About us

The Story of the Man in Green

First founded in Stockholm, Sweden by three entrepreneurs and friends, today, is an award-winning and industry-leading online casino serving customers in 13 countries around the world. Our Canadian players can enjoy online slots, table games, live casino games, and more from some of the world’s top providers, as well as world-class sportsbook betting and innovative, responsible gaming design.

Mr Green Casino was born out of its parent company, Mr Green & Co AB, which was launched by the Swedish entrepreneurs Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist, and Mikael Pawlo in 2007. Sidfalk and Bergquist were no strangers to the world of real money gaming, having helped found successful global iGaming platforms such as Betsson prior to Mr Green. The trio brought with them an expert knowledge of what online gambling fans want and a passion for creating customizable gaming experiences.

After several years spent providing iGaming experiences to players in Sweden and the Nordics, Mr Green began to grow in size and ambition. By late 2017, Mr Green had expanded into several new markets, including Canada, and had become a mid-cap company on the Stockholm NASDAQ index. To reflect its growing status and ambition to provide quality gaming experiences all over the world, Mr Green & Co AB changed its name to MRG in the spring of 2018.

From here, others in the global online gambling industry began to take notice. Mr Green entered a new level of exposure at the beginning of 2019 when it was acquired by one of the world’s largest and most prestigious betting companies, William Hill. Only two years later, William Hill itself was acquired by the US gaming titan Caesars Entertainment, adding Mr Green into the hallowed halls of one of history’s most celebrated and respected gambling institutions.

The gentleman in Green - our vision and mission
The gentleman in Green – our vision and mission Mr Green is so much more than just an online casino platform. We are a values-driven entertainment provider that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. As such, our values and mission form a core component of all our product offerings.

Quality, Innovation, and Creativity in Everything We Do

At Mr Green, we are not content with simply providing online casino games. We are committed to bringing unparalleled gaming experiences to every aspect of our product offerings, ensuring that playing at Mr Green is unlike anywhere else. We value our customers and strive to provide VIP treatment, truly unique games, and user-centred design to all of our Canadian players.

Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility 

There is nothing we care about more than our customers. That’s why we always act with integrity and do everything we can to provide our customers with safe and responsible casino gaming experiences. As well as offering unparalleled security and discretion, we also use our innovative Green Gaming suite to help you enjoy totally responsible gaming, to help players wager within budget.

A World-Class Casino and Sportsbook

We have high standards here at Mr Green. That’s why we only include casino games from the world’s top developers, including Microgaming and Play’n Go. We refuse to compromise on quality at any level, with our casino and sportsbook products offering an unparalleled range of betting options and truly immersive gameplay experiences. This is our guarantee to you.

A Green Gaming Experience

A Green Gaming Experience

Here at Mr Green Canada, we firmly believe that fun gaming is gaming that is safe, secure, and responsible. That’s why we launched our Greengaming in 2017, to help you stay in control of your game. The Green Gaming tool is your responsible gaming companion.

It’s a totally bespoke service that learns from your gameplay and lets you know if you are engaging in risky behaviour, giving you tailored, real-time advice on how to play responsibly.

The Green Gaming tool allows you to take a birds-eye view of your gaming habits and set your own deposit and loss limits whenever you want. Green Gaming also allows you to set exclusion periods on your account if you feel that you need to step back.

Green Gaming tools

Since your wellbeing is always our number one priority, the Green Gaming tool is tailor-made to help you get the most of your game safely and responsibly. Green Gaming offers a truly positive way to play, thanks to our innovative features that are designed with you in mind.

Taking a Break

At Mr Green, we always want your casino gameplay to be a positive experience. That’s why we want you to take a break whenever you feel that your online gaming is not enjoyable.

With our Green Gaming Take a Break tool, you can instantly close your account for 1, 7, or 30 days, giving you time to take a breather and re-assess.


If you feel that your gameplay habits are causing harm to yourself or others, then it’s time to step away for longer.

With our self-exclusion tools, all it takes is a few clicks to close your account and remain totally excluded from our site for any time between 6 months and 5 years. During this time, you will not receive any marketing material from Mr Green CA whatsoever.

Deposit Limits

In the world of online gaming, there is such thing as too much. That’s why limits can be a player’s best friend when they feel things are going too far. With our Green Gaming tool, you can instantly set strict daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits on your account, keeping you in the driver’s seat.

