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Dota 2 is the sequel to the 2003 hit game Defense of the Ancient (Dota). The game was born from the idea of ​​combining two strategy titles: Warcraft III and Starcraft . The developers succeeded in implementing the first Dota version right away and quickly took the hearts of many gamers by storm.

What’s more, Dota marked the birth of a genre of its own: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short. In the years that followed, many more games in this genre were brought onto the market, including the well-known League of Legends – something like Dota’s long-term rival. The quality of the copycats forced the developers to revise their version of the game and bring it up to date. So Dota 2 is more of a remake than a completely new game.

Nowadays there is not only the opportunity to play the game yourself, but you can also watch others play it. The biggest Dota championships with the best teams in the world are broadcast live on Twitch or other streaming services and channels. Esport is booming and a pioneer like Dota 2 is of course involved on a large scale. As one of the most popular esports, it is no wonder that many fans of the game also prefer to bet on the outcome of the games.

In our Dota 2 Sports Betting Guide , we’ll give you some useful tips, explain the basics of the game, and help you become a successful esports tipper.

So wird Dota 2 gespielt

Play Dota 2

Dota 2 is always played 5 against 5. There are 3 lanes, forests and one base per team on the map. The goal is to break through the enemy defenses and destroy the Ancient in the enemy’s base. Taking down the enemy base is easier said than done. Before that, the tower and barracks have to be torn down.

The game is often compared to League of Legends , which are actually two very different games. With Dota 2 there is no way to get back to your own base at the push of a button to buy new items and regenerate your life energy. Instead, the route has to be covered on foot every time – or the team treats itself to a courier.

A courier is a flying animal that transports the items purchased from the shop to the player. The courier is the best method to get your purchases as quickly as possible, as you don’t waste time or money unnecessarily in the laning phase.

Compared to other MOBAs, the “economic system” at Dota 2 is considerably more extensive and more difficult to understand. There are different ways to get gold: kill creeps (give the last hit), kill enemy heroes or assist and, last but not least, monsters can be killed in the woods. So far, Dota 2 is the same as many other games in the genre. However, there are some extensions to the game principle that drastically correct the level of complexity upwards.

For example, not only enemy creeps and towers can be killed with the Last Hit, but also your own creeps and buildings. In this context, there is talk of denying, i.e. that the opponent is denied experience and gold. This makes learning the right timing for a last hit much more difficult and at the same time an unmistakable feeling for the right action at the right time is essential to become a successful player.

In addition, one’s own death is punished twice. Those who die have to wait to be brought back to life and also lose gold. Even the courier is not safe from sudden death. If he is caught by the enemy, you can say goodbye to the items you have just acquired. A successfully killed courier can often decide the game all by himself.

Dota 2 Wettbewerbe und die dazugehörigen Quoten

The most famous tournaments are: Dota Pit League, ESL One, Perfect World Masters and the ProDota Cup. We will of course do our best to inform you in detail about everything that is important and worth knowing before each event. In addition, we will offer you countless opportunities in our various betting markets to use your knowledge of Dota 2 profitably.

Drei einfache Schritte um mit Dota 2 Wetten loszulegen

The first step is logically to set up a user account for sports betting on our site and to take a look at the odds for upcoming tournaments.

Before you can really get going, you should watch a lot of professional games live. Thanks to the large streaming offer, that’s no problem. Almost all the games in the major tournaments are broadcast on the Internet for free. If you want to bet money on the games, you should definitely see them for yourself. This is the only way to get an idea of ​​the individual players and teams.

Which player has a bad run, which player benefits from a certain meta and who doesn’t suit the current direction of the game at all ?! There are many things to consider, which unfortunately only occur to you if you closely follow the games live.

Once you’ve got your first glimpse into the world of professional games, it’s time to deposit money and have fun with Dota 2 bets! Don’t forget to secure the generous welcome bonus at Mr Green.

