Rise of Olympus

Prepare to walk amongst the gods with the power and wonder of the Rise of Olympus. Powered by game provider Play’n GO, here you can ascend to greatness with a game that offers five reels, five lines, and endless bonus features. With Zeus, Hades or Poseidon by your side, win up to 5 000 times your bet!

How to play Rise of Olympus

Start your rise by deciding to wager between $0,20-to-$100 on every spin. Once you’ve chosen the amount, click the green spin button to the right of your screen. If you’d rather play hands-free, click on the smaller, orange spin button just to the right to open a window filled with Auto-Play options.

While Rise of Olympus offers five rows and five columns of spinning symbols, you only need three (or more) matching symbols in a row horizontally or vertically to win. With every victory, the godlike symbols disappear, but the multiplier meter on the screen’s left side increases. However, the multipliers must rise within that round as the meter resets on the next spin.

Among the harps, Hades helmets, Poseidon tridents, and Zeus lightning, the most high-value symbols are the faces of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon themselves. You receive 10 times your bet for five matching gods on a payline. But 5x your bet is still yours if you line up any five.

To better understand the payouts for individual wins on a payline, click the blue-and-gold “i” on the bottom left for a complete breakdown.

How to play Rise of Olympus


With the game centred around Greek Mythology, the graphics in Rise of Olympus transports you to one of three locations, based on which god stands to the right of your screen: If it’s Hades, you’ll be in the fiery underworld. If it’s Poseidon, it’s the deep ocean. And, of course, you’ll be in the clouds above them all with Zeus.

With shifting scenery, lightning strikes, waves of water, and flaming skulls at the fingertips of these Olympians, this slot does an impressive job of making every spin feel like a superhero blockbuster. Toggle the sound on (the sound icon at the very bottom left of the game) to add music and sound effects to your experience.

Rise of Olympus slot features

Wild symbol

The symbol that can substitute for any other in the game is the Wild – a Golden Horse. It can help you form winning lines and multipliers, or if you line up five Golden Horses overall, you’ll win 50x your bet – the highest in the game.

Rise of Olympus slot wild symbol

Bonus features

Every god in Rise of Olympus brings its own unique twist to every bonus in the game, making every feature something powerful and supernatural.

Hand of God

The Hand of God is arguably the most spectacular feature in this online casino slot, and it’s random! The bonus feature activates after a non-winning spin, and each god gets a chance to display his divine power. Each time you unleash the Hand of God, the next god in line will take his place on the right side of the reel.

Because each god has a unique ability, you’ll receive a special trigger to create winning combinations:

  • Zeus: The god of sky and thunder shocks and destroys two sets of symbols.
  • Poseidon: The god of the sea creates untamed waters by summoning up to two Wilds.
  • Hades: The god of the dead and king of the underworld uses his dark power to transform one set of symbols into another.

Wrath of Olympus

Command Olympian fury by activating the Wrath of Olympus trigger for a free round. The circular meter on the left divides into three sections that must fill in one spin to claim its free-spin rewards.
Any combination of the three gods fills a single section. Four gods fill two. Five fill all three. Once filled, a free spin unlocks where the gods take turns performing their Hand of God feature for more coins, wilds and symbols!

Free Spins

When you clear the reels, you’ll activate the powerful Free Spins feature and have the choice of choosing between offers from Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. But choose wisely. Fewer free spins mean higher risk but higher winning potential:

  • Zeus: Eight Free Spins and a chance to recharge two more.
  • Poseidon: Five Free Spins and a chance to recharge three more.
  • Hades: Four Free Spins and a chance to recharge four more.

During Free Spins, the Hand of God feature is still active, but the multipliers don’t reset and could grow to a maximum of 20 times!

Rise of Olympus bonus slot trigger

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Rise of Olympus Game Mechanics

There are numerous mythology-themed slot games in cyberspace. But Play’n GO has developed a slot that uses the best elements of modern gaming to put Olympians’ power on full display.

Rise of Olympus is fully playable on your mobile device, tablet, or straight from your desktop. Here’s a statistical breakdown of the game players should take note of:

  • Max Win ($): 1 000 000
  • Min Bet ($): 100
  • Max Bet ($): 0,20
  • Return to player: 96,50%
  • Volatility: Medium-high
  • Free Play available: Yes


Unique, fast-moving and graphically intense, Rise of Olympus has all the elements for timeless entertainment.

The gameplay maintains interest with endless energy and rarely a static moment. The graphics are intense, popping with flashes of colour and changing visuals. With numerous bonus features and an engine that provides wins both horizontally and vertically, there are tools to ascend to exciting new heights. Give it a spin!

Play Rise of Olympus