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Slot games are the simplest casino games offered by gambling sites like Mr Green Casino. Underneath the simplicity, the games rely on complex slot mechanics to work. Slot machines have evolved over the centuries, and innovation is improving slot features. Read on to learn how slot mechanics work.

About Slot Mechanics

Slots started as three-reel mechanical devices played in brick-and-mortar casinos. With slot machines moving online, you can find electronic slots with animated symbols on HD screens. Online slots have elaborate themes and exceptional music. Modern slot titles at Mr Green casino rely on technology to determine the game’s outcome. For instance, a random number generator is used to determine the spins. The random number generator (RNG) sifts through various number combinations at high speeds by randomizing results. With RNG, you are guaranteed random results, eliminating the possibility of timing spins to win more money.

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The odds and return-to-player rates are also crucial when learning how slot mechanics operate. Developers program certain symbol combinations to occur more frequently than others. For instance, symbols that produce a jackpot will likely turn up less often than others. While the RNG ensures that each symbol occurs randomly, it doesn’t dictate the odds. The RTP indicates the overall payout percentages and is a culmination of all payout frequencies and odds. Real money slot machines and live casino slots have an average RTP of 96%, while land-based slots have a return-to-player ratio between 91% and 96%.
Learning the mechanics of modern slots is important to understand the bonus features that enhance the action. For instance, the expanding wild symbols, win multipliers, free spins and random wilds pump up payouts and are the key to a game’s biggest win. The randomness of slot machines also enhances your entertainment factor and keeps you on edge.

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Getting Started With Slot Games

Slot machines encompass a range of games with various features. Some slots have basic setups with five reels, fixed paylines and minimal bonuses, while other titles have exotic gameplay bursting with features, like Megaways slot machines. When you want to enjoy slot games, start by choosing the best title. Here are a few considerations to help you pick the best slot games at Mr Green Casino:

  • Go for your favourite developer: Casinos rarely create slot games but partner with the best gaming developers. You can start by choosing your favourite gaming developer and checking the slot titles they offer. For instance, if you like a specific style of graphics or mechanics that the developer uses, it could be your starting point for finding a slot title.
  • Read the paytable: Before playing a slot game for real money, look at the paytable, which displays the main symbols and features involved in the gameplay. The paytable shows the amount each symbol earns if you win and the symbols that activate bonus rounds. Browsing through the paytable helps you learn the game’s betting range, return-to-player ratio, maximum potential and key statistics. The bonus rounds will also be explained in detail so that you understand what happens when you hit the spin button.
  • Read slot reviews: Read reviews from other players before settling on a slot title at Mr Green. A detailed review of the slot features and payouts can help you choose the best game.
  • Play in demo mode: Many casinos allow you to play slot titles for free before playing for real money. You can get a taste of the online slot and familiarize yourself with the game’s play. Playing in demo mode doesn’t deprive you of any game features. You still enjoy the same experience but without winning real money.

When you have chosen the slot mechanic to use and checked the game’s paytable, you can decide on the amount you wish to stake and check the paylines. When you are playing slots, paylines refer to the order that the symbols must follow in a winning combination. You must match three symbols for most video slot titles to get a winning combination. When using a slot title with fixed paylines, you need to match the symbols starting from the first reel, from left to right.
In the simplest fruit machine slot game, one payline runs across the middle of the reels. In a three-reel slot, where each reel has three symbols, the payline is a straight line from the leftmost reel. That means if you hit a three-of-a-kind in the middle, you win. Most online slots have 20 paylines or more. That’s because the paylines in the machines are sometimes straight from left to right. While fixed pay lines still run from left to right, they use various paths. For instance, the winning payline may form a v-shape or a zigzag over the reels.
When you understand the paylines, playing online slots at Mr Green is straightforward. Decide on your bet amount and click the spin button for the game to start.

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Payouts and Odds of Winning

Slots are games of luck since they use random number generators. However, you must determine the win potential when choosing a slot title. The return to player percentage is a key statistic that helps you understand the winning potential. The RTP is the average amount players can get from a single game. For instance, if a game has an RTP of 97%, every $100 you wager gives you a chance to win $97 while the casino keeps $3.
Every game has an RTP provided by the developer, and the licensing company legally obligates them to reveal the RTP on the paytable. Slots also have various volatility levels. For instance, the game can be low volatility meaning the wins are relatively small, but the wins will roll in more frequently. The payouts and hit rate are set to a medium level in medium volatility slots. The wins are hard to come by when you are playing a high volatility slot, but you have a better chance of winning larger payouts.

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Understanding Your Slots

Different online slots have unique variations of features, and developers are constantly inventing new and exciting features for slot titles. Most slot games usually feature symbols with diverse payouts. Low-paying symbols are often playing card symbols displayed as numbers and card values. High-paying symbols match the game’s unique theme and contribute to the ambiance.

