Roulette strategies

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Roulette is an incredibly popular game that dates all the way back to the 18th century. Since its creation, numerous people have tried to come up with unique strategies to beat the house. Many of these strategies are yet today being frequently used and some still even believe that it’s possible beating the house with them. Unfortunately, this is not possible as all of the strategies have their own weaknesses, which in the end gives the house the upper hand. There are however other good reasons to use these strategies, such as making the online roulette experience a lot more interesting and entertaining. Follow us as we take a deeper look at several of these strategies and reveal their pros and cons.


Martingale is one of the most popular strategies, which in theory could actually beat the house. In this strategy you’re supposed to double the stake on every loss and reset it to the original one whenever a win is achieved. In theory this is a bullet proof concept, but in reality there are limitations that make it fail. Find out what these limitations are and learn everything about Martingale in this section.

Martingale strategy


The Paroli strategy is also commonly known as reversed Martingale as the purpose of this strategy is to double the stake on every win and reset it to the original one on every loss. The strategy is based on the assumption that winnings and losses come in streaks, in which this strategy would maximize the win when the table is hot and minimize the losses when the table is cold. How many times should you double your stake? That’s the million dollar questions with Paroli, which you in this section can read all about.

Paroli strategy


D’Alembert is a very simple strategy where you on every win and every loss should change the stake by one. On a loss you increase it by one, whereas you decrease it on a win. The point of the strategy is that whenever you reach the same amount of winning and losing rounds, you’ll for certain have made a profit. How well does this work in reality? Find out all about that and much more in the following section.

D'Alembert strategy

Tier et Tout

In this strategy you’re supposed to win within two bets. The amount of money you have should always be divided in three, where the first third of the money is being placed, followed by the second third if the first bet was lost. When the amount can’t be divided by three, you divide the highest possible amount and put the rest aside as a profit. As long as a win is achieved within two rounds, Tier et Tout works perfectly. The question is how long it’s possible to succeed with this? In this section we’ll tell you all about it.

Tier et Tout strategy


Labouchere is a very interesting and different strategy. In this you’re supposed to write down a sequence of numbers. Bets are then being placed based on the outer numbers of this and with every loss you add another number to the sequence, whereas you remove two on every win. The goal is to have all of the numbers removed, which if successfully done will result in a profit that is equal to the sum of the original sequence. Sounds interesting enough? Check out this section and we’ll teach you everything about it.

Labouchere strategy

The Hollandish

The Hollandish strategy strategy is similar to Martingale with the benefit of being less of a risk. In this strategy you’re always betting in series of three. If your balance is ever lower than it originally was after a series, the stake is increased and a new series of three begins. This is repeated until the balance is higher than it was from the beginning as the bet is then reset to the original one. In this section you’ll learn how much the stake should be increased by and every little detail about the Hollandish.

Hollandish strategy

Oscar's Grind

Like the Paroli strategy, Oscar’s Grind is based on the assumption of winning and losses coming in streaks. In this strategy winnings are achieved by increasing the stake on a win when not being in profit. On a loss the stake is always unchanged. Whenever a profit to the sum of the original stake is achieved, the stake is then reset to the original one. There is one important exception to the rule of increasing the stake, which you’ll learn about in this section.

Oscars Grind strategy

Kavouras Bet

Kavouras Bet is a unique strategy with distinct differences to the others. The strategy has many times been described as being chaotic as a big betting pattern of numbers is supposed to be placed all over the table. It might be many bets to place, but an advantage with Kavouras Bet is that winnings happen more oftenly than with previously mentioned strategies as more than half of the table’s numbers are covered. How the betting pattern looks like and how much to bet will be revealed in this section.

Kavouras Bet strategy

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