Steam Tower slot available at Mr Green

Here’s a pretty unusual slot in plenty of different ways. For starters, the Steam Punk theme is a somewhat rare one at Mr Green Casino, or any other Casino, for that matter. The way the free spins work is quite unique as well, as we’ll see in a little bit. And all in all, it’s a slot that will probably split players down the middle. You’ll either think it’s a fun and quirky game you’ll quickly get the hang of. Or you’ll decide it’s not quite right for you.

Playing Steam Tower

Fans of NetEnt slots will be familiar with the set-up regarding wagering. Adjust the level up and down (1-10) and then alter the coin value (0.01 to 1) in order to get to the stake that suits you. If you’re the hard-hitting sort of player, you can always just click the Max Bet button in order to place the highest possible bet on your next spin at Mr Green Casino.

You can also choose to make use of the Autoplay function. It allows you to choose a certain number of spins to be played automatically in a row and if you use the Advanced Settings, it allows you to set limits on those automatic spins. So, if for example, a win was more than 100 CAD or your bank decreases by 50 CAD during the automatic spins, they will come to a halt if that’s what you decided in advance.

Playing Steam Tower slot

Features of Steam Tower

It’s a 5×3 reel slot. We mentioned Steam Punk already so let’s explain what it means. It’s a type of science fiction that has a historical setting and normally features steam-powered machinery rather than cutting-edge technology. In other words, it’s science fiction set in the past and in this case, Victorian times.

Mr Green slots are full of themes and in this case, it’s a pretty simple story that’s happening in the reels and it goes something like this: the game’s hero who wears a top hat, aviator goggles and carries a nifty climbing device using a hook, is trying to save a damsel in distress who’s at the top of the Steam Tower on the 16th floor. Except she’s being guarded by a… Dragon. Obviously.

You get to save her if you manage to get to the top floor of the Steam Tower but not before you’ve slain the dragon. More on that in a bit.

There are 15 paylines active at all times and in addition to the usual playing card symbols, there is also the hero, the damsel, the top of the Steam Tower and the Dragon. Interestingly, it’s the dragon who’s the highest paying symbol, not the hero.

Features of Steam Tower slot

Steam Tower Wild Symbol

The Wild is the hero’s hook, which he uses to climb up the Tower. It can appear anywhere on the reels, substitutes for any other symbol and probably shows up on the reels every seven or eight spins.

The Wild also plays a big part in the free spins round, as we’ll see in a second.

Steam Tower slot Wild Symbol

Steam Tower Bonus Round

In addition to being a regular high-value symbol, the man/hero can also appear as a Stacked symbol, essentially acting as the Scatter. It can appear anywhere on the reels but will only trigger the free spins if he’s occupying the whole reel; if it’s just 1/3 or 2/3 of the reel, you won’t be getting the free spins.

You get 10 of them and start the round on level 1. The free spins will then begin and in addition to looking out for same symbols in a row to get you wins, you’re also looking out for that Wild. Or more to the point, you’re really looking out for the Wild.

That’s because it does three things. For starters, it acts as a Wild here again and substitutes for any other symbol to help you form wins. Secondly, it gives you an extra two free spins each time it appears. And lastly, it moves you up a level each time you get one.

The higher the level you’re at, the bigger the Multiplier that is applied to your wins. At levels 1-3 the Multiplier is X2, at 4-6 it’s X3, at 7-9 it’s X4 and then the big Multipliers really start to kick in. At levels, 10-12 it goes up to X5, levels 13-15 get you a X6 Multiplier in action and if you get to the very top it’s the maximum of X7.

Getting to level 5 or 6, which comes with a 3X Multiplier, normally gives you a win of roughly 50x your stake, which isn’t bad at all.

If you get all the way to the top, which is understandably easier said than done, you kill the Dragon, free the Damsel in distress and walk away with a 1000-coin reward…multiplied by the level of your bet. Presumably, you also get to walk away with the girl.

Steam Tower Slot Bonus Round

Steam Tower slot mechanics

This slot is available at Mr Green Casino on any mobile device of your choice, plus desktop of course.

It can be classed as a low to medium volatility slot. That’s because it’s one of those games that gives you plenty of regular wins in the base game. Activating the free spins isn’t that difficult but it’s not often that you get past level 6 or 7 so securing yourself a huge win from a one-off visit to the free spins round doesn’t come around that often. Hence it is a low-to-medium volatility game.

  • Max Win ($): 300,000
  • Max Win (coins): 300,000
  • Max Bet ($): 150
  • Min Bet ($): 0.15
  • Return to player: 97 %
  • Volatility: Low/Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes

Final conclusions

It’s nice to have a slot with a bit of a story behind it and this one certainly does. The graphics and symbols are nothing if not a bit weird, so kudos to NetEnt for deviating from the norm.

Getting to the free spins round is always an exciting experience because of the huge potential that lies in wait for you but then again, getting to actually slay the Dragon and release the Damsel only happens once in a blue moon.

But aside from that, the regular wins keep you interested and it’s refreshing to just have something so different to what else is out there.

Play Steam Tower