Spielautomaten – Mythen oder Fakten

Alles über weit verbreitete Mythen unter Slot Spielern. Was stimmt wirklich und was sind nur Mythen?

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Playing slots in the online casino not only offers a lot of entertainment and excitement. With the necessary luck, there is always the chance of making a big, if not sensational, profit that will change your life forever. Unfortunately, there are tons of legends surrounding slot machines that if we take false claims to heart, negatively affect our expectations.

Chances are you’ve come across some of this misinformation yourself. Have you not read or heard somewhere that slot machines can be played better at certain times or that the chance of a big win is greater after many losing spins? Perhaps you also think that slot machines pay out better in some casinos than in others and that it is possible for the casino to influence the payouts or even to change them negatively? Do you think jackpot slots are more likely to pay out when the jackpot is already huge? Or that it is possible for the casino to trigger a jackpot payout?
Then you’ve already succumbed to one of these many myths. In this article, we want to shed some light and show you the truth about some of these legends.

Spielautomaten zahlen zu bestimmten Zeiten besser aus

This is a widespread myth among casino players that keeps coming up in different variations. Some players claim that slot machines pay out better at certain times of the day, while others are sure that a player has the best chance of winning after signing up at the casino. The intent behind this is supposedly to make new players feel good by winning and to keep them loyal to the casino for the long term. After that, the payouts are allegedly gradually reduced until at the end only losses are recorded.

Fact: Slot machines have a random number generator (ZZG). Each spin is random and completely independent of previous results. It doesn’t matter when which spin is played on which machine, the chance of winning in the next game is always exactly the same.

Slots pay better

Je länger die Pechsträhne ist, desto größer werden die Chancen auf einen Gewinn

Unfortunately, many casino players also believe that after a long streak of bad luck with many losses in a row, the next win is more likely to occur. Many believe that the more losses you have accumulated, the greater your chance of a winning round of the game. This creates very dangerous, false hopes. The disappointments are huge if the hoped for or expected profits fail to materialize.

Fact: With slot machines there is the so-called hit frequency, in English “hit frequency”. It stands for the average probability of certain outcomes. Since every spin is thrown out completely randomly by the random number generator, it does not matter at all how often in a row a player has won or lost before. The probability of a certain result at the end of the next spin is always identical.

Slots pay better

Die Spielautomaten-Einstellungen können vom Casino verändert werden

This is another very common myth. When a player experiences an unprecedented streak of bad luck, the casino likes to blame it. How could it be otherwise, after all, nothing like this has ever happened to the player in his life. An example of this would be a player who is used to receiving a particular bonus game at least once every 200 spins. But now he has not achieved it once in 1,000 spins. The unlucky player then thinks that not everything is going well here. The casino must have tampered with the slot machine settings to make the bonus game more difficult to access.

Fact: No slot machine can be adjusted in any way by the casino. The machines are only rented by the manufacturer. The casino itself does not have access to the settings. Bad or catastrophic gaming sessions are unfortunately something completely normal, because chance and luck play the decisive role. Just like a long streak of bad luck, a player can get incredibly lucky on multiple consecutive spins and hit one bonus game after the other.

Einstellungen können vom Casino verändert werden

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Spielautomaten zahlen bei anderen Casinos besser aus

The myth is closely related to the previous one and is mostly based on the same phenomenon. This time two casinos are involved. A player always has bad luck at a certain slot machine in a casino, while he regularly makes a profit as soon as he starts the same slot machine in another casino. When you play a slot machine online, it’s almost always a myth. Still, there can be some truth in this.

Fact: All slot machines have a certain probability for each winning combination (hit frequency). Together with the payout for each result, it indicates the average return for the player on a slot machine, also known as ‘return to player’ (RTP). How high the RTPcan be easily looked up in the information on a slot machine. In fact, game operators can choose between different RTP settings on a slot machine. However, this setting is more or less the same for all online casinos. You can test this yourself by comparing the RTP value for one and the same slot machine at several casinos. However, if you are playing the same game in a conventional casino and not on the Internet, then it is likely that the RTP value will be much lower there. This generally applies to all slot machines in conventional land casinos.

Better payout at other casinos

Je höher der Jackpot ist, desto höher die Chance, ihn zu gewinnen

Many think that a jackpot is more likely to pay off when it reaches a certain amount or has simply grown very large. So it is assumed that the bigger the jackpot, the higher the chances of actually hitting the jackpot.

Fact : The chance of winning the jackpot is always the same, regardless of its size. With some jackpots, bigger bets actually give you a better chance of hitting the jackpot, but the mere jackpot size doesn’t affect your chances at all. Jackpots are hit in any condition. However, we don’t hear about smaller payouts that often. Such profits are pretty uninteresting from a marketing standpoint. Therefore, no move is made to inform the media about it.

Higher chance of winning

Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, seine Gewinnaussichten zu verbessern

The chances of winning at slot machines are completely left to chance and cannot be influenced. The basic settings mentioned, which the game operator can make, are excluded. That’s right, but it’s not the whole truth. The game does indeed give rise to opportunities to improve your chances of winning. Read more about this below.

Fact: All slot machines have different hit frequencies and average returns for the player. There are actually slot machines that are more profitable than others and that pay back their players more money in the long run. In addition, slot machines have a so-called volatility, which provides information about the greater or lesser risk of a slot machine. Hence, by choosing the right games, you can indeed influence your chances of winning. In addition, a casino bonus can improve your chances and make a profitable session more likely.

Improve the chance of winning

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