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Baccarat is the perfect table game if you’re looking for simple entertainment at its best. With easy to learn rules and without any advanced strategies that can be applied, all you have to do is to place your bet, sit back, relax and enjoy the gameplay out.

To get the highest level of entertainment, playing baccarat in the online live casino in the UK is the best option. You’re then able to experience the same authentic atmosphere as you would by visiting a real land based casino. You’ll be greeted by real dealers that will talk with you throughout the game, play on real baccarat tables and share the experience with other people.

High definition cameras are capturing everything that’s happening in the casino, which you’ll be able to experience through a high quality video stream wherever you are. It’s the perfect way to combine comfort with an authentic experience of baccarat. You’ll find Evolution Gaming as one of the live baccarat operators, which is a great one with many years of experience in the live casino industry.

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Evolution live baccarat

Evolution Gaming is a company that was one of the first in offering a platform for live casino, which they did in 2006. Since then they’ve expanded quite a bit and nowadays offer several different table games in an authentic casino environment, where baccarat is one of these.

All of their games provide a high quality experience, which has ensured them the position as the leading operator within live casino. They’ve won several prizes, such as being awarded the title of the best live casino operator of the year seven years in a row.

Don’t know how to play Baccarat? Read our handy Baccarat guide to learn the rules of the game.

When you’re playing live baccarat at one of Evolution’s tables, you can expect the following:

  • Professional dealers
  • A chat to talk with the dealers
  • An easy to use interface with different options
  • Stream with a high definition video quality
  • Sound that is perfectly synchronized
  • Statistics over previous round results
  • Game history
  • Support for up to four tables played in the same window
  • Mobile support for portrait and landscape view

If you like baccarat, you’ll love the authentic baccarat experience that Evolution Gaming provide!

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Live Baccarat FAQ: Your Baccarat Questions Answered

How to play live baccarat online

Live baccarat online is the perfect form of simple entertainment. Baccarat is played across three different sections to place bets on; the dealer, the player and tie. Before any cards are dealt to the table, the player must place a bet if they think that the dealer or player will win, or alternatively if the deal will be a tieThe dealer will then deal two cards from a number of decks to each of the players and house. After both cards are dealt, the value of the two cards are added together. The aim of live dealer baccarat is to obtain the hand that has the sum closest to 9 in order to win.


How does the rule of the third In live baccarat work?

In live baccarat, if the sum of two cards dealt equals less than 5, then the player or dealer will be dealt another card. This third card will not be dealt if the two cards total is 6 or 7. If the player or dealer’s hand totals 8 or 9, then no third card is dealt and the hand is deemed a win – or a tie if the dealer also has 8 or 9 points.The online baccarat live dealer plays to the same rules as the player, so if the player opts to take a third card, the dealer can decide whether to take a third card too.”


Is there detailed played history for live baccarat?

Detailed played history for live casino baccarat results is available on most titles. This shows the player the previous play in order to help them develop their live baccarat strategy.”


What are the different rule variations?

The different rule variations within live baccarat online can be seen across Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer.Punto Banco involves the online baccarat casino permanently acting as the dealer, meaning the player’s only responsibility within the game is to bet on either the dealer, a tie or player. It’s the most simplified live baccarat demo.Chemin De Fer sees the ‘dealer’ change throughout the game between the players.This variation is played with multiple ‘players’ within which one is the dealer (or ‘banker’), and the others are called the ‘pointers’.The dealer will begin by deciding the bet they want to place, to which the players can decide if they want to challenge the dealer for this bet. It’s possible for players to pull their bets to challenge the dealer together. While the dealer only plays against one player, that player’s hand can represent various player’s bets. If the player who has the right of the dealer loses, the next player to their left will become the dealer for the next round of live baccarat.

What are the different deal types?

There are two different deal types within live online casino baccarat which are found within speed deal and regular deal. Within speed baccarat, each game only lasts for around 27 seconds where, due to the fast paced nature of live dealer baccarat casinos, each bet must be placed within a 10 to 20 second timeframe. This type suits players who wish to achieve live casino baccarat results quickly.Regular deals take a little longer with each hand taking around 50 seconds from start to finish.”

Are there any live baccarat bet limits?

For live online baccarat, maximum betting limits can range from £200-£3000 depending upon the type of table you choose to play.

Where can I play the new version of baccarat online?

Players can play new versions of live baccarat online within live casino online at Mr Green. Just head to the live casino menu on the Mr Green site or mobile app, where you’ll find the best online live dealer baccarat options.

Guidelines to play live dealer baccarat casino in online

Were you looking to play baccarat online for real money? To play live dealer baccarat online for free or for real money, simply access the live baccarat section of the Mr Green site, or download our mobile app. This means you can play baccarat online or on the go anywhere, at any time – all you need is an internet connection.

Can I play baccarat online with friends?

Yes! While you can’t play games such as slots within live online casinos, live baccarat does give you the chance to play on the same baccarat live casino table as others.

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