild does give you a realistic chance of matching five symbols.
If you experience a run of bad luck (a few consecutive spins and no win in sight), having a 200% payout can really put you back in the game. And that's without the best part of Cleopatra: free spins.

Cleopatra slot wilds

Cleopatra in-game bonus features

There's just one symbol that has thus far managed to elude us: the Sphinx. Anyone who's ever had any interest in Ancient Egypt will be familiar with it. Here, however, it's interesting for a different reason: it's the Scatter.
If you secure two of these, you'll double your stake immediately. If you get at least three, you're on fire as you'll be taken to the free spins round, with 15 free spins to enjoy. This is where you can really see your bank explode.
You see, every time you win in the free spins round, you get three times the amount that you would in a normal round. You don't need to have a PhD in maths to figure out that just a few of those can see you really start to build up your winnings.
You can even re-trigger your free spins up to 180. I don't wish to get your hopes up on that, however: it happens once in a blue moon. Let's face it, though: 15 is sufficient enough to ensure that the bonus round gives you a nice big treat.

Cleopatra slot bonus

Mechanics of Cleopatra

Cleopatra sits among the easier-to-understand slots available from Mr Green, thanks to its retro vibe. In fact, that retro vibe has gone very much in the game’s favour, as it appeals not only to those who enjoy real-world casinos and are still finding their way around online casinos but also those who enjoy simplicity. If anyone thinks that retro is a synonym for dated, it should be pointed out to them that Cleopatra is available on almost all mobile devices and still very much in line with technology. So, get out your smartphone and start spinning. Or you can do it in the luxury of your desk or couch by perching your laptop on your, well, lap, if you want to. Oh, and if you feel like you want to get to grips with the game before putting your money at risk, simply go ahead with the free version.


Max Win (£): 10,000x your line bet

Max Win (coins): 10 000 coins per payline

Max Bet (£): 200

Min Bet (£): 0.20

Return to player: 95.02%

Volatility: Medium

Free Play available: Yes



If you enjoyed playing slots back in the day or you’re just curious as to how they were back then, Cleopatra is ideal. However, if you’re a tech geek who only enjoys the latest games, this really isn’t for you. Cleopatra is a well-developed slot that spares the fills and provides just the features you need. If you can live without those thrills, you’ll have a good time without being overindulged with Ancient Egyptian gobbledygook.

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