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The Story of the Man in Green

Once upon a time on a dark and chilly night, baby Green was found abandoned at the steps of an old orphanage by a young couple who fell in love with the two-year-old boy straight away.

Green’s adopted parents were the adventurous kind… they believed in filling their lives with stories and memories, not just material possessions.

The significance of this we should not overlook, for it changed Green’s life, this chance they took.

When Green grew up, he became the class clown, in his company of many, there was never a frown.

With a passion for fun, excitement and play, he’d chosen to live life without a dull day.

Recognising Green’s grand potential, he was taken under the wing of his gentlemanly maths tutor. The professor’s fatherly-like figure has continued to influence Green to this day – most evidently in his bowler hat and classic umbrella.

As soon as Green was old enough to travel the world on his own… his love of entertainment and adventure grew.

On the way he discovered his future awaiting, met an unknown artist and without hesitating, he bet big, took a chance and opened the virtual doors of his Online Casino.

The rest… as they say, is history!


greenThe gentleman in Green – our vision and mission

Far from being a shimmering beacon, at Mr Green we strive to maintain the depth and resolve of our namesake. Mr Green is a gentleman with an immense character who understands the only way to be morally astute is to put into practice the ideals we wish to see in others. Politeness, respect, responsibility, and humility are the characteristics that imbue Mr Green’s desire to extend a helping hand to others in need.

In accordance with Mr Green’s personal ethics, as a company, we believe in acting in a considerate and thorough manner with the utmost commitment to fulfilling our promises. This spirit of creativity and innovation are what inspires us as a company to strive for a clear vision and mission statement that we reflect in our actions.

This mission statement is reflected in our hopes to lead the iGaming industry through our innovation and creativity with the ultimate goal of shaping the best that is yet to come for our employees, members, and industry.

It’s a lofty claim, but one that is thoroughly underwritten by our commitment to offering first-class gaming that maximizes our customer’s experiences. Protecting their integrity and safety in a fun environment is more commonly referred to at Mr Green as “Green Gaming”.


Green Gaming – We protect your game

It might seem at odds within our industry, but at Mr Green, the backbone of all our marketing and promotional products is a commitment to safety and customer responsibility. Since our launch in 2007, we’ve had these key ideas in mind when creating marketing materials for customers. We recognize that as a company, we exist to service the needs of our customers. Therefore, it’s incumbent on us to value and protect the safety of our customers.

Green Gaming is summarised thus:

  • Our customers should always feel that they are in full control of their own gaming experience
  • No one should gamble more than they can afford
  • It should always feel safe to gamble with Mr Green


Green Gaming tools

Our history of service, beginning in the Swedish and Nordic markets, is a testimony to our achievements in the development and implementation of our Green Gaming tools to provide the highest level of safety for our customers.

In the hopes of helping customers to play safely, we’ve placed limits on the amount of money a player can transfer and an innovative budgeting system that helps to organize a players gaming with personalized cut off limits. This investment into conscious gaming was put into effect in 2008 when we launched and we continue to develop and provide further options to protect the safety of our customers.

In 2017, after a dutiful research process, we unveiled a new high-tech system to further improve the experience of customers at Mr Green. Through Green Gaming, we introduced a tool that utilizes an algorithm that analyses a customer’s playing history with the added input of a player’s perception of their playing habits. All of this information is used to provide a player with specific information that helps to illuminate risky behaviour and areas of consideration. This bit of innovation was the first in our industry and something we are immensely proud of at Mr Green.


Mr Green and our environmental work with Clean the Sea

Outside of our professional commitments, at Mr Green, we’ve made a conscious choice to focus on projects that promote social responsibility. In 2007, we launched “Clean the Sea” a project to develop initiatives to proactively address the issues of waste and pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. In collaboration with the University of Malta International Ocean Institute, our goal is to inspire through action and develop a mandate to combat the climate crisis we’re currently facing as citizens of the world. It’s a project we’re incredibly excited about and we look forward to working on more initiatives addressing social utility.



Company information and MRG Group

Mr Green, as a brand, is 100% owned by Mr Green Ltd. Mr Green Ltd is owned by the Swedish company Mr Green & Co AB (publ). The company is now known as the MRG Group, as of May 2018, and is listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq as of November 30th, 2016.

In terms of operational offices, Mr Green Ltd has positioned its most important branches of the company in Malta. These include our customer support services, CRM, payments, and our marketing enterprises. The company is led by CEO Patrick Jonker.


Group technical developments in Stockholm

Towards the end of 2017, Mr Green’s technical development team, Mr Green Technology AB – MRG Gametek – is located in the burgeoning tech hub of Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, the team can be found at the historic digital innovation house located at Mäster Samuelsgatan 36.

