Play Jackpot Raiders at Mr Green

It is our delight to introduce the newest slot game from Yggdrasil, Jackpot Raiders. Yours to play exclu-sively at Mr Green Casino, Jackpot Raiders, as you might have been able to surmise from the title, is a play on the iconic film franchise Indiana Jones while also incorporating elements from the classic slot game The Book of Dead. Boasting a ton of fun and excitement, it’s pedigree is only matched by the numerous bonus rounds and storylines waiting to be discovered. Jackpot Raiders is the slot of 2019.

How to play Jackpot Raiders

To the left of the screen, you’ll find an array of settings that can be altered to fit your gaming preferences. From sound effects to ambience sounds, adjusting a paytable, incorporating the Autoplay function, and choosing the dimension of the screen ratio, you’ll find that everything is open to customization. Create the environment of your choice and rejoice in your own private gaming setup.

In this particular slot game, the number of active paylines is always 20. Nevertheless, the player is in full control of their stake per spin. Toggling the coin value up or down will allow a player to set their wager amount before every spin. At a max bet of 40 CAD, a player can autoselect this wagering amount by hitting the Max Bet button before a spin.

How to play Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders Features

Jackpot Raiders features eight different regular symbols with a Scatter symbol that we’ll talk about in more detail below. A winning combination is achieved when three or more symbols, all identical, are in a line from left to right.

While a norm in most slot games, Jackpot Raiders does not feature a Wild symbol.
At the start of a playing session, a player is awarded five treasure chest maps. The maps present a rare opportunity to unlock bonus features that could lead to interesting possibilities. Be prepared!

Jackpot Raiders slot features

Game History

A new addition, at least when compared to other slots, Jackpot Raiders features a Game History sec-tion within the settings that allows a player to evaluate their last 10 wins. A player will be able to view their wager amounts, time of play, and their win/loss record. That’s not all! Like a coach reviewing a game tape, replays are available of each spin, exclusively within the Game History.

Jackpot Raiders slot history

Jackpot Raiders Bonus Features

Think of the Scatter symbol as your own North Star. Look for the compass during gameplay and, if lucky, a player that’s able to line up all three symbols is in for the richest of rewards. Not to worry, getting two Scatter symbols is still fortuitous as well. Activating the Pick and Click Chest Game, four prizes become available for selection. They are:

Two Scatters

The Scatter symbol is the compass. You’ll soon find out what getting three of them does but getting two is pretty good as well. It will activate the Pick and Click Chest Game where you’ll win one of these four prizes.

  • 20, 40 or 80 coins.
  • 10 Jackpot Free Spins.
  • Treasure Hunt Bonus game.
  • 1 random map to add to your collection.

Map collection

At the start of a game, a new player will be awarded two Summit Shrine maps and one of each of the following: Highlandgate, Jungle Ruins, Desert Tomb and Templar Grave.

Appearing under the corresponding reel, the five maps have each been allocated to each of the five reels.

Once five identical maps have been accumulated, 10 Jackpot Free Spins are unlocked as a bonus. Furthermore, 1 starting gem is awarded.

Jackpot Free Spins

Regular wins are paid out with a 3x multiple, however, there’s a greater prize waiting to be claimed. If five gems of the same colour are collected, a player wins the entire Jackpot in one masterstroke.
During play within this round, Maps are not available for collections and Scatter symbols are not in play.

Treasure Hunt Bonus game

Triggered if a player gets two Scatter symbols, the Treasure Hunt Bonus game is activated when the Chest is selected in the Pick and Click Chest Game.

Once in, players can choose between either Sam or Bear as their avatars through the bonus round.

Like all stories, you reap what you sow. Sam is the big winner of the two, but her triumphs are few and far between. Bear is the more reliable candidate but fails to earn sizable prizes.

Once committed to an avatar, three chests are presented for selection.

  • Safe
  • Risky
  • Very Risky

Like some things in life, the riskier the bet, the higher multiple of success. However, a chance at winning a map, relic, or massive coin payout is undermined by the difficulty of opening the chests.
Each character has three attempts to cross the river and reclaim the chest. With three levels, the value of the prize, coupled with the difficulty of reclaiming a chest, increases as a player progresses.

Sunken City Free Spins

Unlocked by collecting 5 relics within the Treasure Hunt Bonus game. A bonus within a bonus, so to speak.

These free spins amount to big wins. A gargantuan 10x multiplier is applied to every line. Also, at the beginning of a round, players receive one of each of the five different gems. Again, if five are collected, the entire jackpot is claimed by the player.

Jackpot Raiders Bonus Features

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Jackpot Raiders slot mechanics

Before you go and tally up your potential winnings, let’s crunch some numbers.

  • Max Win ($): 164,000
  • Max win (coins): 4100
  • Max Bet ($): 40
  • Min Bet ($): 0.10
  • Return to player: 96.3%
  • Volatility: Low.
  • Free Play available: Yes

Jackpot Raiders is available to play on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Final conclusion

Another stroke of genius from Yggdrasil, Jackpot Raiders is a masterclass of a game that reflects all the hard work of the expert developers, graphic designers, and storytellers that envisioned this wonderous playing experience. With plenty of unique features, inventive storylines, and tantalizing prizes, it’s safe to say that players will be thoroughly captivated by the playing experience.

This is a release that’ll draw a strong and rambunctious legion of fans to Jackpot Raiders and the folks at Yggdrasil. Now available at Mr Green, don’t miss out on this life-changing journey!