Slots – Facts and Myths

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A lot of people love playing online slots as they’re easy to navigate and there’s always the chance of a win around the corner. Sadly, though, there are a lot of urban myths surrounding slots that are simply not true.

This article, therefore, will attempt to dispel these casino myths and instead bring you the truth and facts about online slot games. For example, if you’ve ever heard that a slot game is “due” to pay out or that a casino controls the outcome of the games, you really should carry on reading.

Myth: Slots Pay Out at Certain Times of Day

Probably the biggest slot myth of all is that slots are more likely to pay out at certain times. Something people misguidedly say a lot is that a slot is “due” to give away a prize at certain times of day, while others believe that newly registered players are given more prizes in order to try to get them to play more. However, neither of these statements are true.

The outcome of every single spin on an online slot is entirely random. This is because slot games produce their results using “Random Number Generators” (RNGs). An RNG is essentially advanced computer software that produces random number chains (and subsequently translated into the slot results). No single person or company has any control over the outcome of any spin on a slot game. You’re just as likely to win a top prize on your first spin as you would on your millionth spin.

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Myth: Long Losing Streaks Increase the Chance of an Impending Win

Further to the previous myth, another misconception is that an online slot is more likely to pay out after a long losing streak as the game is “due” a win. This, however, is known as the gambler’s fallacy.

The gambler’s fallacy is that the previous outcomes of a game can in any way affect the future outcomes of the game. This is a common human tendency and one that applies a range of casino games – such as roulette, blackjack, as well as slots.

Every single spin on an online slot is independent, meaning that any previous results have no bearing on the result of another.

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Myth: Slot Outcomes Are Controlled by the Casino

Another serious myth when it comes to all games is that the outcome of games are in any way controlled by the casino itself. Many people believe that casinos control when and, indeed, if players win. However, this is not true and it would be illegal for the casino to do so.

To ensure that casinos don’t do this, it is a legal requirement for them to hold an appropriate gambling licence and for them to be regulated in the market in which they operated. That’s why Mr Green is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, amongst several others, to ensure that all of our gaming practices are fair and transparent. These gaming bodies regularly check our games to ensure that players are being treated fairly.

What’s more, most casino slot games aren’t controlled in any way by the casino itself. The casino simply hosts the game – with the games actually created by licensed third party operators who provide the technology behind the game and have no incentive to scam players.

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Myth: Slots Payouts Vary Casino to Casino

Following on from the point that software providers actually create and manage most games found at online casinos, it’s also worth noting, therefore, that it’s not possible for different casinos to pay out more or pay out less on the same games. The likelihood of winning on any given game is the same wherever you choose to play it.

In fact, the probabilities of winning on a certain game are determined by two key factors: the game’s Hit Frequency and the Volatility. By combining these two factors, it’s possible to calculate the return to player (RTP) rate, which is always displayed in the game’s information.

A game’s volatility (low, medium or high) shows what type of game it is, i.e. does it frequently pay out lots of small prizes but not a lot of big prizes (low volatility) or does it pay more big prizes but fewer small prizes (high volatility), or does it find itself somewhere in the middle (medium volatility)?

By looking at the RTP rate of a game, you can see what percentage of all stakes spent on the game are then returned to the player pool via winnings. For example, if a slot has a 96% RTP rate, then €96 out of every €100 spent on the game returns via winnings on average.

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Myth: Higher Jackpots = Higher Chances

Similarly, to the point we made about the myth that losing streaks make wins “more likely”, there is also a misconception that when jackpot prizes get bigger they are more likely to be won.

Again, this isn’t true. The chances of winning a jackpot prize are equal on any spin at any time. The only reason why a jackpot prize might be more likely to drop in the near future is if more players are playing than usual – which often happens on progressive jackpot games when prizes reach high levels. Unfortunately, though this doesn’t improve your individual chances of winning at any given moment in time.

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Myth: You Can’t Improve Your Chances of Winning

While there’s no way to guarantee a win on a single spin when playing an online slot, that’s not to say there’s nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning in the long run.

Players can improve their chances of winning a prize by studying the game information available to them. The RTP rate is an especially useful piece of information that can be found in the game description. It’s often worth spending a little time researching which games have higher RTP levels, as this can increase your potential returns in the long run.

Likewise, if you prefer to go for big prizes, you’re better off playing high volatility games, but if you prefer smaller, more frequent wins, then low volatility slot games are your best bet.

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