We also offer a range of loss limits on your account, meaning that you will not be able to play if your losses hit a certain number. This is just one of many ways that we are determined to keep you safe and ensure you have a positive online gaming experience.

Green Values

At Mr Green, we want to use our success to contribute towards a cleaner society. That’s why we launched or clean the sea initiative back in 2017, which aims to clean up the seas and help foster an ecosystem that can be enjoyed by all for generations to come.

We have teamed up with the University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute to conduct wide-ranging studies into the dynamics of the Mediterranean. Our goal is to better understand how waste pollutes our seas, and what the most effective course of action is to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Company information and MRG Group

Mr Green Casino is a brand that is owned and operated by its parent company, MRG Group. MRG is a mid-cap listed company on the Stockholm NASDAQ exchange and has been owned by William Hill PLC since January 2019. In April 2021, William Hill PLC was acquired by the US company Caesars Entertainment, meaning that MRG is also now owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Mr Green’s offices are to be found on the European island nation of Malta, in the town of Sliema. This is where our team works to provide excellent customer service, innovative gaming experiences, and unrivalled security for our players.

Our Brands

 Mr Green logo

Mr Green

Our most iconic brand and most celebrated product require no introduction. Mr Green is our award-winning online gambling platform, providing hundreds of slots, table games, live casino games, and more to audiences in 13 different markets. We offer games from many of the world’s top developers and strive to provide a truly unmatched gaming experience to all of our players.



With more than 14 years of providing real money games to players in the UK and the Nordics, RedBet is one of the most reputable gambling platforms in the world. RedBet knows the value of user-friendly, player-focused gaming, which is why we acquired it from Evoke Gaming AB in 2018.




Another gem that was added to Mr Green’s roster when it acquired Evoke Gaming AB, Bertil is a top-tier bingo and gambling site that primarily services players in the Nordics.


MamaMia Bingo

MamaMia Bingo

Here at Mr Green, we love our online bingo. That’s why we were thrilled to acquire MamaMia bingo as part of our takeover of Evoke Gaming AB. Here you’ll find bingo from some of the world’s top game developers, as well as hundreds of well-known slots and progressive jackpot prizes.



Are you ready to enter the Winning Room? As part of our Evoke Gaming acquisition, MRG gained ownership of one of Europe’s most well-known casino brands, which delivers a staggering number of unparalleled casino games to players in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, and the UK.



11.lv is one of the latest additions to the MRG family and one that is certainly worth your time. This is a casino and sportsbook site that was founded by Latvia’s leading iGaming experts and entrepreneurs and is a team that knows exactly what players want.

Mr Green’s awards

At Mr Green, we’re incredibly thankful for the numerous awards we’ve received and are forever thankful to our industry for their acknowledgement of our services. It’s been our focus to offer customers a safe gaming environment all the while offering the best gaming experiences. We’re excited to continue to promote customer responsibility and further improve our gaming experiences.

Listed below, you’ll find a list of our awards:


  • EGR Nordics Awards 2021 – Safer Gambling Operator of the Year
  • EGR Nordics Awards 2020 – Operator of the Year
  • EGR Marketing and Innovation Award 2019 – Innovation in compliance and responsible gambling
  • EGR Nordic 2019 Mobile Operator of the Year
  • CEEG 2018 Best overall Casino Operator of the Year
  • IGA 2018 Socially Responsible Online of the Year
  • SBC 2017 Socially Responsible Bookmaker of the Year
  • IGA 2017 Online Gaming operator of the Year
  • IGA 2016 Mobile Operator of the Year
  • IGA 2015 Online Casino operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Highly commended Slots Operator
  • IGA 2014 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Casino Brand of the Year
  • IGA 2013 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2012 Socially Responsible Operator of the Year
  • INTERNETWORLD TOPP 100 Award 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • EGR “Power 50” Influential Gaming Company

Mr Green’s License 

According to Maltese law, Mr Green Ltd has the right to provide gambling for real money according to the following licenses: LGA/CL1/521/2008 (Issued the 6th of January 2010 and renewed the 5th of January 2015), LGA/CL1/772/2011 (Issued the 21st of March 2012) and LGA/CL1/869/2013 (Issued the 19th of July 2013).

For information about other brand’s gaming licenses, you are welcome to visit the Swedish website for MRG Group.

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