Roulette Strategien - Tier et Tout Strategie

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Tier et Tout is a very interesting and extremely entertaining strategy at the roulette tables. It offers you the opportunity to pocket a few attractive profits quickly, while losses can be well controlled and do not have to escalate. However, the strategy demands a lot from you. You have to make calculations and, if necessary, write things down. In the following article we will explain step by step which calculations these are and how Tier et Tout is used in roulette. We also look back at the beginnings of the strategy and point out advantages and disadvantages.

Die Geschichte von Tier et Tout

Tier et Tout was thought to have been developed by a Spanish casino legend named Thomas Garcia in the mid-19th century. Garcia has tried many different roulette strategies , with Tier et Tout becoming the most popular of them all. If you look at his story, that’s not surprising either. He had huge success with this strategy.

During a visit to the casino in Homburg, he managed to win 240,000 francs. That corresponds to around € 220,000 today. Two weeks later he returned to the Homburg casino and this time won 500,000 francs. Even nowadays, such profits are still the exception.

More than a year passed before his next visit to Homburg. Because of his previous successes, Garcia’s expectations were probably very high, but this time he was out of luck. Not only did he lose his own betting capital, but he also gambled away money that he had borrowed. After that, Garcia was never seen again at the Homburg Casino.

Roulette ball

So funktioniert Tier et Tout

Tier et Tout is basically very easy to learn, but requires some computational understanding to be used. This strategy works best on the single odds that can double your bet, i.e. Even / Odd, Red / Black and 1-18 / 19-36.

If you want to try your luck with Tier et Tout, you must first determine a starting bet with which you want to get started: This is how much you want to bet on your first bet. Important: The starting bet you set should be divisible by three. Your first bet then corresponds to a third. For example, if you decide to place an initial bet of € 9, your first bet at the table will be € 3. Should you lose this bet, place the remaining two thirds of your starting capital on the next one. In our example that would be € 6. Hence the name of the strategy: “Tier et Tout”, “a third and everything”.

The key with Tier et Tout is to make a profit with either of the two bets in a sequence. If you lose both bets, you will have to start over and make a new starting bet.

Whenever you are correct with the first or the second bet, you should divide the additional amount into thirds again. Then you bet again. The other two thirds are used if your first bet was unsuccessful.

how Tier et Tout works


Tier et Tout strategie Von Mr Green

As soon as you have an amount available that is not divisible by three, put the remaining indivisible aside as a profit. In order to understand this better, let’s take a look at the following table, where we start with a starting stake of € 9:

sequence amount 1/3 2/3 New amount Divisible? To the side
1 € 9 € 3, – € 6 € 12 Yes € 0, –
2 € 12 € 4, – € 8 € 16 no € 1, –
3 € 15 € 5, – € 10 € 20 no € 2, –
4th € 18 € 6 € 12 € 24 Yes € 0, –
5 € 24 € 8 € 16 € 32 no € 2, –

Regardless of whether you are successful with the first or second bet, the new amount in your betting account is the same. If your starting stake is € 9 and you are successful with the € 3 stake, you now have € 12 available. If the € 3 bet is unsuccessful, you can now place the remaining € 6. If you win now, you will also have € 12.

As you can see from the table, you have € 16 available after the second round. This number cannot be divided into three whole numbers. That’s why we put € 1 aside here as a profit and continue to play with € 15. After the fourth round we reach a new amount of € 24, – which can be divided by three. For this reason, no profit is put aside here. This rule can of course be varied as desired. You can of course put back profits at any time. In such a case, the set aside profit should ideally be increased after each sequence. Take a look at our example:

sequence amount 1/3 2/3 New amount To the side
1 € 9 € 3, – € 6 € 12 € 0, –
2 € 12 € 4, – € 8 € 16 € 1, –
3 € 15 € 5, – € 10 € 20 € 2, –
4th € 18 € 6         € 12 € 24 € 3, –
5 € 21 € 7          € 14 € 28 € 4, –
6th € 24 € 8 € 16 € 32 € 5, –
7th € 27 € 9 € 18 € 36, – € 6

If you play Tier et Tout this way, the winnings put back will be higher: the table will only show the amount put back on that round. After the fifth sequence we made a profit of € 10 (€ 1 + € 2 + € 3 + € 4). That is already € 1, – more than our starting stake. Using the strategy like this will result in quicker but moderate profits. Remember: collecting winnings comes at the expense of stakes. Because we put money aside that would otherwise have been used at the table.

how Tier et Tout works

Vor und Nachteile

The Tier et Tout method only works if you make a profit on either of the two bets in a sequence. If you lose both bets, you need a new starting bet. Obviously, this is the main disadvantage of this strategy. There is a 25% risk of losing both bets. So this happens quite often. Another disadvantage with Tier et Tout is related to live roulette in a live casino . You have no chips in front of you, so you can’t just build three stacks of the same height and put the remaining chips in your pocket. Instead, you will likely need to keep a book and make a small spreadsheet in which you write down how much money you have already put aside and what the next bet should be.

The positive thing about Tier et Tout is the chance to make profits relatively quickly. If you decide to put more money aside, you will have your stake back pretty quickly. When you have reached this point, you will from now on only play with money that you have taken from the casino.

TierTout pros & cons


Tier et Tout is a strategy that knows how to combine large profit opportunities with relatively small risk. But it only takes two lost bets in a row to lose the starting bet. Needless to say, this happens quite often and is perceived as a major disadvantage of this strategy. To reduce the risk of using up your entire budget quickly, you should choose a starting bet that is only a small part of your total budget.

The big advantage of the strategy is the chances of winning. With the necessary bit of luck, it won’t take long before you get to a point where you can only play with the “casino money” (of course, it’s your winnings that you might as well cash out, and not that ” Casino money “). In the online casino, this strategy can be a challenge, as some calculations have to be made and the winnings have to be controlled regardless of the account balance at the table. Tier et Tout is therefore perfect for players looking for an exciting roulette strategy. Players who understand that a lot of starting bets are lost, but big wins are just as well waiting for you.