  • Wilds: The wild symbol is a common icon in slot games that features simple logos, depending on the developer’s imagination and theme. Wilds are used as symbol substitutions in slot titles to help you get winning combinations that would be impossible. They substitute for all paying symbols except special characters, like jackpot and scatter symbols. Some game variations have unique wilds that appear during the bonus rounds, like sticky wilds, spreading wilds and regular wilds.
  • Scatters: Most slot titles have scatter symbols, which are exciting symbols to look out for since they trigger bonus games. The scatter symbols award you free spins, depending on the symbols you collect. The game rules usually indicate the number of scatter symbols you need to land to activate the bonus feature. For most games, you require three or more scatters to get the free spins. Scatter symbols can follow the payline rules of lining up symbols from left to right.
  • Multipliers: In slot games, multipliers are win boosters that can double, triple or quadruple your winnings depending on the game’s rules. If the multipliers don’t reset between spins, they can increase your wins significantly in the bonus rounds.
  • Other special symbols: The symbols in online slots keep evolving, and new slot releases have something interesting to look forward to, like stacked symbols, sticky symbols and expanding symbols. The icons add more depth and excitement to the game.

In-game bonus rounds add dimension to slot games and increase your chances of winning. Bonus rounds are where the biggest wins happen, and various actions can trigger them. For instance, when you land scatter symbols, the free spins activate the bonus rounds. Depending on the game, you can win 5, 10 or 20 spins that trigger free spins. In some games, the bonus rounds repeatedly continue until you lose a game.

The Do’s of Slot Gameplay

When playing at online casinos, use the following strategies to play slot games:

  • Wager an amount you can afford to lose: When placing a bet on any online slot title, you should wager an amount you can afford to lose. Slots are games of chance, and since they are unpredictable, the chances of winning are minimal. You should allocate the money you can use recreationally to avoid regretting your losses. Sticking to safe gambling habits helps you appreciate the thrill of the gameplay.
  • Stick to slot machines with a high payout: When selecting a slot game, start with the potential returns of the slot title. The return to player percentage determines the amount you are likely to win. Stick to slot titles that offer better returns. Games with higher payouts help you extend your gaming sessions, and you can enjoy better overall wins.
  • Stick to your budget: Slot games are riveting, and you may spend a pretty penny to enjoy the thrill of the spin. You can control your hobby by setting a budget that gives you a chance to enjoy a healthy gaming session. Since slots have low minimum wagers, you can enjoy a few sessions of online slots without going overboard with your finances.
  • Check out the specific payout conditions: You should get a feel of what to expect in a slot title by understanding the payout conditions. For instance, some games require you to wager the maximum bet amount to trigger a jackpot. The paytable usually provides the conditions for payouts.

The Don’ts of Slot Gameplay

When playing slots, there are some decisions you should avoid, including:

  • Avoid chasing losses: When you have a bad beat, you should avoid trying to catch up to your losses. Losing a considerable amount can be hard to swallow, but you should wait until your luck turns.
  • Don’t play when you are tired: Slot games are enthralling, but you need to avoid playing in online casinos when you are tired. If you are exhausted, you will put less thought into your decision-making. Hence, you are likely to make the wrong wagering decisions or chase losses.
  • Don’t overlook demos: When trying new slot titles, test the waters with demos. When you do not pay attention to demos, you will likely make costly mistakes when playing for real money in an online casino.

Slot Mechanics FAQ

Are slot features and slot mechanics the same thing?

Slot mechanics determine the potential outcome of a slot game. They reveal how a slot machine works, which makes them behind-the-scenes features that indicate the game’s potential and the outcome of every spin. The mechanics use random number generators and payout percentages to ensure the game has fair results and that you receive a fair payout. The volatility rate also determines the frequency of your wins and the hit rate. Slot features make the game exciting. They represent the symbols in the game from low-paying, high-paying and special symbols in a game. They boost your winning chance since you collect the symbols to trigger the winning rounds.

How do slot features help you win?

Slot features are usually symbols and characters that enhance the game’s theme. The features can help you win a game since you collect the symbols to form winning combinations. When a game has special symbols like wilds, they improve your chances of winning by substituting for other symbols, increasing the possibility of landing winning combinations. Scatters trigger bonus rounds by awarding you free spins. Bonus rounds trigger jackpots, multipliers and more free spins, boosting your winning chances further.

Which are the best slots with features to play?

Game developers introduce new games regularly, and you can find various games that match your playing style and budget. If you want complex slot titles with intricate slot features, you can find them at Mr Green Online Casino. Slot games with intricate features can have varying volatility. Hence, you should compare the volatility and RTP when picking a slot title with diverse features. Some of the best slots with exciting features include Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and ThunderStruck II. You can also go for a laid-back classic slot game with fruit machines. The classic slot titles have few features. For instance, the games can have one special symbol, like wilds, but rarely have bonus rounds.

Do all slots have features?

All slot games have features. However, some slots have more features than others, depending on the game’s complexity and the developer’s innovativeness. Modern video slots and Megaways slots always have multiple features, from the cascading reels to the scatter symbols and multipliers. Slots have different reel setups that change the gameplay, but most classic slot titles retain the original gameplay. That means the classics with fruit machines rarely have more than one wild or scatter symbol. The minimal features in the classic are the reason behind the lack of bonus rounds.