Roulette strategies - Kavouras strategy

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Kavouras Bet is a type of roulette strategy that can add variety when you play this timeless casino game. It is a strategy that varies from most others in the way that it uses a selection of different bets on various parts of the betting table.

This approach may make it appear complicated at first. However, it is a question of understanding the basic betting pattern and then repeating it over and over again, with the same stakes also used on each new spin of the roulette wheel.    

Is Kavouras Bet a strategy that is worth trying here at Mr Green? We will look at exactly how to bet in this way, before covering the advantages and disadvantages that Canadian players will want to take into account before deciding whether to place their stakes in this way.

When was Kavouras Bet first used?

The game of roulette has been played since the 17th century, and it didn’t take long for the early players to look for strategies that could help them to gain an advantage. Yet, the Kavouras Bet system is said to have begun as recently as 2010, with the name coming from the surname of the player who created it.

It has recently grown in popularity, as the emergence of online casinos with live dealer roulette options has introduced the game to many people in Canada and the rest of the world. Whether you are new to this game or a roulette expert, this is a method of choosing your bets that is worth taking a look at.

Kavouras Bet Strategy

How does this system work?

Unlike many other roulette strategies, this approach is all about covering a variety of different outcomes with various bet sizes placed at the same time. This means that you always have a few ways of winning on the different numbers you choose on any spin.

On the other hand, strategies such as Martingale and Fibonacci rely on you consistently placing a single stake on an even money bet, with the stake varying according to the results that you have achieved.

The general idea with the Kavouras strategy is that you win regularly, as you are covering enough different options that you expect at least one to come up the majority of times. In real terms, this means covering 20 different numbers on each round.

  • A single unit is placed as your stake on a square or corner bet that pays out on 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Another two units go on the six-line bet that includes 31 through to 36.
  • You then place a single unit on the following split numbers; 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, 27/30.

This is over half of the numbers on a roulette wheel, so you should win more than 50% of the time. The only issue to bear in mind is how much you want to bet on each unit. On the basis of the value you assign, you can easily work out the total value of each wager, as the overall bet will be eight units.

The potential profit varies according to which selection comes up on the spin. You will win either one, four, or ten units according to the number the ball finally lands in. If it lands in any of the numbers that aren’t included in the Kavouras bet system, you lose all of your stake.

How Kavouras Bet works

The advantages of playing with this system

There are several advantages of using the Kavouras Bet system that make this more of an attractive option for some people. The benefits include the following points.

  • It is easy to use, as you bet on the same numbers each time
  • You can choose the level of stake used
  • You should win regularly due to the range of numbers that are covered
How Kavouras Bet works

What are the disadvantages of Kavouras bet?

While we have looked at a few important benefits of betting in this way, there are also some disadvantages to consider as well. Half the time the winnings might go your way, however this doesn’t automatically mean that you will come out of it with a profit.

These are the factors that may make you think twice about trying this approach.

  • You aren’t changing the house edge in this way, so you would expect to lose money eventually if you keep on playing long enough
  • It can take several rounds of winning spins to recover the losses from a losing round
  • The overall wins tend to be small, as you can only win on one part of your overall bet on any spin
Kavouras pros & cons

Is Kavouras Bet worth using?

There are many ways of playing roulette and this is just one of them. Is it the correct approach for you to take? Well, the approach that suits you best comes down to your personal preference and goals.

With this technique, you get a highly varied approach that should involve regular wins. For some players, this is more enjoyable than a strategy that sees more regular losing spins.

Kavouras pros & cons

Try Kavouras Strategy at Mr Green


The Kavouras Bet strategy has proven to be popular among Canadian players. It is easy to get started with and once you understand the bets to place this is pretty much everything that you need to know.

However, like any way of playing live casino games, your results essentially come down to chance. If this type of bet strategy is not for you, we have a large selection of live games being live poker, live baccarat, live blackjack or live Craps!