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Numerous sporting events take place every day. In football alone, there are many opportunities every day to bet on the world’s most popular sport. At Mr Green, in addition to the conventional three-way bets, you will find numerous other betting markets to put your knowledge to the test. One of them are so-called spread bets, some of which are very different from bets with fixed odds. In this article we would like to introduce you to different types of this sports bet.

Was sind Punkte-Spread-Wetten?

Perhaps you have already come across one form of spread bet – the point spread bet. For example, a basketball or American football team is granted a point advantage. The advantage ensures that both teams have the same chances and can therefore offer the same odds close to 2.0. At the end of the game, the points spread will be added to the final result and the winner will be determined.

For example, suppose in the American professional basketball league NBA the Golden State Warriors have a spread of -7.5 in their game against the Houston Rockets. This means that if your bet on the Warriors is to be successful, Golden State must win the game by at least 8 points, as 7.5 points will be deducted at the end. In other words, if you bet on the Rockets (whose spread would be +7.5), you win your bet not only if Houston wins the game, but also if Houston loses by 7 or less.

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Spread-Wettmärkte mit grenzenlosen Profiten

Point spread bets are therefore similar to the bets you are already familiar with. There are fixed odds and you know beforehand how much money you can lose or win. However, there are completely different spread betting markets. With these spread bets, the bookmaker states, for example, how many corners, yellow cards, goals, etc., there will be in a game in his opinion. You can bet on whether it will be more or less than the bookmaker assumes. In addition, you set the amount for each deviation from the bookmaker yourself.
This means that profits are theoretically unlimited, but your losses can also become very high. We’ll explain this to you below using a few examples of spread betting in soccer.

how spread betting works

Spread-Wetten bei Toren

One of the most popular spread bets revolves around the number of goals scored in a soccer game. The bookmaker usually sets the spread between 2.4 and 2.6. You can bet on whether there will be more or fewer goals.
Suppose Cologne plays in the derby against Gladbach and the spread is given as 2.5 goals. You’ve studied the starting position and think it’s a tactical game with few chances to score. In this case, you should bet on fewer goals (known as ‘sell’). In our example, each different goal is worth € 10 (you can determine the amount yourself). If the game ends 0-0 without a goal, you win € 25 (2.5 different goals x € 10 per goal). If the game ends 2: 1, you would lose € 5 (0.5 x € 10).

In addition to the number of goals, you can, for example, bet on the duration between two goals or bet on how many goals there will be between the two teams in the end.

goals galore

Spread-Wetten bei Ecken

Corners usually get little attention during a soccer game. Of course the danger to the defending team is increased, but in most cases not much comes out of corners. Spread betting allows you to give corners a whole new meaning and incorporate them into your gaming experience. The most popular spread bet revolves around the total number of corners in a game. Usually this is given by the bookmaker between 11 and 12.

Instead of betting on the total, you can also bet on the difference in the corners between the two teams. At Mr Green there are some exotic and extremely exciting spread bets, for example multi-corners. Here the spread is calculated by multiplying the corners of the first half by the corners of the second half.

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Do you want to bet like a pro?

Spread-Wetten bei Karten

Yellow and red cards are a part of football, and some games are more heated than others. At Mr Green you can bet on the number of cards drawn by the referee. A yellow card is worth 10 points, a red card 25 and two yellow cards that lead to a red card 35 points.

An example: The Revierderby between Dortmund and Schalke is imminent and you think it will be a competitive game with many warnings. You bet € 10 per point and assume that more than the 40 points offered by the bookmaker will come together. If 2 red cards are dealt in the game (50 points), you would make a profit of € 100. But: If, for whatever reason, not a single card is given out in the game, you would lose € 400.

spread betting

Risiko mindern und Verluste verringern

As you can see from the last example, spread betting involves a lot of risk. Conversely, they can also be extremely lucrative. The more correct you are, the higher your profit. In our example, if 7 yellow cards and 2 red cards are distributed with the warnings in the Revierderby, the result is a decent profit.
However, you should always be wary of this type of spread betting. One way to mitigate the risk and reduce losses is to get out of the bet early. With spread bets for individual games, this is even possible during the game, but it is particularly useful for long-term spread bets, for example betting on the points of a team at the end of the Bundesliga season.

Here are some interesting options for experts. For example, if a team has a relatively easy start to the season and is likely to start well, you could bet on more points than the bookmaker stated. After a good start you get out and the bookmaker will reward you with a profit. He also reduces his risk and prefers to pay out a small profit now than a potentially very large one at the end of the season.

We hope our introduction to spread betting has brought you a little closer to the exciting possibilities there is in the betting market. We hope you enjoy testing your new knowledge.

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