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While online casino games are based on luck, you can find out the amount of money you are likely to win on a given game. Every casino game at Mr Green Online Casino has a return-to-player ratio, from slots to table games. RTP odds dictate the percentage of the money you could win from your stake. Discover what RTP is and how to calculate it in the online casino games available at Mr Green.

What Is RTP?

Every time you play a slot game or roulette in an online casino, the odds are stacked against you. Instead of crying foul, you need to understand return-to-player odds and their impact on casino payouts. Can you imagine a casino game with players having an edge over the house? Everyone would turn to the profitable game until the casino closed down. To avoid huge losses, casinos always have an advantage over the player expressed as the return-to-player percentage. Whether you play slots or table games like roulette, baccarat and poker, the casino has an advantage. That doesn’t mean you won’t win a couple of times, but if you play continuously, the house edge kicks in.
The RTP percentage represents the amount rewarded to a player from all wagers played. The value is calculated from the total stakes, and the amount returned to players. For example, in a slot game with a return-to-player percentage of 98%, it means you are likely to get $9.80 when you wager $10. RTP is mostly beneficial for the casino, but players also benefit from knowing the value. If you are a casual player, the thrill of an online casino game at Mr Green may be enough for you. However, for avid casino gamblers, RTP gives them a fairer chance of winning and getting more value from their gaming investment.

Important Things To Highlight About RTP

Return-to-player odds apply to casino games in online and live casinos. Whether you are playing slots or table games, like roulette and baccarat, knowing the RTP can help you maximize your win potential at Mr Green Casino. It is crucial to remember that RTP is an average figure on the possible payout of the game and doesn’t guarantee success in a casino game. The value is based on thousands of rounds of gameplay, and short-term gaming may not produce accurate results portrayed in the RTP. Some of the quick facts about RTP include:

  • RTP odds indicate the game’s average payback rate.
  • RTP is displayed as a percentage of the amount players are paid out on average.
  • RTP is calculated from a high number of games and spins.
  • A good RTP value is above 90%, while a great RTP is 97% for slots and 99% for table games.
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What Is the Difference Between RTP and House Edge?

The return-to-player percentage and house edge go hand in hand. While the RTP shows the average amount paid to a player, the house edge reveals the amount paid to the casino. For instance, a slot game with an RTP of 98% has a house edge of 2%. House edge is commonly used in table games to represent the amount that the casino keeps as profit. In casino games with different variants and changing rules, expressing the return to the player as a house edge makes it easier for the casinos to determine the payouts. For instance, in a game like roulette at Mr Green, the variations and the rules can change the house edge from 0.55% to 0.45%.
A good example is the roulette game with the American and European variants. The American roulette has 38 pockets, while the European variant has 37. The differing number of pockets leads to a noticeable contrast in the house edge. This is why American roulette has an RTP of 94.74%, while the European roulette variant has an RTP of 97.30%.

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How To Calculate RTP

Calculating the return-to-player ratio involves dividing the total money paid out to a player and the total wagers from the player. The total money staked by the bettor is the sum of the initial wager placed on a game by players, while the total money returned represents the net wins on the game within the same period. RTP odds are displayed as a ratio or percentage value. For example, if a game pays out $9,500 and the total amount wagered by the players is $10,000, dividing the two figures gives an RTP of 0.95. When the figure is represented as a percentage, it becomes 95%.
The return-to-player percentage is usually calculated over a million games to determine an average value of the RTP odds. When the game offers advanced features like multiple paylines, the process of calculating the RTP becomes complex due to the underlying factors. When calculating the RTP, the game’s volatility is also considered to determine the allowable tolerance above and below the return-to-player ratio. When only a handful of games have been played, the tolerance will be wider, but the tolerance decreases as the volume of play increases. After a considerable duration of play, the actual RTP will be closer to the theoretical RTP provided during game development.
Like Mr Green, the best online casinos with hundreds of slot titles will display the RTP odds. This gives players the option to choose a game with a higher potential payout. Some slots with the highest RTPs at Mr Green Casino include Mega Joker from NetEnt with 99%, Ugga Bugga by Playtech with 99.07%, Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt with 98.0% and Rainbow Riches with 98%. Slot games with big jackpots always have a lower RTP.
While RTP odds are associated with slot games, you can also calculate the return-to-player ratio of other table games. Table games usually have a higher RTP value that fluctuates based on the game variation and the player’s skill level. For instance, baccarat has an RTP of 98.94%, but individual bets can have higher or lower RTPs. Blackjack has diverse RTP due to the changing game rules in different variations. Online blackjack games at Mr Green may feature a 99.5% RTP or 98.8%, depending on the number of decks and the rules.


What does RTP mean in slot machines?

The return-to-player value represents the payouts a player can expect to win from a slot game. The ratio indicates the probability of winning a particular online slot based on previous wins. Before playing a slot title, reviewing the return-to-player ratio is crucial to determine the amount you are likely to win. For instance, a slot title with a return to player of 96% indicates you can win $96 for every $100 wager.

What overall percentage do slot machines generally payout?

The average return-to-player percentage for slots ranges from 96% to 97%. That means you can enjoy generous payouts if you are lucky to land the winning combination on the slot machines at Mr Green Casino. When playing slot games, make sure you check the slot’s RTP on the game’s paytable. Some slot titles have RTP values closer to 100%, giving players regular payouts. Slot machines with lower RTP ratios are likely to throw a huge jackpot figure. Hence, most players will not enjoy the satisfaction of regular, small payouts.

Is the RTP value publicly available for any slot?

When you are looking for a slot game’s RTP, the easiest way to find it is online. In most online casinos, the return-to-player odds are available in the game’s info. Developers also display the RTP odds, which means you can find the value online. The regulations governing online casinos’ licensing mandate that they publish the RTP or house edge for slots and table games provided on the site.

Is a higher RTP slot always better?

Theoretically, choosing slots with a higher RTP gives you a higher payout than choosing lower RTP odds. For short-term players, the return-to-player value may be inconsequential since you are only looking for the excitement of playing a slot game or spinning the roulette. However, casino gaming fans benefit from higher RTP since it gives them a fairer chance of getting a higher payout. The RTP value boosts their winning rate, but players should consider the game’s volatility.

Are RTP and winning frequency connected?

RTP value doesn’t guarantee a win in any game. When playing slots at Mr Green Online Casino, look at the volatility and win frequency alongside the RTP value. The hit frequency denotes how often you are likely to land a winning combination, while the RTP shows the amount you are likely to receive from your wager. When a casino game has a high RTP, the volatility of the game and win frequency will dictate your chances of winning.