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If you are looking for a roulette strategy with a simple and easy betting pattern for your next game at Mr Green, Labouchere isn’t suitable for you. However, despite the complexity of the strategy, it is popular among gamers. Labouchere is called Split Martingale, Cancellation System or the American Progression. Roulette player Henry Labouchere first proposed the system. Just like Martingale, it’s a negative progression system. That means you increase your bet following a loss to recoup losses. Unlike the Martingale system, which aims to recoup your losses with a single win, Labouchere attempts to recover your losses with multiple wins.
The primary idea behind the Labouchere system is to achieve your win over a series of bets. Even if you make any losses along the way, the same gradual principle still applies. While it is a less risky strategy compared to Martingale, the strategy is slightly complicated. With the Labouchere system, you determine the sequence you use to guide your wagering. That means you can tailor the system to your needs. It is also flexible and versatile; you can adjust the progression strategy in real time.

How the Labouchere System Works

The Labouchere strategy is devised to work with even-money bets on the roulette game. That means you can apply it when making outside bets like red/black, high/low or even/odd. While you can use it on inside bets, the risk is significant since the numbers don’t add up. However, betting on a game with a close to 50% chance of success improves your odds.
The first step for using the Labouchere system is determining the amount you want to win. You then separate the figure into a few smaller numbers that add to your goal. For instance, if you want to win a total of $15, you can split the amount into a sequence of five wagers like 2, 3, 5, 3 and 2. Your potential profit should be equivalent to the total value of the numbers in your arrangement.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

When you are ready to play the roulette game, take the first and the last numbers in your sequence and add them together. You will stake the value of the numbers in your arrangement. In the example, you will wager 4. If you win the wager, you remove the numbers you used to wage from the sequence remaining with 3, 5, and 3. If you lose the wager, you add the amount you staked to the end of the sequence. Hence, your sequence after the loss will be 2, 3, 5, 3, 2 and 4.
If you had won in the previous bet, you take the following first and last numbers of the 3, 5 and 3 sequence and add them together. You also wager the sum and repeat the process until you cross out all the numbers on the sequence. When you complete the sequence, you will have won enough profits.
If you lost in the first wager and your new sequence is 2, 3, 5, 3, 2 and 4, you repeat the wager by adding the new first and last numbers to get the amount to stake. You will recover the losses during the game by completing the new sequence.

How to play Labouchere

Variations and Modifications of the Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere roulette betting strategy is flexible and less complicated when you get the hang of it. You can also explore various modifications to the strategy and devise unique ways of maximizing it. One significant modification that affects the outcome of the strategy is modifying the initial sequence. As mentioned earlier, the initial betting sequence is solely your choice and dramatically influences the game. For instance, if you go for high numbers and a long sequence, you will likely gain more profit after completing the sequence. However, your bets may also escalate faster, increasing the risks. Alternatively, you can try the Johnson Progression with an initial betting sequence of 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 and 1. Your initial bet will be one, and all subsequent wagers will be one unit.

Labouchere functionality

Since you add back numbers to the sequence after a loss, a losing streak can make your wagers high. If you want to avoid catastrophic losses from playing with high stakes, adopt the splitting variation of the Labouchere system. It allows you to split when you are losing. For instance, if your sequence is high after a series of losses, you can split the values into multiple sequences and follow them step by step. The split sequences reduce the risks and increase your chances of winning.
Another modification of the Labouchere system is the reverse Labouchere. While the Labouchere increases your stake as you lose, the reverse system increases your bets as you win, adopting a positive progression. Every time you win, you add the sum of the bets to the end of the sequence, and if you lose, you remove the numbers from the sequence. With the reverse Labouchere, you will lose small amounts, and if you are on a winning streak, you can achieve the success you want.

How Labouchere works

Does the Labouchere System Work?

Labouchere can return profits by winning fewer bets compared to your losses. As a result, you can make money using the system to avoid a long losing streak. However, there is no guarantee that you won’t go into a losing streak. Increasing your stake with each loss increases your bet, gradually increasing your risk of making huge losses. Unfortunately, your bankroll may not support a lengthy losing streak, even if there is a possibility of winning.
Gamers who prefer Labouchere and other negative progression roulette strategies believe that losing streaks cannot be lengthy. The assumption is that after landing the same outcome a few consecutive times, the outcome will likely change on the next bet. The flaw in the concept is that the roulette wheel doesn’t have a memory of the previous outcomes, whether you are playing online or live roulette games. Each spin is a new game; the outcome can be red or black in 20 consecutive spins. Maintaining the winning streak also relies on the same principle. Since roulette is based on luck, you cannot predict how long the winning streak will last.

Labouchere pros & cons

What Is Good About the Labouchere System?

Labouchere is an organized system; the numbers always add up nicely in the sequence. A clear benefit of the betting strategy is that you don’t need to win on every bet to achieve the profits you want. You can still achieve your target if you lose a bet or two within the sequence since the profits are spread to various spins.
The strategy is also flexible and versatile, making it suitable for players with various budgets. Whether you wish to win $100 or $10, you can use the system to create a sequence that suits your budget. You can manage your stake size and know the amount to wager with each bet. The organization of the Labouchere system gives you a fair chance of achieving the success you want.

Labouchere strategy pros & cons

Disadvantages of the Labouchere System

The main downside of the Labouchere system is the possibility of a long losing streak. Since you add the sum of the wager at the end of the sequence with each loss, a losing streak can be extremely long. You may have trouble keeping up with the wagering amount. Also, crossing out most of the numbers from the sequence can be challenging unless you hit a winning streak.
The Labouchere system also doesn’t have a solution to tip the house edge in your favour. Therefore, the winning streaks are considerably shorter compared to the losing streak. Labouchere can keep tables on your win/loss ratio and the possibility of achieving profits in the long run. However, online casinos will always have the upper hand due to the house edge. Fortunately, the scales may be in your favour, and you can win a few games.
The roulette betting strategy isn’t ideal for you if you don’t have a bankroll that can sustain a long Labouchere sequence. The strategy may not be sustainable for people with a small bankroll or new inexperienced players.

use Labouchere

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Labouchere is a popular strategy that relies on the same concept as Martingale. While chasing losses like Martingale, Labouchere spreads the profits across the sequence. You can still manage to come out with a profit after subsequent losses. However, the possibility of losing your bankroll to a long losing streak is too great to ignore. You may be lucky a few times to win, but the house edge is unavoidable over long periods of play. The Labouchere system does a great job of organizing and setting up your game, but it doesn’t have a strategy to turn the odds in your favour. However, it makes playing online roulette an interactive experience compared to other roulette strategies. Crossing numbers as you draw closer to your profit goals adds a new dimension to the roulette game at Mr Green.