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From the beginning, Counter Strike was an ambitious project, if nothing more than a mod of the very popular first-person shooter Half Life. Thanks to new and innovative approaches, the project quickly attracted a lot of attention. The game’s outstanding ideas include a sophisticated economic system, the idea of ​​punishing players more severely for their mistakes, high levels of damage from all weapons, and online gameplay. These innovations added a tactical component to the classic shooter.

Teamwork was an extremely important part of the whole game from then on. The popularity grew steadily and Counter Strike would eventually become one of the first professionally run esports. Nothing has changed in his esport status to this day. However, the first version of the game is no longer played. Instead, the official battles take place today in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which appeared 12 years after the first game.

Countless esports representatives have now also found their way into sports betting . Now, fans of the game have another opportunity to put their knowledge to the test. But even newbies are quite capable of placing successful CS: GO bets. Let’s take a closer look at the game to make it easier for you to get started with Counter Strike betting!

So wird Counter Strike: Global Offensive gespielt

Play Counter Strike Global Offensive

In the professional scene, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is played in 5-on-5 matches, each of which is 30 rounds long. The object of the game depends on which side you are on: As a terrorist, you have to deposit a bomb in a designated place. Naturally, the other side’s goal is to prevent this from happening.

The terrorists win if the bomb is successfully placed and then detonated or if all members of the opposing team are killed. The counter-terrorists win if the bomb has been defused or all members of the opposing team are dead.

After 15 rounds have been spent on one side, both teams switch sides and play the next 15 rounds in reverse roles. Terrorists become counter-terrorists and vice versa.

If you think that Counter Strike is all about storming forward and eliminating your opponent, you will quickly be disappointed with the actual gameplay. CS: GO is no ordinary first-person shooter and offers great tactical depth. This element is particularly important in the economic system. But we will go into this in more detail below in the article.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Wettbewerbe und die dazugehörigen Quoten

Actually there is always a CS: GO tournament taking place somewhere. We will of course do our best to keep you informed about all events and to provide you with many betting markets. The tournaments on offer with excellent Counter Strike: Global Offensive odds include: BLAST Pro Series, EPICENTER, ESEA Premier Division, Esports Championship Series, Intel Extreme Masters and WESG.

Drei einfache Schritte um mit Counter Strike: Global Offensive Wetten loszulegen

  1. The first step for every newcomer is to set up a user account with us in order to have full access to all CS: GO Esport bets .
  2. Then you should choose an event and analyze its betting markets and the associated odds. Focus on a tournament and a specific matchup in that tournament instead of going through all of the upcoming matches right away. Always ask yourself: Is this a fair rate and does it reflect the real probabilities?
  3. The third step is to deposit a bet and finally get started. The more detailed you’ve done your homework, the higher your chances of success. Before you actually place a bet, you should find out everything about the individual teams and players. On which maps do they shine and how do they perform against a special opponent !?

Bei Counter Strike: Global Offensive Wetten einen Vorteil verschaffen

As with many other esports, with CS: GO the tactical component has a great influence on the course of a game. As we have already pointed out, CS: GO is not a commercial first-person shooter in this regard. The big difference to other games of this genre is that you have to buy your own weapons and equipment before the start of each round. It is entirely up to you how much of your resources you spend in one round.

However, if you act rashly and throw your money out the window, you will quickly run into problems. Of course, professional players know exactly what is important and have completely figured out the economic system of the game. But seeing through means not yet perfected – and some teams are more adept at dividing up the available resources among themselves than their competitors.

In addition to a good distribution of resources in your own team, it is also extremely important to correctly anticipate what your opponent will do in the next round. This is far from easy, and some teams are willing to take greater risks than others. Does that mean your chances of winning are higher? It depends. If the mechanically superior team takes unnecessary risks, the game can turn the other way. A team with worse individual players can, however, increase their chances of winning if they are willing to take a certain risk. True to the motto, who dares – wins.

The first decisions are made in round 1. In the first and 16th round of the game (directly after changing sides) there is a so-called pistol round. Everyone starts with $ 800 – not enough to buy fancy guns. It is only enough for a single pistol, which can, however, be improved with additional funds. Here the question arises for the players: improve the pistol or spend the money on a vest and grenades !?

The correct answer to this question has a lot to do with what the opponent will do. How many players from the other teams buy protective vests? Will everyone equip themselves with grenades? Those who can answer these questions purposefully can proceed optimally tactically.

It is extremely important to emerge victorious from the pistol round. Immediately from the second round, the previously victorious team has a great advantage in choosing the next weapon. This advantage can quickly turn into an avalanche that literally overwhelms the enemy. The best way to be successful in betting is to look at the statistics for winning the gun round. How often does a team win this round and how confidently does it bring a win in round 1 over the finish line or manage to recover from a defeat in round 1? These are all important statistics if you want to bet with live betting at CS: GO during a game.

In addition to the economic system, the mechanical skills of the individual players and flawless teamwork are of course also important. All things to consider when making your bets. If a team has only just been put together, this can be a disadvantage in the heat of the moment, because the automatisms in the cooperation of the individual team members do not yet mesh perfectly.

Wettmärkte bei Counter Strike: Global Offensive

By far the most popular betting market at Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the bet on the winner of a match. For example, if you bet € 10 on team A at odds of 2.25, you will get € 22.50 back if the course is successful. Other betting markets include the winner of the entire tournament, which team wins the pistol round and whether the same team can also win the second pistol round.

Live betting is also part of the esports betting offer. This type of bet is becoming more and more popular and the variety of betting markets that are still available during a game is growing steadily. If you want to place live bets, you need to make sure that you can actually watch the game live. Most tournaments are shown on YouTube, Twitch or other streaming services. Esports has recently been shown on television in Austria. Live betting is extremely dynamic and the odds are constantly changing. The key to success lies in not only placing the right tip, but also catching the right time to bet.

Das Wichtigste zu Counter Strike: Global Offensive Wetten auf einen Blick

Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far. With this knowledge, nothing stands in the way of your first steps at CS: GO Wetten:

  1. In order to place successful bets at CS: GO, you need to be very familiar with every facet of the game; In particular, you should understand the economic system and its importance for the rest of the game.
  2. Don’t just bet on the winner of a match. Familiarize yourself with other betting markets as well. With live betting, your knowledge of various strategies and the economic system is particularly important. Learn to keep an eye on the game and the odds alike, and strike at the right moment.
  3. Practice creates masters! Follow as many games from the professional CS: GO scene as possible. Familiarize yourself with individual players and teams. All of this will help you provide more accurate tips. The learning curve is steep – learning the game and its basics is easy, mastering it and understanding all its facets is very difficult. You won’t be able to do this overnight. If you take this time, you will soon see success.