Roulette Strategy - Paroli

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What Is the Paroli System? 

Online gaming requires strategic betting, which influences the actions of bettors and bookmakers. The roulette strategies predict the betting outcomes using diverse procedures, assumptions and probabilities. Paroli is a popular roulette strategy that relies on positive progression. That means the player increases the stakes to a more significant winning margin. While the Paroli system doesn’t guarantee a win, it increases the probability of winning at online casinos such as Mr Green. 

The Paroli betting system relies on positive progression. Gamers use it to improve the winning probability with small stakes. The risk of loss is low, and the initial bet’s marginal advantage boosts your earnings with every win. The system helps you increase your stakes when you win a bet. It’s the opposite of Martingale, where you double your losses. 

Many bettors use the Paroli system to predict the outcome of a wager, and every successful bet gives them a chance to raise their stakes and get better payouts. Paroli is effective for wagering on online and live roulette games. You can also use it on online casino games with even odds bets, like baccarat, Sic Bo and craps. 

How the Paroli System Works

The Paroli roulette strategy works best with even-money bets, like betting on high or low numbers, black or red, and odd or even numbers. The progressive betting system is popular with online gamers due to its simplicity. You can quickly learn the strategy and apply it to maximize your potential of making a profit with small wins that can increase your initial stake by three times. The strategy can help you bag seven times the initial bet amount on a winning streak. 

With the Paroli system, you take out a unit from the wager after a loss and double your bet after a win. Reducing the stake after a loss ensures you don’t lose more than the total unit in the first series. The strategy creates a loss limit to determine the units used and the corresponding outcome. When you win, you double your bet. You decrease your bet amount after three straight wins when on a winning streak. That means if the winning streak continues, your profits will be lower. However, the strategy saves your money and gives you a solid profit if the fourth outcome after the wins is a loss.


Here are the steps for a simple Paroli betting system: 

  • Pick a base unit bet that you will wager on an even bet.
  • Double your next bet if you win, and bet the base amount again if you lose.
  • Repeat the base bet after three straight wins, even if you are on a winning streak.                                                                                                                                                                                              

The Paroli roulette strategy is not a get-rich-quick strategy since it focuses on consistent winnings in small bits. If you want to apply the betting system, you have to follow its rules, including: 

  • Players need to have a fixed bankroll: You should determine the amount you intend to spend and use it to set the fixed initial bet. Your initial bet should not exceed 5% of your bankroll. For instance, if your budget is $100, your base bet should be $10 or $5.
  • Double or reduce your bet based on the game outcomes: When you win a wager, stake double the base bet on your next wager. If you lose a bet, revert to the base bet.
  • Consecutive winnings: After three consecutive wins, you must revert to the base bet. 

The Paroli strategy has huge winning potential in a perfect sequence since your earnings will double with every win. However, if you are not lucky enough to get three wins in a row, you may end up suffering losses. While the system follows a strict progression of three wins, players can double their bets in the winning progressions up to five wins. The profits are enormous if you are lucky enough to maintain your winning streak. However, there is a probability of losing more based on mathematical probabilities. The odds and the house edge always influence the win. Hence, focusing on smaller and more frequent winnings is ideal. 

When you explore the mathematical probabilities of the positive progression, there is an 18/37 chance of winning with your outside bets. The probability isn’t 50% due to the zero. Hence, the probability of winning four times in a row is reduced to 5.6%. It isn’t a favourable chance, but in some cases, the win you get in the winning streak that follows can cover the losses. 

The Paroli system assumes that losses and wins come in streaks. A player can maximize the profits in the winning streak and minimize losses in the losing streak. Hence, the Paroli betting strategy doesn’t risk more than a single unit of the player’s bankroll. For most players, the strategy provides a consistent and stable betting plan compared to negative betting progressions like Martingale.

Here is a tabular illustration of the Paroli system in practice: 

Spin  Bet  Win/Lose  Profit 
1  1  Win  1 
2  2  Win  2 
3  4  Win  4 
4  1  Lose  -1 
5  1  Lose  -1 
6  1  Win  1 
7  2  Win  2 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Paroli System

With its double-up rule for wins and flat bet rule for losses, the Paroli strategy is easy to master and apply. It is less complicated than roulette betting strategies like Fibonacci, which requires knowledge of an ancient arithmetic sequence. You only have to double your wager after each win and return to the base game after losses. 

Paroli is safer than the Martingale strategy since you can limit the units. For instance, the strategy doesn’t risk more than one unit of your budget. When you lose, your next wager will be the base unit. Besides, your first unit is less than 5% of your bankroll. That means you can limit the losses. 

The positive progression is its greatest strength. Negative progression relies on your losses to make a profit since you double your bet after a loss and reset it to a lower wager after a win. It makes more sense to chase the wins by doubling the stakes with every win. The Paroli system maximizes your profit potential when you have a winning streak. Unfortunately, the reliance on the winning streak is also a downside. 

Relying on streaks to increase profits doesn’t always work since the house edge and odds make it difficult to have a continuous winning streak. The probability of winning an even-money roulette bet is less than 50%. Hence, the likelihood of landing three consecutive wins is difficult. 

Despite being a positive, progressive strategy, the fixed nature of the betting limits can reduce your profit margin. For example, Martingale usually has an unlimited betting limit, and if you are lucky, you can win huge profits and recover losses with one bet. However, the Paroli roulette betting system’s best profit is the seven-unit gain after three consecutive wins. 

The Paroli roulette betting system does anything to mitigate the house edge of online casinos. If you are lucky to collect profits from three consecutive wins, the wins don’t last since the casino has an edge in the long run. On the other hand, if you cannot get a few winning streaks, you are likely to make losses. 

Paroli pros cons


The Paroli system is a good fit for beginners with a low budget. The uncomplicated system allows you to maximize the profit potential since you increase the wager on a winning streak. If you are on a budget when playing at Mr Green, the roulette system helps you maintain the bankroll since you can limit the units when you land a loss. The profit potential is enormous for a short winning streak, but if the winning streak continues, you will miss out on some profits. The best part about using the Paroli strategy is that it discourages chasing losses; instead, you chase wins. That means you will risk a small amount of your winnings, and your base bet amount will be intact.