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There are very few things that can match the anticipation one gets once the roulette ball has dropped and you wait to see where the ball ultimately lands. Even after several hundred years, Roulette continues to excite players just as it did way back then. There are several versions of the game, the most popular of which are French, American and European roulette. The differences may be subtle, but they do exist and have a significant impact on the game and strategy. This article is designed to highlight the differences along with introducing the newer iterations of roulette, including ones with jackpots and bonus games.

European Roulette

European Roulette, aside from American, is the most popular of roulette games. The table is separated into outside and inside grids. Thirty-seven positions are available to bet on inside. The positions are made up of the numbers 0 to 36. These numbers are split into 18 red, 18 black and 1 green (zero (0)). There are also 12 outside positions, 8 of which are different number combinations, while the remaining 4 allow you to bet on even or uneven numbers, red or black.

European roulette

American roulette

American and European roulette has one significant difference between them. That is that the American version has a total of thirty-eight positions. The extra position is the green double zero (00). The version of roulette came to the U.S. with French immigrants before the beginning of the 19th century. Interestingly, the casinos in the U.S. were hesitant to adopt it because the house edge was not considered large enough. To get around this, they added the double zero (00) position, which leads to what we now call American Roulette. Although the payouts in both American and European roulette are identical, the American version has a lower theoretical percentage payout (RTP) due to the extra position.

american roulette

French Roulette

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to confuse the European version of Roulette with the French version. In fact, some casinos may not even offer French Roulette. While the European and French Roulette tables have identical betting options and numbers, the design is significantly different. This design difference comes down to two rules called “La Partage” and “En Prison.” The rules apply to each bet with a 1:1 payout, as with even or uneven and red or black colour.

The rules of “En Prison” dictate that a ball falling on the green zero position does not result in an automatic loss of stake. Instead, the stake remains on the table for another spin and can be paid back to the bettor should they win. In the scenario where “La Partage” applies, a ball landing on the green zero position will see half the bettor’s stake returned. Clearly, these rules are designed to favour the player by lowering the house edge as compared to European Roulette. This effectively means the player enjoys a higher theoretical payout percentage.

french roulette

Live roulette

Live Roulette is specially designed for persons who want to enjoy the thrill of experiencing an authentic and interactive roulette game from wherever they are. Imagine placing bets on your desktop, smartphone or tablet as you interact with live, professional dealers and other players at the table by using a player chat. These games are streamed in real-time using high-definition cameras. You can watch the wheel as it spins and other things going on around it as if you were actually in a real land-based casino.

live roulette

Triple Bonus Spin roulette

Typically, the maximum payout is 35:1 (35x your bet) from a spin on a French, European and American Roulette. In an attempt to make the game more enticing, some game developers have designed Roulette versions that include a jackpot. For example, IGT created Triple Bonus Spin Roulette, which gives bettors the chance to win up to 12,000 times stake. In addition to the conventional betting alternatives, this version also offers a double and a triple zero. Furthermore, there is an additional bonus position. Should the ball land on this bonus spot, where you have placed a bet, then you find yourself presented with a triple wheel, which gives you the chance to win some very high sums of money.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

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Double Ball roulette

Double Ball Roulette is unique as it represents a departure from the traditional use of just one ball. Instead, the game is played with two balls where just one ball would need to hit for a win on inside grid bets (numbers 0 to 36). On the other hand, outside grid bets (red/black) would require both balls to hit. As you would expect, the odds of Double Ball Roulette are different, and hence so are the payouts. This version of roulette contains a jackpot, that is not quite as big as Triple Bonus Spin. Still, you could theoretically win 1,200 times your stake if both balls land on the jackpot number you bet on.

Double Ball roulette

Monopoly roulette: hot properties

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties combines the entertainment of a roulette game with the fun of a Monopoly theme. It also comes with a bonus game. You’ll recognize the inside and outside the grid of the table as it is like any standard roulette game. However, below the red/black position, there is an extra square labelled hot properties. A ball landing on this position after a bet has been made will trigger a bonus game. Here, you find yourself viewing a Monopoly board where 18 distinct property cards with various values are presented. Choose from amongst these face-down cards and receive the average value of the cards picked. Interestingly, the game allows you the option of keeping your winnings or picking again for the chance to better the outcome. You can repeat this until you’re down to the last face-down card, or you take the offered value.

Monopoly roulette

Roulette with slot based side bets

If you’re a fan of Roulette and slots, then now you can enjoy the best of both worlds! The reason is that Mr Green Casino offers several European roulette table games, differentiated by offering side bets based on slots. For example, you can find Dolphin’s Pearl Roulette, Lucky Lady’s Roulette and Sizzling Hot Roulette, which are video slots designed by Novomatic. These roulette versions let you make side bets on symbols such as cherry, grape and orange that can be found in the slots games. As the roulette wheel is spun, a parallel wheel with these symbols also spins. You can win up to 80:1 if you hit the right symbol, providing for some excellent entertainment on the side.

Roulette slot side bets

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