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Ice hockey is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports worldwide. It’s fast-paced action combined with team, city and country rivalries and the occasional brawl have helped boost the sport’s popularity throughout North America and Europe. With a premier bookmaker like Mr Green, you will find an enticing variety of ice hockey markets on which to bet. But before you start betting on ice hockey, it’s important to work out your ice hockey betting tactics.

Ice Hockey Betting

Know the NHL Schedule

The NHL is arguably the world’s most popular ice hockey league, and one approach many ice hockey handicappers tend to overlook when ice hockey betting is team schedule. Ice hockey can be a particularly challenging sport and the NHL schedule can be demanding, so it’s a good idea to study the team schedule closely. Teams travel across the country, play many games consecutively and at times that sort of thing can take its toll. Especially towards the end of a season.

With such a robust schedule and many games to play, it’s expected that there will be times when certain teams can’t play their best. Their coaches typically target specific games against division rivals for teams to really play their best and they generally don’t want to expend too much energy before playoff season. If you’re armed with this knowledge and proper scheduling information, you can capitalize and earn some money.

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Know your goalies

The goalie is arguably the most important position in hockey. Goalies are responsible for keeping the puck out of their team’s net and as in any other sport or position, some are better than others. Goalies can get sick or injured and if you’re armed with the knowledge of goalie strength and weakness, you’ll give yourself an edge when ice hockey betting. Knowing second and third-string goalies will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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Ice Hockey betting at Mr Green

Value is everything

The key to success in any type of sports betting lies in your ability to find value. Finding value is what separates winners from losers in many cases and that’s where your attention to detail will come into play. Setting your own fair betting lines and odds will help you determine whether a game is worth making a wager on or not. Betting lines move all the time based on the market.

One great thing about handicapping ice hockey games is that value can be found in many different places, not just the final score. At times, it may be easier to find a value bet in some of the other ice hockey markets offered by Mr Green, like the Over/Under, handicap or correct score markets, which tend to be less attractive. Whichever type of wager you elect to make, a good way to discipline yourself to look for value is to make your own odds, based on what you think the true probability of an event should be.

For instance, if you think the New York Rangers have a 40 per cent chance of beating the New Jersey Devils, that equates to fractional odds of 6/4 or decimal odds of 2.5. If the odds available on a New York Rangers win are greater than your approximation, then you have found value. Making your own odds lines in this way takes time and practice, but it is a valuable way of learning how to turn your strategy into odds and finding value.

Goals, goals, goals

The ice hockey betting lines are ever-changing and can offer the clued-in ice hockey bettor plenty of opportunities. With a bookmaker like Mr Green, you can benefit from a range of betting lines, including Total Goals, Team Scores and Correct Scores.

Total Goals is a good place to start for beginners because it doesn’t involve as much risk as some of the other betting lines. The total number of goals scored and given up by teams in most ice hockey leagues remains relatively consistent and with a little investigation into current form and overall goals record, you can figure out how to find good value here. The ‘Both Teams to Score’ betting line is one strong type of wager if you think you have found a game in which you are confident one team might not score, as shut-outs are rare in ice hockey, while the Correct Score market is a little more unstable but offers some juicer payouts.

As you can see, the goals markets offer something for every type of betting style and experience level and can be the perfect place to start on your way to consistently make money through ice hockey betting.

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