Our technical department is made up of over 110 developers under the guidance of the astute Mattias Wedar. Moonlighting over numerous projects, their main focus is developing and implementing the business plan for Mr Green 2.0. This is also coupled with their work to further innovate our casino and sports betting platforms while improving our customer safety initiatives.

MRG Group is led by CEO Per Norman where they can also be found at Mäster Samuelsgatan.

Currently operating in 13 markets, outside of our flagship Mr Green casino site, MRG Group also operates seven different brands within the iGaming industry including casino, sports betting, bingo, poker, and lottery niches.


MRG Group’s brands


As the marquee brand of the MRG Group, Mr Green is a leading company within the iGaming industry and has been recognized with numerous awards since its inception in 2008. As leading innovator within the MRG Group, Mr Green was one of the first operators to offer a sleepless gaming site that offered customers the ability to gamble on casino games from manufacturers across the world.

As of October 2018, Mr Green offers more than 1000 online casino games. In 2016, sports betting was added to the portfolio. In specially selected markets, Bingo and Keno are also offered.


Acquired by MRG Group in the purchase of Evoke Gaming AB in 2018, Redbet is an online casino that offers sports betting, poker, and a variety of casino games. A long history within the Nordic market, Redbet has 14 years of history with Nordic gamblers. Recently, it’s found footing in Great Britain thanks to the success of Mr Green and the experience acquired while growing our marquee brand.



Bertil is a casino and bingo brand that is targeted towards the Swedish and Nordic market. Initially an online bingo site, Bertil has now shifted to offer casino games. Bertil is now a part of the MRG Group after the purchase of Evoke Gaming AB in 2018.


Bingosjov is a Danish bingo site and has been in business since 2008. In 2017, MRG Group acquired Bingosjov and in recent years had the made the shift towards offering casino games. It currently offers more than 500 slot games from 15 different suppliers. As a Danish company, Bingosjov is monitored by the Danish gambling commission Spillemyndigheten.


Bingoslottet, a Danish online gaming site, was acquired by MRG Group in 2017. A favorite within the Danish online bingo community, MRG Group is committed to maintaining the authenticity valued by its past customers.



In 2018, MRG Group acquired MamaMia Bingo after purchasing Evoke Gaming AB. Incredibly popular within the Swedish and Nordic market, the site is mainstay for bingo players while also offering the chance to play slots and casino games. In terms of manufacturers, NetENT, NYX, Microgaming, and Evolution are responsible for most of the games on offer.



After a successful marketing campaign that lead to media awareness, Vinnarum is one of the most recognisable casino brands in Sweden. Acquired in January 2018 after MRG Group purchased Evoke Gaming AB, the range of games on offer has quickly increased thanks to a commitment to work with an expanded list of manufacturers. In recent years, the brand has become a mainstay in the markets of Germany (WinningRoom), England (WinningRoom), Norway, and Finland (Vinneri).


In May 2018, MRG Group made its first foray into the Latvian market after becoming the majority shareholders in 11.lv. 11.lv is one of the largest gaming operators in Latvia and is focused on offering casino games and sports betting.



Mr Green’s awards

At Mr Green, we’re incredibly thankful for the numerous awards we’ve received and are forever thankful to our industry for their acknowledgment of our services. It’s been our focus to offer customers a safe gaming environment all the while offering the best gaming experiences. We’re excited to continue to promote customer responsibility and further improve our gaming experiences.

Listed below, you’ll find a list of our awards:


  • IGA 2018 Socially Responsible Online of the Year
  • IGA 2017 Online Gaming operator of the Year
  • IGA 2016 Mobile Operator of the Year
  • IGA 2015 Online Casino operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Highly commended Slots Operator
  • IGA 2014 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2014 Casino Brand of the Year
  • IGA 2013 Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • EGR 2012 Socially Responsible Operator of the Year
  • INTERNETWORLD TOPP 100 Award 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • EGR “Power 50” Influential Gaming Company


Our gaming licenses

According to Maltese law Mr Green Ltd has the right to provide gambling for real money according to the following licenses: LGA/CL1/521/2008 (Issued the 6th of January 2010 and renewed the 5th of January 2015), LGA/CL1/772/2011 (Issued the 21st of march 2012) and LGA/CL1/869/2013 (Issued the 19th of July 2013).

For information about other brand’s gaming licenses you are welcome to visit the Swedish website for MRG Group


Mr Green Ltd.

MRG, which was formally known as Mr. Green & Co. Ab (publ.) until May 2018, owns the brand known as Mr. Green. Since January 2019, roughly 92% of the parent company is owned by William Hill PLC. For this reason, MRG is no longer included on Nasdaq Stockholm but can instead be found on the London Stock Exchange.


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