Cleopatra MegaJackpots slot available at Mr Green

If you think you’ve seen this slot before, it’s probably because you have. This is an upgrade on the original Cleopatra slot that was first available in land-based casinos and then went online.

And if you like this slot, with its Cleopatra theme and easy-to-play characteristics you might as well play this version rather than the original. After all, why not give yourself a chance of nailing a huge Progressive Jackpot if it’s there and at no extra cost?

There are a few small differences and we’ll come to those in a second but essentially, it’s just a richer version of the first one.

Playing Cleopatra MegaJackpots

As with any slot, the biggest decision you need to make is how much you want to be wagering per spin. You determine that by deciding firstly how many lines you want to be active (1-20) and then how much you want to be staked per line. Multiply the two together and that will then give you your wager per spin.

There’s no Autoplay function here but then again, you don’t really need it. It’s more enjoyable to play slots by having your eyes glued to the action than just having it on auto-pilot and not really seeing what’s going on.

The slot uses the 5x 3-reel format. The symbols are ones you’d associate with Ancient Egypt. Of the regular symbols, the most valuable ones are the Dung Beetle and the Locus. In each case, you’d win 750 times your bet if you got 5 of them in a row.

If you have the full 20 paylines active, you’ll be surprised by how many different winning combinations can be formed.

In addition to the regular way of winning- same symbols in a line from left to right – you can also secure a win by having two Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. This will give you a win to the value of twice your stake.

Playing Cleopatra MegaJackpots

Features of Cleopatra MegaJackpots

There’s more to playing slots than just clicking spin and hoping for the best. One example of that is knowing when it’s worth your while playing a slot to give you the best chance of winning money and better still, the Jackpot.

The answer is you shouldn’t really play it too much while the Progressive Jackpot is at less than 500,000 CAD. That’s not a case of being greedy and not considering that an amount worth playing for.

Rather, it’s a case that the slot’s RTP is at its lowest then. Once the Jackpot reaches 750,000 CAD it goes up to 88.98%-92.02%. And when it gets to 1,000,000 CAD it shoots up further to an RTP of 93.03%. So, it really does make sense to wait till that Jackpot is significant; that’s just smart playing.

The usual mysterious music from the original is still there and the graphics remain a little old school in appearance but there’s enough colour to make it all look good and enough going on them to always keep you interested.

Features of Cleopatra MegaJackpots

Cleopatra MegaJackpots Wild Symbol

A slight change to the original version is that here the Wild is the MegaJackpots logo rather than Cleopatra herself.

But that doesn’t make a difference to what actually happens when the Wild appears. It will still help you to form winning combinations and any win secured with the help of the Wild will be instantly doubled.

This is a good way to secure consistent wins until you’re lucky enough to either hit the big Jackpot or be awarded with a bank-boosting free spins round. And speaking of which…

Cleopatra MegaJackpots Wild Symbol

Cleopatra MegaJackpots Bonus Round

Free Spins
If the Wild symbol changed from the regular Cleopatra game to the MegaJackpots one, then the Scatter didn’t. It’s still that classic reference to Ancient Egypt that is the Sphinx.

Get three of those anywhere on the reels and the free spins round will be activated. Any win you get during the free spins will be automatically tripled and if it’s done with the assistance of the Wild symbol, it will be multiplied by five.

It’s actually possible to re-trigger the free spins up to 180 times but it’s also very rare. And you shouldn’t need to rely on re-triggered free spins anyway; the 15 you get originally should be more than enough to secure you a decent pay-out.

Five Wild symbols on the centre reel and the Jackpot is yours. It sounds simple and it is simple and there’s no reason why it can’t happen to you.

Cleopatra MegaJackpots Bonus Round

Cleopatra MegaJackpots slot mechanics

You don’t need to be playing at home at your desk to become a Cleopatra MegaJackpots millionaire. You can take your shot at a fortune from anywhere because it’s available on mobile and just as good on the Smartphone of your choice as it is on your desktop.

This is a medium to high volatility slot where regular wins are secured with the help of the Wild but where activating the free spins round is a bit rarer than on other slots.

  • Max Win ($): Over 1,000,000
  • Max Win (coins): Over 1,000,000
  • Max Bet ($): 60
  • Min Bet ($): 0.40
  • Return to player: 88.98% – 93.03%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes

Final conclusions

If you like this slot it probably makes sense that you play this MegaJackpots version. It has all the benefits of the original Cleopatra one and of course the added advantage of having the Jackpot on offer as well.

It’s a slot that will appeal to those who enjoy medium to high volatility games where you know that activating the free spins round just once should make a considerable difference to your bank.

The graphics and gameplay are pretty simple but that’s just part of its overall charm.