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If you don’t mind a complicated roulette strategy when playing at Mr Green, you will love Tier et Tout. While it’s one of the most advanced roulette strategies, it is easy to learn. You may make a few calculations and take notes regularly. The calculations bring an added level of entertainment and constant interaction. Besides, it provides flexibility for the player to adjust the strategy. Tier et Tout is a positive progression system, and it minimizes the risk of losing significant amounts since you will wager using previous winnings. Therefore, Tier et Tout can yield good results within a short time.
With the versatility of the Tier et Tout strategy, you can use it in different set-ups where reward versus risk is adjustable. Aside from using it on even-money bets that pay 1:1, it also works quite well with bets that pay 5:1 or 2:1. That means you can explore safe outside bet options with a close to 50% chance of winning or test your luck with inside bets. The Tier et Tout system is suitable for anyone, but it is ideal for people wagering large amounts in online casinos.

What Is the Tier et Tout System?

Tier et Tout is a French phrase meaning apart and the whole. A legendary gambler, Thomas Garcia, invented the Tier et Tout roulette system in the 19th century. Garcia aimed to design the ideal roulette strategy capable of crushing the house at its own game. The roulette system gained traction with players after Garcia’s huge success at the Homburg casino in Germany, where he used the strategy to accumulate a profit of 240,000 Francs.

You can apply the Tier et Tout strategy to inside and outside bets of a roulette game, but most players apply it on even-chance propositions with lower risks. The strategy isn’t difficult to learn, despite the calculations involved. However, the high bankroll required and the complex calculations make it unsuitable for rookie roulette players.
The major selling point of the Tier et Tout system is the ability to make quick rewards while keeping risks at a minimum. The system doesn’t take long to grasp and can earn you decent profits with a win-to-loss ratio higher than 1:3.


How Does the Tier et Tout System Work?

Since most players use the Tier et Tout strategy when betting on even-money bets that pay 1:1, you should learn how to execute the strategy. Like other roulette systems, Tiet et Tout begins with you choosing the initial stake to wager. You have to choose a stake that is divisible by three, like $9. Next, you will split the stake into three parts, which you will use in two game rounds. Your first bet is a third of nine, which is $3. When you win the first round, you progress to the next step. However, if the bet falls through, you wager the remaining two-thirds on the next spin.

Whether the first bet was won and you move to the next step, or you lose and win your second bet, the balance is the same, $12. For instance, when you win your first wager of $3, you receive a total pay of $6. Since the remaining two-thirds of the wager is $6, the end balance is $12. When you lose the first bet of $3 and wager the remaining $6 and win, you will receive a payment of $12.
After a winning or losing streak, the next step is to divide the new balance into three parts. From the example, you split the $12 into three parts and wager the first $4, followed by $8 in case you lose the initial bet. The pattern will repeat itself until any of the scenarios below happen:

  • You lose both bets: When you lose both bets, the game is over. However, you can start the game again with a new stake that is divisible into three. You can repeat the same stake of $9 or go for a higher stake, like $90.
  • Hit the balance indivisible by three: When your balance is indivisible by three, secure some profits. The concept of the strategy is to wager the smallest number that gets you a number divisible by three and continue with the game. For instance, if your balance is $16, you can secure a profit of $1 and use the remaining balance of $15, divisible by three, to continue with the game.

how Tier et Tout works


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Here is a table that illustrates the Tiet et Tout strategy:

Spin Bet 1/3 2/3 Stake after win Divisible by 3 Action Profits
1 $9 $3 $6 $12 Yes No Profits
2 $12 $4 $8 $16 No Secure $1 1
3 $15 $5 $10 $20 No Secure $2 3
4 $18 $6 $12 $24 Yes No profits 3
5 $24 $8 $16 $32 No Secure $2 5

By increasing your wager and securing profits, you can recover the initial bet and start using the profits to play.

Benefits of Tier et Tout System

The major benefit of the Tier et Tout system is the possibility of reaching success more quickly. If you put aside enough profits, you can achieve success faster. It doesn’t take many winning rounds to reach a profit similar to the starting amount. When you achieve the bet size, you risk the casino’s money, not yours.
Aside from making even-money bets, the Tier et Tout roulette strategy allows you to bet on alternative inside bets that pay 2:1 or 5:1. The only difference is that the balance won’t be the same for the first and second bet. You will have a larger balance if you win on the second bet of 2/3 compared to the first bet.

how Tier et Tout works

Weakness of the Tier et Tout System

The major downside of the Tier et Tout strategy is that it works well when you don’t make two losses in a row. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that losses will not be consecutive. When you are on a losing streak, you lose the entire stake, and only the secure profits remain. It usually isn’t a major concern when you secure profits that you can bet in the next round. However, it takes longer to achieve significant awards, so you can wager after losing the initial stake.
With the low profits and possibility of a losing streak, the Tier et Tout strategy can make you lose slowly and steadily. Fortunately, the losses are minimal, and after making a few profits, you can replace the initial stake to avoid depleting your entire bankroll.
The good news is there is a possibility to counter the weakness of the Tier et Tout roulette betting strategy to prevent a spiral of losses. While variations will not increase your profits significantly since you retain the same RTP, it breaks you from the slow and steady losing streak.
You can counter the stream of losses with the following adjustments:

  • Secure more profits than what is recommended by the strategy
  • Secure the initial stake as the profit
TierTout pros & cons

Instead of increasing the stake on every winning round, you secure additional profits. Increase the stake after a couple of rounds, as illustrated in the table below:

Spin Bet 1/3 2/3 Stake after win Divisibility by 3 Action Total profit secured Net profit if you lose the next round
1 $9 $3 $6 $12 Yes Secure 3 instead of 0 3 -6
2 $9 $3 $6 $12 Yes No profits secured 3 -6
3 $12 $4 $8 $16 No Secure 4 instead of 1 7 -2
4 $12 $4 $8 $16 No Secure 1 and rise stake 8 -1
5 $15 $5 $10 $20 No Secure 5 instead of 2 13 4
6 $15 $5 $10 $20 No Secure 2 and rise stake 15 6

Instead of increasing the stake with every winning round, secure an extra profit. For instance, you aren’t supposed to secure profits in the first round since 12 is divisible by three. By securing the profits, you increase the profits made from the game. Besides, you keep the stake low and minimize the risk of losing your bankroll. If you are lucky, you can secure higher winnings.
The second alternative allows you to secure the entire profit and start the game again. If you are winning and have made sufficient profits, you can secure the entire profits. Waiting longer before securing your profits increases your chances of encountering two losing rounds in a row.


While the Tier et Tout roulette strategy will not appeal to every Mr Green player since it is demanding, it’s worth giving the betting strategy a try. Besides, the calculations are not complex and make for an entertaining live roulette session. Your initial stake is always safe, unlike the Martingale strategy, which could deplete your bankroll.