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Jackpot slots at Mr Green

Enjoy a huge variety of games with Mr Green’s jackpot slots. Our jackpot games give you the chance to play games from the top-branded online video slots. At Mr Green, you will find a huge choice of popular jackpot slot games from classic titles to brand new releases.
The word ‘jackpot’ has been associated with slot games for decades, but while the meaning has stayed the same, the jackpots have grown bigger. Jackpot slots come in different formats and there are a wide variety of themes available to suit all players. It is no wonder our jackpot slots are popular among players.

What is a jackpot slot?

Hitting the jackpot means winning the biggest prize available on any slot game. But unlike regular slots, Mr Green jackpot slots do not have a fixed jackpot prize. Instead, the jackpot grows as players stake more money. This reduces the chances of winning, but the size of the jackpot prize gets bigger.
Jackpot slots are also known as progressive slots. This is because the prize is flexible and increases every time a player makes a spin and does not win. The prize fund keeps growing until a player wins, at which point it reverts to a default amount and starts growing again.
Our jackpot slots can be standalone and linked to one game or linked to a network of other games across multiple casinos. The bigger the network, the bigger the potential winnings can be.
Jackpot slots can cost more to play than regular slots, and there is a limited choice of games. But if you want the chance to win the biggest prize pots, then jackpot slots are the games for you.
Mr Green’s jackpot slots can pay out in a variety of ways. One game might require you to match five symbols in a specific row, while another might require you to land a bonus spin or complete an instant game. But the games can be tough to beat and other players can grab the jackpot at any time.
The biggest jackpot games can have millions of players playing a network of games across hundreds of online casinos.

Different types of jackpots

There are three types of jackpots: fixed, standalone, local, network progressive jackpots and wide area progressive jackpots.

Fixed jackpots

A fixed jackpot game is a regular slot that has a jackpot amount that never changes. These games are non-progressive and pay out more often but with smaller prizes than progressive slots.
Once a player wins the prize, another player can win the same amount at any time. Fixed jackpot prizes can vary in amount from game to game and different game requirements trigger them.

Standalone progressive jackpots

Standalone progressive jackpot games are not linked to any other slot game or network. Each time a player places a bet on that specific game, a percentage is added to the jackpot.
As a result, the jackpots are not as large as in network-linked games (typically in the thousands – see below), but the chances of winning can be higher. These games are good for players who want a good balance of jackpot amount and winning potential.

Local progressive jackpots

Local progressive slots are also known as in-house progressive slots. These games differ from standalone slots because they are linked to other slot machines at the same casino. This means that there are more players adding to the prize pool at any one time, producing higher jackpots than a fixed jackpot or standalone slot.
The jackpots are in the medium range, but they are lower than the jackpots on network progressive slots.

Network progressive jackpots

Network progressive slots are when the same game or series of games is linked by a network across many gaming platforms owned by the same casino operator. This can apply to online or land-based casinos in the same region.
The amount of money staked across the network results in larger jackpots than local progressive slots. Only wide-area progressive slots pay out more than a network progressive slot.

Wide area progressive jackpots

Wide-area progressive slots offer the biggest prizes of all. The jackpots can reach vast amounts, but the chances of winning are much smaller. These games link to slots from multiple different casino operators in different regions. These jackpots can be linked to one game or a series of games with a similar theme.
Wide-area progressive slots are not in-house. Instead, a third party operates them and pays the casinos a percentage of the profits.

Jackpots in other games

It is not just in slot games where you will find progressive jackpots. Table games have embraced the concept too, often in the form of progressive side bets.
For example, video poker games often feature progressive jackpot bets. To qualify, you must stake the required amount as a side bet. A portion of each stake goes towards the progressive jackpot total. To land the big jackpot you need to hit a royal flush on the flop. You can also win a smaller jackpot by landing a royal flush, straight flush or four of a kind with at least a hole card.
Progressive jackpots can also feature in blackjack casino games via optional side bets paid out when players land certain card combinations. The actual combination required depends on the software developer of the game or the casino you are playing in.

Progressive jackpots at Mr Green

Play any slot games at Mr Green and you will have the chance to win prizes. Hit the progressive slots and the prizes and the numbers are even bigger. Here are two of the best progressive jackpot games you can play today.

mega moolah

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the best-known progressive slot games out there and you can play it at Mr Green. The original game is African safari-themed but there are other Mega Moolah titles with Americana, Egyptian and summertime themes.
No other game comes close in the size of payouts made each year. The Guinness World Records listed the game’s payout in 2015 as the biggest jackpot prize awarded by an online slot game.

mega fortune slot

Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune lives up to its name by having wealth as its central theme. The symbols reflect this theme, which features items associated with the mega-rich such as champagne, limousines, and jewelry. The game features a rapid jackpot, major jackpot, and mega jackpot, which are all progressive and start at different amounts.
The more people play, the bigger the jackpots grow. To win, you must unlock the bonus round by landing three bonus wheels. Only by spinning the bonus wheel will a player have a chance at the jackpot.

Jackpots FAQ

What are progressive jackpot slots?

A progressive slot is a slot game where the jackpot increases each time a player makes a bet until someone wins the jackpot. It then starts again at the default value. The jackpot can apply to a single game at one casino or to multiple games at one or more casinos linked in a network.

How to play progressive slots?

You play progressive slots in the same way that you play a regular slot machine. A percentage of the player’s stake is added to the prize pool. The games pay out less frequently, but the prizes are bigger than a regular slot. A player can win a jackpot by landing the required symbols to trigger a bonus game or by matching the correct symbols on a pay line.

What is the difference between normal slots and jackpot slots?

Regular slots have a fixed maximum jackpot that stays the same, even after a player wins it. Progressive slots have a flexible jackpot that keeps getting bigger until someone wins. The jackpot is then reset to its default value.