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Ancient Egyptian inspired slots are a popular theme at Mr Green, continuing a trend that started in land-based casinos many years ago.

It’s tough to put an exact finger on the reason behind this fascination. Perhaps it has to do with the pantheons of the mythological gods Osiris, Isis, Horus and Anubis. Or maybe it’s the romanticized thought of the ancient Nile River running alongside the great pyramids and mighty Sphinx. Indeed, some players may dream of tombs, sarcophagi and the treasures they may contain.

Red Tiger Gaming has decided to break the mould, so to speak, as they bring players a fresh slot based on the scarab beetle, which symbolized immortality, transformation and resurrection.

How to get started with Jewel Scarabs

We begin our brief outline with the ‘STAKE’ button to the bottom left of the screen, which displays your bet amount for each round. Clicking on the button presents you with a range of betting options that start at $0.10 and climbs, at different intervals, to as high as $150. Scroll up or down to choose your desired bet level in this online casino slot.

As this is a 5×3 (reels/rows) slot with 9 fixed paylines, there is no need to worry about how many paylines to use.

The next button over is labelled ‘AUTO.’ When you click on it, you find a popup box that allows you to define the number of automatic ‘Total Spins’ you want. You have a range of choices, from 10 to 100. You can also set a ‘Loss limit,’ which kicks in when you’ve reached or exceeded a threshold. Likewise, there is also an option to ‘Stop on win above’ when you’ve reached or exceeded your defined limit. Finally, you have the opportunity to turn on or off the ‘Stop on Bonus feature.’

Returning to the bottom right of the reels, you can now press the big yellow button to start a spin and begin digging in the golden sands for scarabs and prizes of up to 5,245x total bet!

How to get started with Jewel Scarabs slot

Jewel Scarabs features

Not surprisingly, beyond the reels is an image of vast sand dunes and giant pyramids below a setting sun. The slot uses classic Egyptian symbols separated into 4 high value and 5 low-value royal flush symbols. The standard quality artwork includes the image of the god of the underworld Anubis, cat statue of the goddess Bastet, a falcon and the eye of Horus. The music is typical of what you find in a slot with this theme.

You can find the payouts for combinations of three or more (left to right) on a payline located in the payline table. The special symbol is the scarab, which is tied for the highest-paying symbol of 180 coins in combinations of 5. It’s got exceptional abilities as well.

Jewel Scarabs slot features

Wild symbols in Jewel Scarabs

The wild Scarab symbol is not only a powerful metaphor, but it’s also a powerful symbol. This power symbols comes from its strange ability to fly onto another space for an opportunity to win again. This action repeats provided that it forms a new win.

It is quite an experience to watch them flying, which is probably why the developer chose to make this insect the central focus of the game. The scarab beetle’s rich symbolic meaning to the ancient Egyptians compliments the symbol of Anubis and what he represented as the god of the Underworld.

You won’t be satisfied with just 1 scarab, and you’ll be praying for 3 as they also act as scatters!

Wild symbols in Jewel Scarabs

Jewel Scarabs bonus features

Undoubtedly, the best part of this slot is the Gamble Feature, and the Golden Spins with multiplier wilds. These two bonus features are probably the bare minimum you would want in a slot with only 9 paylines.

Golden Spins

The reason for wanting 3 scarab beetles is their ability to award you with 7 Golden Spins instantly. The triggering scarabs, each with a multiplier, lock in position for the remainder of the free spins. You can collect more scarabs as you spin the reels. The multiplier attached to a scarab that participates in a winning payline will increase by 1 every time. There is no limit to the size of the multiplier!

If a win has, say 2 wilds with a multiplier value of 3x and 4x, then your payline win is multiplied by 12x the paytable value. This can make for some truly untold riches!

Gamble Wheel

Finally, the Gamble Wheel is a feature that is activated after every winning round. It’s optional, so you can choose to bypass it and continue spinning. If you are brave enough, then you’ll find a win ladder with different cash values. The higher up the ladder you choose, the higher the potential cash win but, the lower your probability of winning. This win probability is illustrated by the green (win) area of the gamble wheel. Spin the needle by pressing on the ‘Gamble’ button to play.

Jewel Scarabs slot bonus features

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Jewel Scarabs Mechanics

  • Max Win (coins): 5,245x
  • Min Bet ($): 0.10
  • Max Bet ($): 150
  • Return to player: 94.66%
  • Volatility: High
  • Free Play available: Yes


There’s no end in sight for great slots here at Mr Green Casino.

Jewel Scarabs will particularly interest players who enjoy a high volatility slot based on ancient Egypt. The game is very straightforward to play, and while some might lament the shortage of features, others will appreciate the beauty of its relative simplicity. The Golden Spins feature with increasing multiplier wilds that freeze into place is ultimately what you will want to crack.

Slots come in all shapes and sizes, and the maximum payout of over 5,000x puts this one in league with other high risk and high reward games.