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Roulette was invented some time in the 18th century and has since then become extremely popular around the world. Over the years, there have been a number of different strategies designed to help players beat the house. A lot of these strategies are still in use today as players continue to believe these strategies give them an edge over the house. This isn’t true because every single strategy has at least one flaw. However, players can take advantage of these strategies as it helps enhance their roulette experience. We will look at the most popular roulette strategies which can be used in online casinos and live casinos and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.


The Martingale strategy is arguably the most popular roulette strategy out there. The theory behind this strategy is to keep doubling your bets as long as you lose until you end up winning at which point you reset your stake to the original amount as when you started playing. On the surface, this looks like a strong strategy but there are a number of holes in this strategy. You can learn more about Martingale and the weaknesses in this strategy in this section.

Martingale strategy


The reversed Martingale strategy is usually referred to as the Paroli bet strategy. This strategy encourages players to double their bet when they win and to reset their stake to the original amount when they lose. The strategy is designed around the concept that wins and losses arrive in streaks so players should take advantage of a hot streak and bet more while reducing their bets when they lose. The big question here is how long a player should continue to double their bet. This section will help you learn more about the Paroli strategy.

Paroli strategy


The D’Alembert strategy is a straightforward strategy as players are asked to change their bets by 1x, irrespective of whether they win or lose. When a player wins, they should increase their bets by 1x and when they lose, they should reduce their bet by 1x. The objective with this strategy is to ensure that you make a profit, as the assumption is that there will be as many winning as losing rounds. Learn more about the D’Alembert strategy in this section.

D'Alembert strategy

Tier et Tout

The strategy of Tier et Tout assumes that you will win in a span of two bets. Your bankroll should be divided into three parts. Place the first amount on your initial bet and your second amount on your second bet, assuming you lost the first bet. When you cannot divide your remaining amount by 3, you divide it based on the highest amount and the balance is kept aside as your profit. However, the Tier et Tout strategy only functions when a win takes place within your first two bets. The big question is how feasible this strategy is when you play for a longer period of time? Learn more about Tier et Tout in this section.

Tier et Tout strategy


The Labouchere method is a unique roulette strategy as you are expected to write down your sequence of numbers. You are then required to place your bets on the outer numbers. When you suffer a loss, you are expected to add a number to the sequence. When you win, you need to remove two numbers from the sequence. The objective is to remove all the numbers as when this occurs, a player should be left with a profit that is the equivalent of the initial sequence. In this section, we discuss the pros and cons of Labouchere.

Labouchere strategy

The Hollandish

The Hollandish bet strategy is in many ways similar to the Martingale strategy but with less risk. This strategy consists of placing bets in series of three. You increase your stake and start a new series of three if after your series of three the balance is lower than you started with. This must continue till your balance is higher than when you started out as the bet gets reset to the initial amount. Learn more in this section about the Hollandish strategy and how much you should increase each stake.

Hollandish strategy

Oscar's Grind

Oscar’s Grind is similar to the Paroli strategy because it is also based on the belief that there are winning and losing streaks. This strategy requires players to boost their stake on a win as long as they haven’t made a big enough profit yet. The stake does not change on a loss. When a profit is made equivalent to the original stake, the stake is reset back to the initial stake. When it comes to increasing the stake, there is one exception, which we explain to you in this section.

Oscars Grind strategy

Kavouras Bet

Kavouras Bet strategy is a lot different when compared to the other strategies listed above. Most players consider this a chaotic strategy as it uses a rather large pattern of numbers to bet on which is spread across the table. Players will have to make many bets when they use this strategy but thereby increase their chances of winning as over half of the numbers on the table are covered with bets. Learn more about Kavouras Bet in this section.

Kavouras Bet strategy

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