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Discover How to Play Roulette

It’s believed that Roulette was first discovered in a 17th-century monastery in France. A physicist at the time was trying to develop a motion machine, that would spin without the need of an outside energy source. Unfortunately for the physicist, the scheme failed but fortunately for everyone else – the Roulette wheel was born. The game still carries the same name today, which in French means ‘small wheel’.

Since then Roulette has of course increased in popularity with fans all over the world enjoying its simplistic style, and range of betting options. There are many different versions of the game, from classic American, European, and French styles, to exciting variants that can only be enjoyed online.

Whilst Roulette may be easy to understand and great fun to play, for more serious players it can also offer a real challenge. If you’d like to try online Roulette for yourself with real money, then you can do so right here at Mr Green online casino.

To kick off any Roulette game you’ll need to place your chips on the table, in your chosen betting positions. These basic bets are known as inside and outside bets.

Inside bets are positioned on the center of the table layout, these come with bigger payouts but greater risks. Outside bets offer more chance of winning, but with lower payouts. Bets include even chances (high/low, red/black, odd/even numbers) or columns and dozens.

You can choose to either place your bet on a group of numbers or a single one.

Inside Bets

Roulette Straight-up

Straight Up

This simple bet involves placing a chip on one number, and it will pay 35-1.

Roulette Split


This bet pays 11-1 and you’ll need to select 3 numbers. Your chip will then be placed on the line at the end of the numbers.

Roulette Street


This bet pays 11-1 and you’ll need to select 3 numbers. Your chip will then be placed on the line at the end of the numbers.

Roulette Corner


This type of bet pays 8-1 and covers 4 numbers. You’ll place your chips on the cross that falls between these.

There are several special corner bets that you can choose around 0. There’s ‘zero corner’ that’s placed over 0,1,2,3 and will pay 8-1.

The other corner bets cover 0,1,2 and 0,2,3 corners and each pay 11-1, the same as Street bets.

Roulette Six Line

Six Line

This bet pays 5-1 and covers 6 numbers. Your chips are placed on the line between the two streets.

Outside Bets

Roulette Dozens


This bet pays 2-1 and covers 12 numbers. You’ll place your chips in one of three of the boxes that are marked either 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. The 1st 12 relates to numbers 1 to 12, the 2nd 12 are 13 to 24, with the 3rd 12 covering 25 to 36.

Roulette Columns


Paying 2-1 and covering 12 numbers, you’ll put your chips on a single box at the bottom of the layout. You can choose from 3 column bets, and these cover all the numbers that run vertically down the table. The first column are numbers 1 to 34, the second are numbers 2 to 35, and the remaining column covers numbers 3 to 36.

Roulette Red Black


This bet can be used to cover either all the black or red numbers. It pays even on 1-1 and you’ll need to put your chips in either of the colored boxes on the outside of the layout.

Roulette Odd Even


Choose this one if you’d like to bet on all the odd or even numbers, it pays even money 1-1. Chips are placed in either the odd/even box which is on the outside of the layout.

Roulette Dozens High low numbers

Low/High Numbers

This bet can be used to cover either all the low numbers (1-18) or higher numbers of 19 and over. It pays even money and you’ll place your chips in the corresponding box.

Roulette online Strategies

Roulette Strategies

Whilst roulette is classed as a game of chance, many players choose to use various systems that they believe will improve their odds of winning. There are numerous strategies that you can use to make your game of Roulette more fun, and some of the most interesting are the James Bond, Martingale, and columns and colors.

You may have already heard of the Martingale strategy, a system that requires a serious amount of cash and strong nerves. It can ensure that you’ll always get back your original stake by playing in one betting unit.

You’ll need to place continuous small wagers on even chance bets like black/red. You’ll then place the same bet again if it wins, doubling the bet if it loses.

Roulette online Strategies

The James Bond system involves placing fractions of bets on various numbers. An example of this would be a six-line bet of $25 on numbers 13 to 18, $5 on 0, and $70 on the high numbers 19 to 36. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and bet in the same fractions continuously for the system to work. It could give an 81.5% chance of a win on each spin.

The columns and colors strategy is a classic system, where you’ll need to place a bet on a column with 8 numbers of red and a bet on all the red numbers. Bets will cover 1/3 of the Roulette wheel. If your column doesn’t win you’ve then still got the remaining bets on red, with a 47% chance of winning and breaking even.

Would you like to test the James Bond system?

Advanced Bets

These exciting bets can add an extra kick of fun to your game, as well as helping you prepare strategies of your own:

Roulette Neighbour Bets

Neighbor Bets

This type of bet covers one number and the 2 numbers on either side – the ‘neighbors’. For example, a $10 neighbor bet would see $2 on each of the numbers. So, a ‘zero and the neighbors by 2’ bet would be a cost of $10. With $2 on 0,3,26,32, and 15.

Roulette Section Bets

Section Bets

These bets are often known as ‘voisins du zero’ (voisin), ‘tiers du cylindre’ (tier), and ‘orphelins’ (orphans). They cover much larger areas of the Roulette wheel and you may hear them referred to as ‘French Bets’:

Roulette Voisins du zero

Voisins du Zero (Voisins)

The voisins make up a 9-piece bet to cover 17 numbers. It’s the largest selection and covers the area around zero. On the layout the chips are placed in the following positions:

  • Corner 0,2, and 3: 2 chips
  • Corner 25-29: 2 chips
  • 4/7 split: 1 chip
  • 12/15 split: 1 chip
  • 18/21 split: 1 chip
  • 19/22 split: 1 chip
  • 32/35 split: 1 chip

Example: A bet of voisins by 5 would be $5×9 and cost a total of $45.

Roulette Tiers du cylinder

Tiers du Cylindre (Tiers)

Tiers are a 6 piece bet that covers the area of the layout opposite zero and are the second largest of the section bets. 1 chip is placed in the positions below and the bet covers a total of 12 numbers:

  • 5/8 split
  • 10/11 split
  • 13/16 split
  • 23/24 split
  • 27/30 split
  • 33/36 split

Example: A tiers by 5 bet would be $5×6 and cost a total of $30.

Roulette Orphelins

Orphelins (Orphans)

Orphans are a 5-piece bet and the smallest of all the section bets. This one covers the numbers leftover from the tiers and voisins. There are a total of 8 numbers covered and 1 chip is placed in positions:

Straight up number 1

  • 6/9 split
  • 14/17 split
  • 17/20 split
  • 31/34 split

Example: An orphans by 5 bet would be $5×5 and cost a total of $25.

Roulette Online vs Live Roulette

Land-based Roulette vs. Online Roulette

There are many differences in playing Roulette at a land-based casino or online. The main factors are that you can join a table easily online without having to deal with other players. There are no chances that the dealer will make a mistake online, and it’s easier to place your bets. If you’re new to Roulette, then playing in a land-based casino could be pretty scary. So, playing online is great for battling those nerves, giving you time to place bets.

Roulette Online vs Live Roulette

You can even play Roulette on the go, on any of your favorite mobile devices at online casinos. Enjoying a real-time live dealer experience, without even having to dress up smart.

Why not try out the great range of live roulette games on offer, from the comfort of your couch? You can view them through crystal clear video streams and enjoy all the excitement of a land-based casino. Giving you the best of both worlds, with the buzzin’ atmosphere of a busy live table whilst being able to relax from wherever you are.