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Playing Craps at Mr Green Online Casino is a great choice, whether you are new to the game or an experienced player. This classic dice game is simple to learn and isn’t as complicated as it first looks. And when you play Craps in our online casino there’s no need to worry about table etiquette or any embarrassing moments in front of other players.

This fun-fuelled game is played in casinos all around the world, and tables will often attract big crowds where players are typically high-rollers. There’s no need to leave your home though, with either of our exciting versions of the game. First Person Craps and Craps Live will provide you with all the excitement and fun that you’d get in any land-based casino. And both of these games are suitable for all bankrolls.

Read on to discover how you can get a slice of the action with this much-loved game.

History of Craps

The most common belief among historians is that Craps was derived from the early English game of ‘Hazard’. It enjoyed huge popularity between the 1600s and 1700s when its fame then spread to the glamorous casinos of France. It was here that the game’s name was changed to ‘Crabs’.

French gamblers took the dice game across the Atlantic to Louisiana in the mid-1800s where it soon reached players all across the USA. Gambling was made legal in America in the 1930s and players soon headed to the busy casinos of Las Vegas. Here, Craps took the Sin City gambling scene by storm, due to its high-energy fun from just one roll of the dice.

The game has excited players ever since it was introduced to Vegas, as more and more try to “beat the house”. Hollywood has also paid homage to Craps in many movies, where the games’ passionate players come to life with fast dice rolls and loud crowd cheers.

Discover How to Play Craps

The game begins with players placing their wagers, and once you see or hear ‘No more bets’ then one person known as ‘the shooter’ will roll the dice. Unlike some other casino games, you won’t be competing against other players – you’ll be rooting for the shooter. And when high numbers are rolled, there’s naturally a huge reaction at any Craps table.

There are many different betting types to choose from, and we will look at the most common.

It’s at this stage of the game where you can now choose either a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet. The Pass Line is perhaps the easiest and the most common choice as you will be betting on the dice giving an outcome of 7 or 11, on the come-out roll or the shooter.

When the dice come to a stand-still there are three possible outcomes:

  • Craps: 2,3 or 12. Pass Line bets will lose and Don’t Pass bets will win.

Any Pass Line bet will lose if the outcome of a come-out dice roll is a Craps number. Not all is lost though because you will then get a second chance to roll the dice:

  • If this lands a ‘Natural’ either 7 or 11, then Pass Line bets win, and Don’t Pass bets will lose.
  • If the dice give a Craps number, then the bet will lose.
  • All other numbers will establish a point.

Point numbers are when a first roll results in a place number: 4,5,6,8,9, or 10, leaving the dealer to mark a point on the table. It’s then down to you to roll the same number again before a 7 to win a Pass Line bet or a Don’t Pass. The opposite outcome will occur before the point is established if you roll a 7.

Most Popular Craps Games

At Mr Green live casino you’ll find the most popular versions of this exciting game. First Person Craps and Craps Live are both from Evolution Gaming and are available to play right here.

In First Person Craps you will play with an RNG and without an automatic shooter – you will be responsible for rolling the dice. This version offers slower-paced gameplay compared to the Live version, whilst retaining the same user interface.

Whereas this variant of Craps may not give you the same social aspect of a live game, you can play at your own pace on a table featuring sumptuous graphics. If you’d like to find out more about this type of game, then you can do so right at the table. You’ll be able to learn how to play with helpful interactive tutorials.

Craps Live offers all the fun of the game but in an interactive environment, featuring a live stream of statistics and updates. There is also an automated shooter and useful tutorials to set you in the right direction. New players often begin their Craps experience on the Live table, as the action is managed and guided by an expert live dealer. The table also gives a familiar feel for those more experienced players who have already enjoyed the game at a land-based casino.

RNG Craps VS. Live Craps

You may be asking yourself what the main differences between First Person Craps and Live Craps are. Both games are developed by Evolution Gaming who wanted to add to their family of ‘first person’ tables with an RNG Craps version. By re-creating all the fun of a Live Casino experience for a single player to enjoy.

With hundreds of RNG games out there, just what is so special about First Person Craps? This version has been produced to be as realistic as possible to a land-based casino. The luxurious graphics give a real feel that will leave you questioning whether they are live-streamed or computer-animated.

As First Person Craps is for a single player and doesn’t feature a live dealer there are many benefits to be had. With no countdown timer, you can choose and place your bets without any rush. The interface is superior, providing you with the details of each type of bet as well as the potential wins for each outcome. As a new player this is really helpful, just hover your mouse over the bet type to get the information you need.

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