Roulette games – traditional and new versions

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Is there anything better than the thrilling feeling washing over once the ball has been dropped, excitingly waiting for it to reveal the results? Roulette is a several hundred-year-old game that is as entertaining today as it was when it was first created. The most common versions of the game are European, American and French, which are all very alike to one another, but have some differences that play a big role. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at these differences, as well as what new, interesting versions of roulette there are, such as the possibility to win large jackpots and trigger bonus games.

European roulette

Apart from American casinos, European roulette is the most common version to come across. The table is made up by a grid that has an inside and an outside. On the inside, you’ll find 37 different positions to bet on, which consist of the numbers 0-36. Of these numbers 18 are red, 18 are black and 1 is green, which is the zero. On the outside, you’ll find 12 other positions, where 8 of these are various combinations of numbers and the other 4 offers the possibility to bet on red or black colour and even or uneven number

European roulette

American roulette

American roulette is very similar to European, but with the difference that the table has a total of 38 numbers, where the 38th one is a green double zero (00). The game has its origin from Europe and reached USA through French immigrants at the end of 18th century. The American casinos weren’t too fond about the game as they thought that the house didn’t have a big enough edge. Therefore they added the extra double zero, which is how American roulette was created. As the payouts in the European and American roulette are exactly the same, this added position gives you a lower theoretical payout percentage (RTP) when playing the American version.

american roulette

French roulette

This version of roulette is commonly, but wrongly so, mixed up with the European version as casinos don’t always offer the alternatives on the French roulette tables that should be there. Even though the design of this table is very different to the European version, both tables have the exact same numbers and betting alternatives. The big difference with French roulette is two rules that are called “En Prison” and “La Partage”, which should apply on every bet that gives a payout of 1:1, such as even/uneven number or red/black colour.

“En Prison” states that if the ball lands on the green zero the stake won’t be immediately lost, but this will stay on the table for another spin and if that next spin is won, the stake will be paid back to the bettor. If “La Partage” is used, half of the stake will instead be paid back to the bettor if the ball lands on the green zero. These rules are in favour of the player and gives the house a lower edge than the European version, hence a higher theoretical payout percentage (RTP) to the player.

french roulette

Live roulette

Live Roulette is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an interactive and authentic experience of roulette from the couch at home or while travelling. With the use of high definition cameras in a real casino and a player chat, it’s possible to interact with the lovely dealers and other players at the table while placing bet from the computer or a mobile device. Just like visiting a real casino, you’ll be able to see when the wheel is spun and everything else that happens, which creates a true and authentic roulette experience.

live roulette

Triple Bonus Spin roulette

On the most common roulette versions, such as European, American and French, the highest possible payout is 35:1 (35x the bet size). To up the excitement and offer the possibility for higher payouts, some game providers have created their own roulette versions with a jackpot included. IGT’s “Triple Bonus Spin roulette” is an example of such a game, in which it’s possible to win as much as 12,000 times the stake. Apart from the usual bet alternatives, this version of roulette has a double and triple zero, as well as a bonus position. Should you have a bet placed on this bonus position when the ball lands there, you’ll be taken to a special tripple wheel where you can win incredibly high amounts.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

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Double Ball roulette

Double Ball Roulette is a unique version of roulette that is played with two balls instead of one. For bets placed on the inside grid (numbers 0-36) only one ball would have to hit to win, while bets placed on the outside grid (i.e red/black) requires that both balls hit. As the odds in this version of roulette is different from the normal ones, the payouts are also different. Just like Triple Bonus Spin, this version also offers a jackpot, although a bit lower one. If a bet is placed on a jackpot number and both balls hit this number, a payout of 1200 times the stake is won.

Double Ball roulette

Monopoly roulette: hot properties

Monopoly Roulette: hot properties is a highly entertaining version of roulette that offers a monopoly theme and a bonus game. The table has the same inside and outside grid as normal roulette, but beneath the red/black position is an added square called hot properties. If a bet is placed and the ball lands on this, a bonus game will be triggered. In this you’re taken to a monopoly board with 18 different cards of properties ranging in value. You’ll get the choice to pick a certain amount of these cards being faced down and will then be offered the average value of these. You can either take the win or choose to pick new cards. This is repeated until the offered value has been taken or until there’s only one card left, which will then be the winning amount.

Monopoly roulette

Roulette with slot based side bets

Should you be a fan of both slots and roulette, then why not combine the two? Mr Green offers a few different tables of roulette that are played like the European version, but also have slot based side bets. You’re able to find sizzling hot roulette, lucky lady’s roulette and dolphin’s pearl roulette, which are all based on video slots from the game provider Novomatic. In these versions of online roulette, you’re able to place side bets on symbols from these games, such as cherry, orange and grape. Whenever the roulette wheel is spun, another wheel consisting of these symbols will spin as well. The right hit on these slot symbols can pay as much as 80:1, which is a nice addition to the normal bet alternatives.

Roulette slot side bets

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