Mega Fortune slot available at Mr Green

Starburst is probably the best-known slot in the world bar none but this is the one casino players probably talk about the most. Its millionaire theme is one of the reasons but maybe the bigger clue is in the fact that it’s known as the ‘Millionaire-Maker’. That’s because in keeping in line with the subject matter, it’s probably made more players into millionaires than any other slot. Ever. But it’s not just the appropriately-named Mega Jackpot that makes this game. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Playing Mega Fortune

Just like turning the ignition on in a car is the first step to driving it, so deciding on your stake is the first step to playing a slot. To the left of the Spin button is where you decide on the Bet Level you want to play (1-4) and to the right of it is how much you want the Coin Value to be (0.01-0.50) in this progressive jackpot slot.

Once you’ve got those two to what you want them to be, you’ve picked your stake for your next spin.

You can use the Autoplay function if you wish because it’s available here just like it is in just about every NetEnt slot. If that’s how you roll then great, but this isn’t the sort of slot where you do so and just wander about the living room clearing up and chatting on the phone while the reels are in motion. That’s because there’s always so much going on and so many different possible ways to secure a big win, if not necessarily a Mega one, that it’s almost a waste to take your eyes off the screen.

There are 25 active paylines with each spin you take.

Playing Mega Fortune slot

Features of Mega Fortune

We’ll come to the Mega aspect of things in due course but first, let’s focus on the Fortune side of things. This game is all about luxury, living the high life and splashing the cash so it’s no surprise that the symbols featured in it are related to that.

That means that the usual playing card symbols aren’t just Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces but rather those symbols displayed on a precious ring. The first two are silver the last two are predictably…gold.

Next in terms of value is the cigar and glass of whiskey (presumably pure malt) and then it’s a wad of dollar bills, the gold watch (we’re not endorsing other brands here but if we were it’s probably a watch company starting with the letter ‘R’) and finally the limousine. It’s a white number which seems to be the fashion these days and in addition to being the most valuable symbol of all, is also the only one where it’s enough to get just two of them rather than three to secure a win. In any case, getting five Limousines is the biggest possible win within the base game or free spins round. It pays out 1000x times your bet.

See those big numbers above the reels divided into three sets? They’re the value of the Rapid, Major and Mega Jackpots. The first is a tidy little sum, the second a win that makes a considerable difference to your life and the third…well the third is the sort of win that means you’ll never again have to worry about a grocery bill or the cost of a flight. Or any other sort of bill, for that matter.

How do you win that? Read on.

Features of Mega Fortune jackpot slot

Mega Fortune Wild Symbol

Speedboats aren’t just for champagne parties and for water-skiing sessions before a lobster lunch. Sometimes they’re also the Wild symbol in the game. Such as here.

The Wild symbol can appear anywhere and in addition to substituting for all symbols (except Bonus and Scatter) there’s another huge advantage to seeing it speed across the reels. Anytime you secure a win with the help of it, that win is multiplied by 5.

Considering there are plenty of Speedboats in action out there on those reels and that there are 25 paylines active, it’s easy to work out that should you get a couple of them on any given spin and you’re bound to have ‘quickly’ got up to ‘speed’ in terms of recovering your bank balance at worst or really boosting it, at best.

Mega Fortune slot Wild Symbol

Mega Fortune Bonus Round

Free Spins

Speaking of champagne parties, no one of those is complete without the appropriate Champagne glasses. The Magnum and glasses are the Scatter in this game and can appear on any one of the five reels.

Getting two of them will see you win double your stake but that really is peanuts compared with what getting three or more of them can do. At least three means you’re in free spins territory and before starting them you have a ‘pick-me-feature’ where your picks will lead to you being awarded with a certain number of free spins with a multiplier. Like with most things in life, you rarely get the best of both worlds. So, you generally either get lots of free spins with a low multiplier or not that many free spins with a higher multiplier. It’s hard to say which is best; you’ll have to discover that for yourself. The more Scatters on the screen generally means the higher the multiplier, by the way.

Getting five Scatters generally means an eventual payout of between about 40x and 100x your bet so if you’re lucky enough to stumble across those, you can start the process of uncorking that bottle.

Where this free spins round is pretty special is that getting two or more Scatters during the round itself leads to a chance to get more free spins and more Multipliers.

The Wheel of Fortune

We’ve saved the best for last. Here’s how you can win one of those three Jackpots.

The Bonus symbol is a big orange wheel of fortune with the word ‘Bonus’ on it – you really can’t miss it – and getting three of those on adjacent reels activates the round.

You get to spin the wheel which is actually divided into three wheels and if it lands on an arrow, you automatically win the amount of that Jackpot. In other words, if you landed on the arrow with your first spin, you not only win the Rapid Jackpot but have a shot at the Major one. Another arrow there and you’re onto the Mega one. Another arrow after that….and well…you’ve read enough newspaper stories on Jackpot wins to know what sort of you’ll be walking away with.

If it doesn’t land on an arrow you’ll always walk away with a decent cash prize, instead.

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Mega Fortune slot bonus

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Mega Fortune slot mechanics

The slot is just as good on mobile as on desktop, if not better. It benefits from the NetEnt touch feature so just choose your mobile device of choice and start spinning away wherever you are. You might just make a Fortune while waiting for a bus. Or a cup of coffee.

The game’s RTP is 96.6% and you can play it at Mr Green in Free Play mode. Although of course, you wouldn’t get a multi-million pay-out if you weren’t playing for real cash.

  • Max Win ($): 108,100 (not including progressive jackpot)
  • Max Win (coins): 21,620
  • Max Bet ($): 50
  • Min Bet ($): 0.01
  • Return to player: 96.6%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Free Play available: Yes

Final conclusions

Not the most beautifully designed slot you’ll ever see but a legend in its own lifetime, amongst slots. That’s because of the ability to turn normal people into the rich and famous more often than any other.

But what really sets it apart is that there may be just one way of taking home that mind-numbing amount of money but there are several ways of winning big amounts. Add to that the fun and exciting theme of a millionaire lifestyle and you’ve got a game that has players all over the world coming back for more.