Bei Dota 2 Wetten einen Vorteil verschaffen

As a rule of thumb, only those who “do their homework” regularly will be successful at esport betting. You need to be at least as knowledgeable about the game as the moderator, whose job is to know everything about the players, heroes, and the current meta. Fortunately, there are many ways on the internet that you can engage extensively with all players and teams.

A more specific Dota 2 tip is not to bet on the favorite of a best of 1 matchup. Why? In clashes that are only scheduled for one game, it often happens that the underdog wins. It is very similar to tennis. In Grand Slams in which the men have to win 3 sets, the favorites reliably prevail, while in other tournaments with only 2 sets there is much greater unpredictability.

Betting on the favorite in a best of 1 scenario leads to one of two possible scenarios:

  1. You win the bet but only get a ridiculously small profit due to the low odds. The bet didn’t have good value.
  2. You lose the bet.

Let’s get back to your homework as Esport Weather. You need to know what skills and concepts make a particular team better than the opposing team. In a game as complex as Dota 2, there are many roads to success. The most important measure, however, is always to sabotage the opponent’s economy and thereby strengthen one’s own.

This can be achieved by giving the last hit to either your own units or those of your opponent. In addition, kills of the opposing heroes enable a team to gain control of the map and set wards.

There is also a certain Roshan. Roshan is a beast found in the river in the center of the map. Whoever kills it not only receives a lot of gold, but is also brought back to life on the spot in the event of death. The resulting benefit is enormous. In a 5 against 5 team fight, a team has an additional player at its disposal.

Any team fight in Dota 2 can lead to the end of the game in a flash. The killing of Roshan is therefore made anything but easy for the players. Timing it right to get the most benefit from it is essential to victory. Teams that have internalized this principle the most have the greatest chance of winning.

Another important detail that Dota 2 Weather Sequences will bring you is detailed knowledge of the various team compositions. Real experts choose their teams in such a way that on the one hand there is a first-class synergy and on the other hand the abilities of the opposing hero are neutralized as well as possible. So the game begins before you even take the first step on the map.

The right composition can make the difference between victory and defeat. Not only is this important for the teams who have to choose their heroes, but it is also important for successful tipsters. Those who are familiar with team compositions can make a more accurate prognosis about the outcome of an encounter after selecting heroes.

Wettmärkte bei Dota 2

At Dota 2 there are several betting markets where you can put your skills to the test. The most popular is the head-2-head betting market. There you predict which team will win the next match. If your team has odds of, for example, 2.5 and you bet € 10, you will get € 25 back on your account if you are successful. A nice profit of € 15.

You can also bet on which team will win the entire tournament / championship. The odds on winning the tournament can change significantly in the course of the competition. If you get the timing right, it will make a huge difference in your sports betting account. Winnings are paid out immediately upon completion of the tournament.

There are also some special betting markets, such as which team wins the first map or who first kills Roshan.

Live betting for esports is becoming more and more popular. Here you can bet on the outcome and the occurrence of special events during an encounter. The odds are constantly changing – and once again the right timing is the key to success.

Das Wichtigste zu Dota 2 Wetten auf einen Blick

Before you start betting on Dota 2, let’s summarize the most important things in a nutshell:

  • Get all the statistics and analyze them continuously. If you take uninformed bets and only listen to your gut instincts, it could backfire.
  • Watch the games live and get an overview of the synergies of the individual team members. Teamwork is essential if you want to be successful in Dota 2. 5 players who have everything mechanically but simply don’t want to function as a team have no chance against a closed unit – even if these players are technically less able to achieve.
  • Research which players / teams can best cope with the current meta. There can be big differences in the performance of individual players / teams from meta to meta.
  • Follow the professional Dota 2 scene. Don’t just look at the games, get all the other information about players, management, etc. Has there been a change of players? Is someone unhappy or complains about travel stress and poor accommodation? Social media and other channels can often provide insightful insight into what is really going on in the teams.