Tier et Tout strategy

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Tier et Tout is a very interesting and highly entertaining strategy to use at the roulette tables. It offers the possibility to quickly reach large profits, while the losses can be easily controlled and never have to escalate. The strategy may however be considered to be a bit demanding as certain calculations have to be made and possibly also certain results written down. What these calculations are and how Tier et Tout is applied at the tables we’ll tell you all about in the following article, along with the background of the strategy and what the pros and cons of using it are.

The background of Tier et Tout

Tier et Tout is a strategy that is said to have been invented in the mid-19th century by a Spanish casino legend by the name Thomas Garcia. This man tried out several different roulette strategies, whereas Tier et Tout became his favourite one, which isn’t to any surprise seeing how he at a start had a great success with it.

At his first visit to the Homburg Casino in Germany he managed to win 240,000 Franc, which is about 220,000 Euro with the current exchange rates. Two weeks later he once again returned to the casino and managed to win another 500,000 Franc. Even today this would be huge amounts so imagine how much this must have been worth in the 19th century.

Garcia didn’t visit the casino again until a year after. Considering his previous success his hopes were probably sky high, but the results weren’t as positive this time. Garcia didn’t only end up with losing all of the money he had brought with him, but he also lost money that he borrowed at the spot. After that visit Garcia was never again seen at the Homburg Casino.

Tier et Tout

How Tier et Tout works

Tier et Tout is a strategy that is very easy to learn, but requires a bit of math to apply. It’s best used on bet alternatives that give double the stake back, such as even/uneven number or red/black colour.

When using Tier et Tout you would first have to decide an amount you would like to start with. This amount will decide what stake your first bet will be. The amount you choose should be divided in three, where your first bet will be at a stake of one of the thirds. If you choose an amount of £9, your first bet will be £3. Should this bet become lost, you’ll then place a new bet with the remaining two thirds, which would mean that you would bet £6 in this example.

Every time you win, whether it’s on your first or second bet, you’ll end up with a new amount that should always be divided by three. This is followed by a bet of one of the thirds, where the remaining two thirds are only used if the first bet was lost. This sequence is always repeated and therefore you’ll never be able to place more than two bets maximum with the amount you have.

how Tier et Tout works

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When you reach an amount that can’t be divided by three, you should round it off and divide an amount that can be. Whatever is left from what couldn’t be divided should be put to the side as a profit. Let’s illustrate this with a starting amount of £9:

Round Amount 1/3 2/3 New amount Can it be divided? Profit put aside
1 £9 £3 £6 £12 Yes £0
2 £12 £4 £8 £16 No £1
3 £15 £5 £10 £20 No £2
4 £18 £6 £12 £24 Yes £0
5 £24 £8 £16 £32 No £2

Regardless if you win on the first or second bet the new amount will always be the same. If your starting amount is £9 and you place a bet of £3 and win, the new amount will be £12. Should the first bet of £3 become lost and you have to bet the remaining £6, a win will still result in a new amount of £12.

As you can see on the second round, the new amount of £16 wasn’t possible to divide by three and therefore £1 was put aside as a profit while £15 was divided. On the fourth round, we reached a new amount of £24 which could in fact be dived by three and therefore nothing was put aside. This is not set in stone, but if you would prefer it it’s possible to set aside a profit here as well. In such a case, the profit set aside would preferably be increased for every round. See the below example:

Round Amount 1/3 2/3 New amount Profit put aside
1 £9 £3 £6 £12 £0
2 £12 £4 £8 £16 £1
3 £15 £5 £10 £20 £2
4 £18 £6 £12 £24 £0
5 £21 £7 £14 £28 £4
6 £24 £8 £16 £32 £5
7 £27 £9 £18 £36 £6

If you choose to use the Tier et Tout strategy this way, the profit that is put aside will become a lot higher. At the fifth round, we have already reached a profit of £10, which is £1 more than the amount we started with. Using the strategy this way is at the cost of the total amount not increasing as rapidly, seeing how we put aside a lot of the money that would otherwise be used to bet with.

how Tier et Tout works

Pros and cons

The goal with Tier et Tout is to always have a winning round within two bets. Should you lose two rounds in a row you would have to start over with a new amount, which is the obvious downside to the strategy. There’s a 25% risk that two losing rounds will occur in a row, which is very common. Another negative aspect to Tier et Tout is that when the strategy is applied to online roulette, it’s more or less required to use some kind of document where calculations of how much should be bet and put aside are made.

On a more positive note, the benefit of using Tier et Tout is that high profits could be reached very quickly and if you decide to put a lot of profits aside like in the second table illustrated above, it doesn’t take that many winning rounds to reach a profit that’s the size of the starting amount. Should you just reach this point, you’re then only betting and risking the casino’s money.

TierTout pros & cons


Tier et Tout is a strategy that very well manages to combine the possibility of winning big, without having to risk too much. With that being said, the fact is that it only takes two losses in a row to lose the starting amount, which will happen very often and is an obvious downside. To minimize the risk of losing the entire budget, it’s therefore recommended to choose starting amounts that are only small parts of the total budget.

The big advantage of the strategy is that it has the potential to generate very good profits and that it with a little bit of luck doesn’t take that long to reach a point where you’re only betting with the casino’s money. When playing online the strategy can however be a bit demanding as calculations have to be done and profits separated from the total amount. Tier et Tout is therefore best fitting for those who would like an interesting roulette experience, who are willing to lose their starting amount many times over for the potential of winning big and don’t mind making calculations during their session.